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  1. Hatching questions

    They always look a bit lost when they firs go outside I think one of the Campines and one of the Pekins are boys, jury is still out on the Wyandotte.
  2. Great news Living abroad I appreciate the NHS much more now, even for simple things like vaccines. A friend had similar this year, she had private healthcare but a nephrectomy can cost $75,000 (US dollars).
  3. Help- quail

    Glad to hear they're settled in their new run
  4. Day 26 and still broody!

    I found the photo on google but we have the same crate too - an eBay bargain!
  5. Keith, I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about Trish It was a very generous offer and I hope they will be enjoyed in their new home
  6. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Rehear sed sets off the word sensor because of the word it contains Lovely photos, I can just imagine Mandarin ducks having a shower there
  7. Day 26 and still broody!

    Broodies will often sit for weeks, losing condition and won't snap out of it. I'd recommend setting up a broody crate with a wire base, put food and water in there and keep her in it for three days and nights.
  8. Spaying Hens

    I would ignore the forums and listen to your vet, Steve. If she's been spayed the ovaries will have been removed and she can't ovulate... so the suprelorin implant won't be needed.
  9. Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    Looks beautiful and I'm envious of all that land Glad to hear you've made the move - hope you manage to get some new Cube assembly bits! I can imagine ducks rootling around those trees
  10. Another broody chicken 😬

    I use Ivermectin once a year and spray the coop with Perbio Choc RTU in the eglus and run to keep mites at bay.
  11. Another broody chicken 😬

    I agree, relax and enjoy them! I would pop her straight in a broody cage to snap her out of it quickly so she's not broody while you're away. Show your neighbours so worst case scenario they can pop her back in there while you're away but really a few days won't harm anything. Just make sure you're on top of mite prevention.
  12. Help- quail

    How are they getting on? Quail are often cannibalistic and don't do well with introductions? I would be tempted to take the new girls our rather than the males as your existing females may turn on them too. Introduce them really slowly, putting them in a wide based cage (budgie or hamster cage) in their run may work.
  13. Best breeds to pick

    I asked a few people in the area who recommended Blackwater Alpacas in Bradwell near Braintree Our Garden Hens in Braintree Smilers Farm near Basildon
  14. Quickest 'introduction' time?

    It's all down to the individual chickens but sounds like you've been lucky We've always had cockerels or a drake who usually break up arguments so we've been lucky and had a similar experience to you. Make sure they have a few feed stations and keep your fingers crossed!
  15. I wouldn't stress too much, nothing you can do anyway! Hopefully if one is early they all will and she'll be fine with them