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  1. Yeah nothing I'm afraid thanks anyway.
  2. Hi can anyone recommend some where I can get some day old hens this time of year not bothered what sort as long as there good layers. Cheers.
  3. Thank you fore the input I'll try it and if needs be the house it is!
  4. Thanks for the advice. Is it essential you have a light source then? If there under a hen they wouldn't get light on a night. I'll make the brooder Bigger if need be my main worry would be the night time temps! It's quite sunny now and the green house is at 10c thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply yeah would keep them in doors for a few weeks before i moved outside cheers.
  6. Hi all I'm wanting to incubate and raise 10/20 chickens but the house is out of bounds. I've built a brooder from ply and 4+2 5foot by 2foot my question is would it be to cold in a 15x9 bubble wrapped greenhouse I'm planning on putting one or 2 electric hens in the brooder the green house is draft free! Just after advice on what would be best. I'm in the uk thanks.

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