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  1. They've drawn blood twice now and she's on her own in the coop tonight to let her sore bum have a chance to recover. It all began on Friday, (the fourth chicken died suddenly on Weds) calmed down over the weekend and began again yesterday. THeywent to bed ok last night but when I came home from work today our bullied hen had taken herself into the coop and they were leaving her alone. Thanks for the advice! We'll see how we go tomorrow
  2. Good evening, We recently purchased 4 hens, 2 Gingernut Rangers and 2 Miss Pepperpots, unfortunately one of the Pepperpots recently died. Since this happened 2 of the hens have become aggressive towards the 3rd hen. We have tried using anti pecking spray and this seems to have had a little effect but it still seems to be taking place. We have quite a large run where we have strung up a cabbage to try and occupy them and when not at work we let them out into the rest of the garden but due to working hours they only get out every few days. From Friday (next day off) we intend to separate the bullied hen from the others for a few days before reintroducing her to see if this helps, but do you think that it would be worth adding a further 2 hens to the flock and do you think this would make any difference. Does anyone else have any clever ideas on how to stop the bullying taking place. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lindsay and Stu

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