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  1. Mother v hawk!

    Believe it or not I have actually done this Someone was flying my Harris' Hawk around another falcon (a Kestrel) which I knew was a bad idea but they wouldn't listen and Frantiska went for the other bird, I grabbed her mid air like a chicken and I'm not sure who was more confused, me or her
  2. Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    Co***** set's off the word sensor C o a r s e
  3. Co***** sets off the sensors
  4. Scardy hens

    I'm going home tomorrow so will try and remember to take some photos!
  5. Mk 1 Green cube for sale

    I think you now have to visit the members profile and click Message
  6. Retainers after Braces?

    I had to wear a retainer in the day for about 6 months and was told to continue wearing it at night, presumably forever as well, but I lasted another 6 months. I found it at Christmas (must be 10 years old) and my teeth have definitely moved, there's no way I can get it on anymore... My brother and several friends have permanent retainers fitted, its a single band placed behind the teeth, and they all highly recommend.
  7. Goshawk

    Helen Macdonald - I met her a few years ago and got her to sign a book (H is for Hawk) for me. Finally got round to reading it in September when I started working with the Gos and it was a really interesting story. I have a few more falconry books to read but rarely get the time! The programme is recorded at home for me to watch at some point!
  8. Goshawk

    This is the male Goshawk I started working with in September. He was brought into the clinic with a bad case of bumblefoot, his feathers and equipment were in a really bad condition. He had surgery and several bandage changes to sort then out then I manned him (lots of sitting quietly with him on the glove) and built up his condition so his manners are pretty good. He can now easily fly 20 metres on a creance and I was free flying him before Christmas. It's been minus temperatures pretty much since January so he's inside the clinic overnight and not flown properly at the moment but we'll start again once the weather improves. Traditionally falconry birds aren't named until they catch their first quarry so he's not named yet, but I like Dexter, Rupert and Brian at the moment I don't think I've posted photos of him before; snapped one this afternoon when it was -7oC
  9. The Weather Thread #9

    It was almost tshirt weather last week and now we're back down to -7 with a real feel of -16 The wind is crazy so billboards have been blown down and the snow drifts are up to waist height.
  10. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I have a few Dutch friends who have Golden Eagles and they take us hunting a few times a year. I occasionally catch some words I can understand from German but they speak so fast! One thing I learnt that they always shout is moet dat niet doen I've lived in Slovakia for nearly four years and while I can read lots, I still speak very little. I can do basics, order food and taxi's but as I only hang out with international student's it's difficult to learn ...and people always want to practice speaking English!
  11. I used to use a 3m run on the Cube and could move it by myself on a flat lawn but think I'd struggle with 4m. You can always unclip the run and move that then the Cube. I'm in the UK and we don't have raccoons so you may be best to close it at night. Hopefully someone will be along soon who has used an auto closer
  12. Poorly Aylesbury

    Sorry to hear it Could be a variety of things but as she seemed well in herself hopefully it was nothing contagious. Keep a close eye on the other two but sounds more neurological/nerve damage
  13. Confessions of a serial lurker

    Welcome back! I'm loving seeing old-friends come back to the forum