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  1. Hi ladies After losing our white otrpington last year i have been trying too decide what to do next i want to replae her but as that means getting 2 i would have to alter my exisiting set up. My current set up is a cube with 2m run plus 1 extension. My options are as follows: - Buy a 1m extension to cube -Buy a metal framed dog run - Do nothing and wait until another hen dies this seems the least likley option. I like my cube and the set up i have now however i do find getting in there not the easiest option in saying that i like that i can move the girls around could i still do this if i added an extension? I dont want to over invest in one set up and then decide that i need to change to antotehr and end up with parts that i cant re use Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. RIP marshmallow who died overnight she really was my dumb blonde but we will miss her
  3. thinks for the inspiration I am wondering if i could make this myself too are they really complicated? Question how do they cope with wind? we can get som really good winds here and i would hate for it to end up in the neighbours garden or the girls to get hurt.
  4. I have a white orpington whom didn't go broody in her first year however her egg laying was very poor she laid 75 in total for the year it could have to do with the lack of summer we had here maybe this year it will be different. I also have a NZ cochin ours are different to yours they are a created breed as we cant import from overseas she laid 200+ eggs as did my silver pencil wyndotte cochin cross i wouldn't be without her she is such a lovely wee girl who is looking like a porcupine in places at the moment as she goes through her molt. So there is another point of view for you.
  5. hi everyone Its been a while sonce i last posted i have now had my chickens for a year and wouldn't be without them they are so entertaining. The unniest thing they have have done is take a strawberyy off my little boy poor thing all i could do was laugh he is very wary now whenever he has something in his hand and is near the firls. We are in the depths of wonter here and i sadly have just had to but eggs again the firls are all in various stages of moly which brings me to my question. DDo hens start their laying cycle at the same time each year e.g Misty my cochin cross who was my best layer stopped laying 6 weeks of laying her first egg is she likely to start again at the same time of will she be a little later? What are those who have been doing this for a while your experiences have you noticed a pattern?
  6. Just a quick update miss marshmellow continues to be very erratic in her laying we havent had eggs from her for 2 weeks. I do wonder if thi terrible summer we have had jas got anything to do with it. wse have one nice day then back to rubbish i am over the wind and the rain and just want some nice calm warm days. The other 2 are laying well although i am sure one thinks its time to molt but she is still laying so thats good at least.
  7. Yippe after 17 days she finlly laid again now for her to keep going.
  8. Yippee got an egg from her today now for misty to start relaying after doing some time in jail. Fingers crossed for tomorrow
  9. did she ever lay again? i have an orpington that is exactly the same no eggs for last two weeks she did spend some time in nest box earlier in wek so i am hopeful
  10. she started laying early september fingers crossed she gets back into it soon as misty is having another go at being broody
  11. she spent some time in the nestbox today no egg but who knows what might happen she has gone back onto westons peak layer which has a minimum protein of 18% she is only a pullet. Hoping that she will start again soon
  12. ok soo i am thinking that maybe i would like to add another hen into our mix especially if the white orpington continues not to lay. I wonder though if i could add a hen to exsisting set up i have a cube with run and a 1 meter extension would this be ok for another hen too. I like the idea of still being able to move around the set up which i do every week. Thoughts would be appreicated.
  13. Hi everyone, My white orpington has stopped laying all other girls are laying well except for her. I wondered if it was a change in food i had run out of their usual food and had to buy some more but couldn't get their usual i have since put them all back on their usual feed but she hasn't laid for 9 days now would change in food affect her for that long? they have been back on their normal food for a fortnight now. She seems to be happy in all other ways and is eating and drinking well. Any ideas? its late spring here the weather has been up and down as is the nature of spring.
  14. Hmm well I was watching my three today and Amber was acting odd very frantic. What a surprise I got today when I went to to find that she had laid an egg but it had fallen through the roosting bars and broke I think it was a softie On the plus side she came to be nosy while I was checking to see if I had a mess to clean on the bars I didn't and she found the nest box and spent 30 minutes in there getting comfy so here's hoping for a 2 egg day tomorrow.
  15. sounds like you have got a good plan there. I second the wipes for cleaning they are very useful you will find your own routine that works the best for you for example in the beginning I emptied both litter trays on the cube each week as I have now figured that my three all sleep on one side I just swap them around on moving day (I move my cube weekly) and clean and refresh newspaper every fortnight. The main thing I think is to be flexible have a couple of ideas about what you want even if they are only on paper it helps most of us probably have/had a book filled of ideas etc.
  16. I use pine bedding for small animals with some herbs thrown in like sage, rosemary, balm of Gilead. I out newspaper in the bottom to stop the madams from pulling it out from underneath
  17. HI There I have had my 3 from the beginning of June I am also the mum to a 2.5 year old boy. I have found them to be easier to keep than I first thought. Everyone on her has a different routine what works for one is different to everyone else. In regards to the winter as I am in NZ where its still winter although it feels more like spring today the worst thing about it has been the frosty mornings and going out to break the ice on the glug and yes the mud we hav had a bit of rain more than usual but thankfully we have plenty of grass (well more like moss) that I can move them onto. Looking back I really wonder why I didn't get them sooner just as I often wonder why I didn't have my son sooner. we are getting eggs and gthere is nothing like your own eggs although I only have one laying at the moment. In all honesty they are easier to look after than a cat or dog many others will vouch for that.
  18. hi all well I got surprise in the nest box on Saturday Misty had laid her first Yippee it was 42gms in weight but perfectly formed her egg yesterday was a little bigger at 45gms had them both for lunch today as scrambled the were very tasty and boy were those yolks orange. Hoping the other two start to lay soon.
  19. Ok as promised some photos of the girls these were taken about 2 weeks ago they are a lot less scared of me these days and will often come right up to the door especially if they think I have some food for them. So far their favourites are chickweed, apples, a tonic mix (which has garlic powder, seaweed oats and sunflowers in it), and stale bran muffins. No eggs as of yet the breeder thought that marshmellow was laying but none here yet perhaps they are still settling in. I am sure we will get some sometime.
  20. On Monday we picked up and brought home with us the following: 1 Cochin x silver pencilled wyndotte "misty" 1 Buff Cochin "amber" 1 White Orpington "marshmellow" Really enjoying them they seem to be settling in well now to await eggs the breeder seemed to think that marshmellow was laying and that misty shouldn't be to far away as her nest mates are. Will put up some pictures soon.
  21. Hi Just wondering what everyone does when they go in to change water and food to prevent chickens from escaping. Its a shame that there aren't many feeders about that can be refilled from outside of the run. Nearly ready for the girls Cube is almost completely up my fingers are so sore just got to put back panel on any tips?
  22. Its done I have ordered the hen house etc . Main swinger breeder out up some photos of what she has left and she had a cochin x silver pencil Wyandotte and I feel in love. I plan to get 2 others when I pick her up in a fortnight. She is 5 months old. here is a photo of her Think it is like kids never a right time but now that I have my wee man I wonder why I waited so long think it will be the same with the hens too.
  23. Ok I have been in regular touch with the breeder and she has told me that she has lots of young ones left if I wanted to get them now. So now I am faced with a decision do I get the chooks now or go with orginal plan and get them later in the year which would be guessing oct/nov. Orginal reason/s for waiting were/are wanted to spray the lawn for weeds which has been done weeds won that battle they are still there, wanted to do some more research to make sre this is what I wanted to do I haven't changed my mind. Also wanted to see how wet the area I want to put them will get over winter not winter yet but we have had a lot of rain lately there are puddles on our lawn but not where the hens will be I doubt we will get more rain than what we have had. On the plus side by getting the pullets now they will be laying in the spring as opposed to late summer/autumn. So should I just bite the bullet and purchase hen house etc and chooks? or should I wait?

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