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  1. Lewis

    I have raised a fierce woman!

    Well done Rosie I've seen a few posts recently and she's doing a great job standing up for and representing inclusivity.
  2. Lewis

    Dog insurance v savings account

    I don't know too much about insurance to be honest as most of my seeing practice has been in charity hospitals and abroad. Some insurance companies offer clients a months free insurance with first puppy vaccinations etc so that may be the confusion.
  3. Lewis

    Dog insurance v savings account

    I don't think Medivet are linked to Petplan? Gary the isn't insured as he's an indoor cat but I'm going to look into lifetime cover for Celine when we move home as (even with possible staff discount) I couldn't afford emergency treatment and it's always vet-pets who get the weird and wonderful conditions!
  4. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Glad to hear the lights hit the spot I'd love a big planted aquarium. I have a small tank next to my desk at uni with a couple of plants and moss balls. I used to do night lambing in my three years in Aberystwyth and know exactly what you mean about the giggles. One day at uni I was hysterically laughing for no real reason! We've done a few night shifts in the Small Animal Hospital here and I'll do a few in my new job but quite looking forward to it.
  5. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    We had a long walk in the park followed by a BBQ with loads of uni friends. No Easter eggs here, they only really have big Kinder eggs in the shops not 'proper' Easter eggs like in the UK. In Slovakia the Easter Monday tradition is boys go around the village in traditional costume, visiting single girls who are soaked with water and spanked with willow branches, not really sure why
  6. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Love it! 😍
  7. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    They're awesome little creatures
  8. Lewis

    To worm or not to worm?

    Good advice above As said, no need to worm them so young. I'd think about getting a fecal worm egg count done at 6 months old but if these are your first chickens and on fresh ground you could wait until later in the year.
  9. Lewis

    Lame hen - not sure what has caused it!

    Completely possible that it's soft tissue been strained, especially if it's improving. Lameness can be caused by dozens of things so it's hard to say but sounds like you're doing everything right!
  10. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    So nice that you're all there together!
  11. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Love the photos PL
  12. Lewis

    Take one whole free range chicken

    I believe someone runs Poultry Dispatch Courses courses at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre 😉
  13. Welcome to the forum We have two budgies who never bathe either, I wouldn't worry too much about it
  14. Lewis

    Castle Sundays in Slovakia

    He's advertised on the Slovak shelter groups and is cute so I'm sure he'll find someone, a friend is just fostering him. Interesting about shorter legs, we don't have rabbits here 'cos the ground is too hard to burrow which is a pain for hawks but great for eagle falconry! Last weekend we visited Šariš Castle which is about 40 minutes away and where the beer is brewed if anyone's heard of it! Céline got a bit car sick but we're working on it before the road trip back to the UK. It was a 45minute walk up and we climbed up the castle (above is atop the tower) and you can kind of tell this is a castle Kolin and Henry with castle wall... ...and no castle but just 'cos they're cute, Winnie and Céline.
  15. Lewis

    Pecking block

    Only the same as cows drinking milk, right? I don't know what DEFRA would have to say about it, just sharing what I found