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  1. We had thought of taking away any eggs, although the hope is that we don't get that far because she's a bit young yet for laying eggs. Anyway, all quiet in the cage today, no signs of hanky panky at all Perhaps Barney has got it out of his system so to speak Hope so anyway, we will have to keep an eye on things and see how it pans out. Thanks for your advice
  2. I wonder if anyone could advise what's the best course of action for a situation that is developing with our cockatiels? We've had cockatiels for years and always had boys, but a few weeks ago, Charlie died suddenly and as his friend Barney does not take well to being alone, we quickly sourced a new friend for him - Casey - a gorgeous white faced Cinnamon cockatiel who is approx 4 months old. In fact she's so young the breeder we got her from said it's not possible to tell whether she's really a girl or not yet, but as she's so pretty we decided she's a girl. This evening we have had this guess pretty much confirmed by the sight of Barney (aged 14 years) mating with her! She's far too young to breed from and we don't really want to have baby birds anyway. So apart from putting them in separate cages, is there much else we can do? We never even thought about this when we got her to be honest, particularly as we weren't sure if she was a girl. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. How irritating, if not to say disappointing Why do some local venues make it so hard to buy tickets online? Our local theatre makes it almost impossible. Anyone would think they don't want to sell tickets Grrrrrr
  4. Ours come in if we leave the back door open and they always make a bee line for the cat food! We don't encourage them and we usually usher them back outside after a few minutes and they are always quite happy with this arrangement. It is quite funny to watch though but we do keep the door to the utility room closed because I don't fancy having to retrieve a chicken from behind the washing machine
  5. I had a silly thought about the Renault Wind - with a name like that then it should be wind powered, so it either has a big sail sticking up out of the roof, or it runs baked beans and boiled sprouts
  6. One of our ladies was broody for ages earlier this year (also a speckledy hen - Kelly!) - we kept taking her out every so often to make sure she was eating and drinking but before long she'd head back in. It must have been a good six weeks at least before she stopped. We did put those frozen block things you put in cool bags under her in the nest box and that may have helped her kick the habit because it wasn't long afterwards that she stopped brooding. Perhaps give that a try, and in this hot weather we've been having it might help keep her cool as well
  7. Never washed a cat but I have washed a guinea pig. Does that count? On the subject of firsts - the other week I ate fish and chips out of the paper while sitting on the beach. Never done that before - amazingly! It was yummy but the wind kept blowing my hair in my mouth
  8. We've had hens for 3 years now and I wish we'd done it years ago! We did a lot of research and a lot of "should we, shouldn't we?" talking, but in the end my husband got a wooden hen house online and put it all together himself over a weekend, then we found a farm and got 4 lovely ladies and haven't looked back. We've had ups and downs, we've had ladies pass away and had to replace them, now we have 6 of them running riot in the garden - 2 of them are from the original 4 and we have more eggs than we can use so our friends and neighbours get free eggs all the time. I would say, if you want to have hens, just go for it, start off with a small number, get used to them and as your confidence grows maybe you could add more ladies later if you want. They're not really high maintenance, a lot of it is common sense and you will learn as you go. They are great fun, huge time wasters because you just find yourself spending ages watching them as they potter and chat away to themselves in the garden. Good luck
  9. So sorry to hear of your loss It's always upsetting when you lose a pet, no matter what animal it was or how old they were - it's a sign that you care so you shouldn't worry about being sad. Sounds like she had a good and long life with a loving and caring owner. Take care. x x
  10. I used to have a Suzuki Swift and I called her Suzy (not very imaginative is it?) Now I have a Freelander and I call it "MOVE, MOVE, NOW, COME ON!" because it's a bit sluggish and slow to respond when you move off and I'm far too impatient for it really. My husband has a lovely black Toyota Celica and he calls it KITT. (and if you get reference that you are as old as we are! )
  11. Thanks all for your comments, very helpful I think, as has been pointed out, it's a question of being organised and doing research beforehand and as the whole area is on oil then it shouldn't be a problem sorting a regular supply. Good thinking too on the internet access - we have very good, very fast broadband here, so that is definitely something to take into account if we move. When we look at the house on Thursday I will be asking lots of questions and taking careful notes
  12. We are thinking of upping sticks and moving from East Anglia to Wales sometime next year and the area we are looking at is not on mains gas and so oil fired central heating seems to be the method employed in most houses there. I've been reading a lot of negative comments about how inefficient it is is, how expensive it is, and generally what a truly horrific thing it all is and should never have been invented, etc and was wondering if anyone on here has any experience of this type of heating system and whether there are any good points? We are looking at a property on Thursday that we really like the look of which has a newly installed oil system so I would guess if it's new it would be more efficient than older ones and it also has a wood burner in the lounge and also electric storage heaters so we would have options but the house also has a septic tank and I'm not sure about those either. Any comments or advice would be appreciated.....

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