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  1. I have the Go Up coop, currently situated inside a WIR, but it takes up most of the space. Is it possible to connect the Go Up directly to the WIR (so that the chickens would descend the ladder directly into the WIR? I dont have the Go Up run.
  2. This happened the very first time I used it, but as it WAS the first time I was on hand to check. Never happened since. The auto closer can be set to a timer rather than dusk/dawn if preferred. I think its great.
  3. A local cat leapt on top of one of my girls while they were free ranging in the garden. It completely covered her, and she just played dead. Fortunately I was close by and chased the cat away, but feared the worst for the cook, who just lay there, unmoving. When I went to gently touch her, she leapt up and ran off, and has seemed none the worse for her ordeal. I'm much more careful when they out and about now.
  4. Hentronix already offer one- I use it on the Go Up.
  5. I have successfully fitted a Hentronix automatic opener to my Go Up, which is doing the job. Not too difficult to fit either.
  6. I have recently fitted an automatic door opener to the Eglu Go Up. Its working perfectly so far (a few weeks) closing the door after dusk and opening it at daylight. Its by Hentronix and was very easy to fit too. Not cheap, but gives me great peace of mind if Im going to be home late, ( and will mean that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn as the days get light earlier!
  7. Thanks for the tips everyone. I'm guessing the 40kg of bedding Ive ordered will last me a while then
  8. Hi, Have just set up my EGlu go up and have a simple question! Im planning to use Easi-chick bedding in it, but don't know whether to just put it in the nesting bit, or under the roosting bars too. the keeping chickens guide which cane with the Eglu is strangely silent- perhaps Omlet assume you'll just know this sort of stuff?
  9. Hi there, Ive just purchased a second hand Go Up together with a walk in run. Very excited. However, the sellers said that they hadn't tagged the WIR skirt down as they used it on paving, but that the pegs were available from Omlet. Ive just looked and can't find any? Am I missing something? How does the skirt peg into the ground? Grateful for any help/advice. sisgb
  10. Hello, Newbie looking for advice. I want to rehome some battery hens- that's the only reason I'm looking to keep chickens. Min decided between the eglu classic and the cube- I don't really want 10( certainly not to start with!) and someone suggested that too few in the cube would have trouble keeping warm. However, I'm not sure that the classic will be quite. Large enough. I'm probably going to get four hens to start with, and wonder if the classic will be too small for them? The run is not a problem, I can offer them free-ranging much of the time. Appreciate any advice. Angela

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