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  1. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I agree about emailed receipts, Apple always do it and they’re so easy to find if you have a problem, especially for those of us living abroad. I’m back in India working with a charity neuter clinic so we get to do surgery every day. I’m the Student Rep at our uni for the charity and brought 12 of us out here for two weeks, then I’m staying for another two weeks after that with the next group.
  2. Tricep tendonitis

    Not fun! I had tendonitis in my hand/wrist a few weeks back, came on slowly and lasted about two weeks. It wasn’t constantly sore but I wouldn’t do silly things like turning a key, plugging in my phone etc. Went to the walk in centre to get it checked before going to India and they wanted to prescribe Naproxen but because of gastric side effects and being away, I left it. Ice, rest and paracetamol/ibuprofen is what worked for me - hope it goes soon!
  3. Unfriending on Facebook

    She's have to actively go in to unfriend and then confirm it so it seems pretty petty and childish to me - probably wanting to provoke a reaction!
  4. Beginner's luck!

    Welcome to the forums and congratulations on the new chooks! Great choice of breeds and an early egg is a bonus I tend to agree with your friend that less is more. Do the basics well and you'll have happy hens. Layers pellets have been formulated to provide a balanced diet so should make up a large part of their feed intake. They don't need water at night, they'll just be sleeping and probably just knock it over. As they're so young and I presume have been 'indoors' not outside and now they're on fresh ground I wouldn't worry about worming them until the end of the year. I no longer routinely worm our flock, rather get a Fecal Worm Egg Count done by your vet or send it off for testing and only worm them if needed.
  5. Hatching take 2

    I always dry hatch now so don't add any water during incubation or hatching. If you've already started adding water then I would do as the Brinsea manual says. Increase humidity and stop turning on the same day (Day 15 or 16 for bantams). Once you've stopped turning don't open the incubator again until they've all finished hatching, regardless of how much water is left. If it needs topping up just ignore it
  6. Started a fish tank!

    Looks great I have a small tank at uni that I have tetras and Mollies in but when I added ghost Nshrimp they brought something in and killed the fish. Going to start again in September but would like more plants and mosses with just a couple fish and shrimp
  7. I've killed my kefir!

    Never tried kefir but wondering why you'd need to use organic milk? I prefer to buy organic when I'm home because of welfare etc but it isn't always available.
  8. Hatching take 2

    4 isn't bad If they're obviously clear take them out - they won't do now. All eggs have an air sac, it just gets bigger as carbon dioxide evaporates from the albumin.
  9. Hatching take 2

    I usually hope for half fertile and half girls so 4 out of 7 ain't bad We tried to hatch our Call Duck eggs recently but I think the person who has the incubator was opening it regularly to check on them (she said they could see movement when they candled on the last day) as 5/7 fertile resulted in none hatching Now I have some Marans eggs in there so will hope for better luck this time!
  10. This is one of the best videos I've seen in ages Pied crow with Yorkshire accent filmed in Knaresborough
  11. Day 26 and still broody!

    Raw carrots are great yeah - they can take a while to get the hang of it but I know people on here who buy horse carrots and their chickens love them now!
  12. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    The plan is to book a tour of the zone and local towns so we'll see lots; not sure we'll see inside the reactor hall as that's a separate and more expensive tour for educational trips. You haven't been able to go into buildings in Pripyat the abandoned city since 2012 but I know people on private tours who have done, so we'll have to see...
  13. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Awesome shots I'd love to visit Russia, was looking at flights this week but have booked to go to Kiev and Chernobyl instead!
  14. Yeah definitely separate them. Keep the broody duck and ducklings separate from everyone else
  15. If the chickens aren't broody I would definitely separate the ducklings as they could get nasty and kill them. Ideally you will just have one broody duck with her offspring which you can separate for a few weeks until the ducks are off heat.