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  1. Slipped Achilles tendon

    Well done, sounds like you really did the right thing and I commend you for being responsible. I'm quite confident in dispatching and don't dwell on it unless it's one of our own laying girls. I've euthanised many birds and companion animals now and it's weird to say I'm used to it, but you can't take every one personally or you wouldn't sleep at night.
  2. Cat attack

    Sorry to hear it, they do tend to get their heads where predators can get them How many do you have and are they Japanese (Coturnix) or Chinese Painted? Generally quail tend to be pretty aggressive and hard to do introductions so I would never add one female, a group would be better and slowly introduce them. I don't know what you keep them in but an indoor guinea pig/hamster or bird cage is good to put newbies in inside the existing run.
  3. Closing the coop door at night

    The one lying in the nestbox is a Cream Legbar who will lay blue eggs, can't quite tell what the others are yet, possibly a Brahma? If the soil is quite loose on the allotment I'd be tempted to put slabs around the run or cover it as you have done. Our walk in run is on a solid concrete base so we leave the chickens out overnight but lots of people do close theirs in overnight.
  4. Eglu as broody coop

    Shavings or Aubiose/similar will be fine. I've not had a problem with the run bars but if you know you have cats or small predators you could put some plastic around the run base. If they're in a Class or Go they will soon get the hang of jumping into the eglu.
  5. Been accepted for a degree!!

    I did an Animal Science BSc and now doing Vet Med which is another five!
  6. Been accepted for a degree!!

    Congratulations I'm in my seventh year of university (postgraduate) and still have one to go but the end is near!
  7. Chicks Hatching

    Agree with DM, leave her be for the remaining chicks to hatch and I would check on her when it's dark this evening. The mom can have chick crumb as well as the babies but we also used to soak corn in water and place it in a coop cup higher up for her to eat ...she may take some out and put it on the floor for the babies though
  8. Hybrids were bred by commercial companies to produce prolific layers in the 60's, I guess there's not really a commercial market for bantam eggs so they haven't been made. Some breeders have crossed bantams to make good layers but they aren't hybrids as such. Those 4 breeds you've chosen would be good egg layers but maybe find a local breeder and see what breeds they have so that you can source them from the same place and bring them home together
  9. Hatching questions

    They always look a bit lost when they firs go outside I think one of the Campines and one of the Pekins are boys, jury is still out on the Wyandotte.
  10. Great news Living abroad I appreciate the NHS much more now, even for simple things like vaccines. A friend had similar this year, she had private healthcare but a nephrectomy can cost $75,000 (US dollars).
  11. Help- quail

    Glad to hear they're settled in their new run
  12. Day 26 and still broody!

    I found the photo on google but we have the same crate too - an eBay bargain!
  13. Keith, I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about Trish It was a very generous offer and I hope they will be enjoyed in their new home
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Rehear sed sets off the word sensor because of the word it contains Lovely photos, I can just imagine Mandarin ducks having a shower there
  15. Day 26 and still broody!

    Broodies will often sit for weeks, losing condition and won't snap out of it. I'd recommend setting up a broody crate with a wire base, put food and water in there and keep her in it for three days and nights.