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  1. Its still available.
  2. This Omlet Classic has been over 10 meters long and I have all the pieces still. For sales to anyone who can disassemble and collect from Reading.
  3. 3 year old Cube with 2 covers so the hens are protected from wind and rain for a buyer who can collect and disassemble the Cube themselves.
  4. Thanks for advice. I've ordered them.
  5. She doesn't appear to have lice, mites or worms. She lays an egg every day. Her wing feathers are torn and scraggly in places. Bumpa bits strike me as a temporaty fix. Do they provide some long term deterrent?
  6. I have 6 hens that have lived happily for over a year in a Cube. Over the last few weeks, I noticed one is hiding in the roost area and that when she comes down the others chase her. Two of the others have become vicious and now she can't even stay in roost area without being chased. I've tried putting the "bullies" in the separte run for a week but they resume their campaign against her immediately I reintroduce them. She has lost a lot of feathers and they have drawn blood from pecks on her wings and back. She has no access to food. I thought that this would pass but its been weeks and now I can see she is desperate for water so I have put her in a separate run. Anyone have any thoughts on the way forward? Or some clue as to why such an awful behaviour change takes place?
  7. pkirk25

    Hens on muddy, wet ground

    I use old pallets from December to April.
  8. pkirk25

    Waterlogged garden

    I have a similiar issue and I use pallets in the Cube from January to April.
  9. pkirk25

    Do chickens die of fright?

    When I first got hens, the dogs were a little baffled and would run after them and sniff. Absolutely no harm and the dogs dter foxes while the hens free range so I ignored it. Second day, a dogs went next to a hen, sniffed her and she fell over and died. It might have been a co-incidence but I do think that hens die of fright.
  10. pkirk25

    Sick Hens

    The vet did warn that it can recur but I had no idea it would be so fast. A few days ago, I noticed she wasn't moving right and all around the vent was getting covered in liquid again. Yesterday she was obviously sick and in pain and I put her down. In my opinion, the 2 weeks I spent giving her antibiotics twice a day while she was separated from the flock were incredibly stressful for the hen. If she had been cured, it might have been worth it but now I think that if I see a hen with this disease, I'll just put her out of pain as soon as its clearly taken a grip.
  11. pkirk25

    Sick Hens

    Its the weekend and the sick hen is now eating normally, extremely feisty when I give the meds twice a day and clearly pining to get back to her old run. The vet and meds cost £29. I know its more than she is worth but they are pets as well as egg layers so as long as she returns to laying after treatment is done I am fine. Thanks for the advice.
  12. pkirk25

    Sick Hens

    I'm in Reading. The vet said the most likely causes were food that got mouldy and/or contact with wild birds. Reading is in one of the areas where free ranging has been forbidden since November so I suspect that it was a food getting mouldy. The vet also said that its endemic in commercial farms and that they buy food that prevents it to enable chicks to grow. I'm not sure if I am just particularly unlucky or wild birds locally are spreading it when they hop around the cube looking for stray feed pellets.
  13. pkirk25

    Sick Hens

    I took her to Companion Care in Winnersh where the vet said she has coccidiosis. http://www.chickenvet.co.uk/health-and-common-diseases/coccidiosis/index.aspx It was a gloomy meeting. The hen is in considerable pain and that is why she is haunched over and not eating. I have medicine to give twice a day for 10 days but with Coccidiosis apparently the chicken doesn't show symptoms until its too late to save them. He advised that she be put down if there are not clear signs of improvement by Saturday.