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  1. Originally i could not access the forum using my original ID but now that I can I have deleted the post (well I thought that I had!) under my "new" ID. Well 6 months on and one hen has still not laid, I doubt that she ever will. The rest seem back to normal except that one has a different problem, she has been losing feathers from her back and now has white and red bald patches. it doesn't seem to bother her fortunately. I have tried various mite and louse sprays - I can't see any signs of either, but without success.
  2. Oh dear. I have been used to up to 28 eggs a week from 4! In the Winter months it reduced to no less than 15. Over the last 4 days it has been 11 and I know that one, Olive isn't laying. I was obviously expecting too much! Have you tried walking past yours and muttering "....... Chow Mein"? EDIT Obviously I spoke too soon! Today, Wed 19th Jan, only one egg.
  3. It has taken me a (very) long time to spot the above. Many thanks. It is well worth noting for the future.
  4. Thanks for the replies. They were laying regularly before the attack but came to an abrupt halt. Happily as of today they seem to be getting back to normal. Initially 2 of them started laying earlier in the week and now a third has layed. Yes they are wormed regularly. I have also put them back on the cider vinegar/garlic drink which they 'went-off' last year. Perhaps that has helped.
  5. Seven weeks ago a cat got into the Eglu at night. We were late in closing the extended run and as I went out to secure it I disturbed a cat which had attacked our 4 hens as they roosted. Judging by the huge numbers of feathers throughout the 40' run and in the Eglu every hen had been attacked. Our best layer, two or three 3" long 1/4lb eggs every week, was dead, another hen was injured and the others severely traumatised. I was able to get a replacement hen from the same hatch as three of our hens and she has settled in very well but she is the only one laying. The originals all laid the day after the attack but there has been nothing from them since. All three seem to be healthy and the injured one appears to have recovered physically. Restricting them to layers pellets only has had no effect. Can anyone suggest a way to get them back laying please?
  6. This morning when I opened the Eglu the rest were strangely reluctant to come out even though it was daylight but they seem OK now. I am told that Egg Drop Syndrome is more common than is generally recognised and may often be mistaken for other illnesses. It does not appear to have a cure.
  7. I did have some subsequent posts about this particular chicken but I can't trace them. In one response someone identified the likely problem to be Egg Drop Syndrome. The chicken - a gingernut ranger made a partial recovery and promptly moulted. She seemed to get better although as anticipated there were no eggs. We gave her all the additives/vitamin/calcium supplements I could find and tried to build her up with extra corn but to no avail. This morning she was running around more or less as normal but later I saw her sitting motionless and with eyes closed. This evening when I went to close them up I found her dead in the same position. We will miss her, she was the top of the pecking order and a real bossy boots but friendly with us and easy to handle.
  8. Not sure where you are in Cheshire - would any of these help (took them from the Omlet Forum recommended Vets posting): Michael D Stanford BVsc, MRCVS C E Stanford BVSc, MRCVS R M Hyde BVSc, MRCVS Birch Heath Road, Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 9UU Tel: 01829 733777 Fax: 01829 733923 email: stanvet@dial.pipex.com also: 2/4 Ribble Place, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 3NA Tel: 01606 556622 Fax: 01606 557722 Willows Veterinary Hospital, 24 hour emergency care. 267 Chester road, Hartford, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 1LP. Tel;- 01606 723202. Nantwich Veterinary Hospital, Crewe Road End, Nantwich, CW5 5SF. tel;- 01270 610322 Hope one of these is of some help Thanks. I haven't looked at the Omlet lists for some time. We are immediately to the S of Manchester. The nearest is around 20miles away. If she is no better tomorrow then I might give them a try. Annoying thing is that the RHS Show is on at Tatton Park until Sunday and the traffic is MINDLESS. There is no way around it either!
  9. Oh, that is interesting to know. Thanks. I was under the mistaken impression that it treated them too. I have been giving it to them regularly for 12months+ but I will look for something to eradicate them assuming that they have them. The gingernut is looking rather better today, fingers crossed. I can't find anything actually amiss physically. We don't appear to have any vets around here who know about chickens. If they had four legs and were furry it might be a different scenario. Although I could try heading south into deepest Cheshire there might be someone in one of the country practices who could assist.
  10. Thanks. They are wormed each month - Vermex, although they don't particularly like the taste of the water. I haven't seen any lice but I will try the yoghurt and Avipro..
  11. One of our gingernuts has been off colour for several days. Just sitting most of the time but she still feeds although less than usual. Her comb is now becoming very pale and she has just produced a very odd soft, green fizzy dropping and she is very messy around the vent . This same gingernut had a similar short spell of being off colour a few weeks ago. Whilst she seemed to recover she has laid a number of soft or shelless eggs and the ones with a shell resembled crumpled brown paper. A friend who has kept hens for a number of years thinks that the syptoms sound like Egg Drop Syndrome. Can anyone advise please if there is an injection for this after it has developed? The only info I found suggested that usually it clears up after 48hrs but egg production will be down. This has now gone on for longer than 48hrs.
  12. What a relief. I approached the run in trepidation this morning only to find Rosie up and about, not quite the usual sparkle but 6 hrs later she seems back to normal. She is feeding and dancing about as per usual. Perhaps it WAS impacted crop and it has cleared. No egg but that's hardly surprising and unimportant. Phew!! Thanks for your concerns.
  13. She laid her usual large egg this morning and seemed quite normal until a couple of hours ago.
  14. We have a problem with a 1yr old Gingernut Ranger. She appeared perfectly OK a few hours ago. She laid as usual this morning. But a couple of hours ago I noticed that she was standing still, feathers fluffed up, blinking very slowly and just occasionally pecking the ground. Her vent appears normal. Her crop is small but hard. Everything else about her appears normal. She had the usual layers pellets this morning and her last food was a mash of cooked rice, apple, pear and toast. The other 3 hens are as normal. Could she have an impacted crop? I expected that it might be large if that were the problem but it isn't. EDIT:- It is now 10pm, the run is under trees so it's now quite dark and she is sitting in the run outside the Eglu, the others are all inside.
  15. That's an interesting article. Thanks. The chicken involved is less than 1yr on from POL also, I have kept a record of egg weight/size and for months it has been in the 70-80gm range, mainly 75gm plus throughout. She has always laid good sized eggs. However, in the last week or so she has produced larger eggs including a 90gm egg 5mm longer than previously. It remains to be seen if the other 2 which are the same age and lay pigmented eggs change colour too. Difficult to know with our other, white hen of course (!)but for months she has laid eggs so large that they will not fit easily in an "extra large" egg box and this despite being the smallest bird.

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