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  1. She looks like a very pale Lavender, almost like Isabel colouring
  2. I agree they'll be fine outside overnight if they're already out all day
  3. They'll be fine on layers pellets. As you say, as they slow down and stop laying they eat a lot less so I wouldn't worry too much
  4. Busy afternoon! I would give her a few hours then try her again, they can dehydrate fairly quickly and it would be good to get more Coxoid on board Fingers crossed!
  5. She will more likely bully the newbies as the established hen, especially if they are POL, but due to chicken maths I would go three
  6. Very cute I had African pygmy frogs at uni but they were completely aquatic
  7. Agree with above I would be treating for Coccidiosis. You're probably best to try a local poultry stockist to get Coxid unless you have an avian vet nearby as most small animal vets won't carry meds as standard so won't have them until Monday/Tuesday
  8. I've had several groups of commercial birds in the past and I'm really not a fan; they have their place on commercial farms and smallholders set up for batch style rearing but I struggled with a large group (6, 12, more) all needing dispatching and dressing at the same time and then needing freezer space. There are dozens of varieties of Cobb etc too, some more suited for free ranging than others. We now keep the chicks we hatch for the table, at the moment have three Marans which will be for the table. If I were going to breed or keep birds specifically for the table I'd get Ixworth every time.
  9. Thanks all! Very exciting, it's a new build in between our two practices so will be handy for work and is 50m from the canal so great for dog walks. I assumed most doors were reversible but doesn't seem to be the case so will get a left hinge. I love the look of Smeg fridges but they're silly money so that might have to wait a few years
  10. Often online pharmacies sell drugs cheaper than vets can order them from wholesalers due to the quantities they order them in. I usually dose when they've gone to roost 'cos you can just go along them in a row and its much quicker
  11. I'm in the process of buying a house and so looking at fridge freezers as I have a 'standard' ~60cm gap and obvious place to put it. I have two questions: The gap is in a corner on the left of my kitchen cupboards, with a wall to the left. Most fridge freezers are right hinged, a limited number are left hinged (open against the wall), so would would that make more sense or am I over thinking? At home I use our built in ice dispenser multiple times a day. I coped without one for 8 years at uni but would you pay more for an ice dispenser (and the plumber to install it)?

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