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  1. I did a home visit euthanasia earlier in the week, the owner rang to ask where I was working this afternoon and came to our branch practice with a gift and cake 💙
  2. I would pop down and see what your stockist has available. Hybrids are pretty similar in nature except for the Leghorn based (White Star etc) and sometimes the ones that lay blue eggs. Generally they start off a bit skittish but settle down once they start laying and fatten up a bit.
  3. Never given it much thought. Our Cube faces North, the others go where they fit so I wouldn’t worry too much!
  4. I paid £27 for slightly restricted view tickets (only ones left), expensive but then people pay 5 times that for some concerts!
  5. Not gonna pretend to know anything about pregnancy but If your chickens are hybrids they will likely have been vaccinated against salmonella testing? Commercially they stomp through sheds with boot covers on and send those for testing but with a small flock you can just send a fecal sample for testing.
  6. Loved his book and audio book - I must read the new one! Have fun at the theatre, will see if he’s near here
  7. Got the same email, suspected case in Northern Ireland this week though
  8. Happy New Year! I’ve been crazy busy with work for the last 6 months that I’ve not really had chance to pop on here but do still catch up. Still speak to some Omleteers on a daily basis and meet up with a few every summer - do miss the old forum days!
  9. Well done on being responsible and being able to do the deed. I dispatch lots of birds, smaller ones with my hands and larger with the broomstick method the same as Clare, if they are ill, for falconry purposes or for table birds. There are still courses and I've been asked to make videos but haven't for liability reasons; happy to speak to people as well if needed.
  10. We use Aubiose in the housing and walk in run, never had it cut any birds feet. Aubichick has been around for years (since when I was more involved in poultry retail stuff) but I've not seen it available near us for ages so be good if they're making it more available.
  11. Generally they are fine as long as they’re dry as CT says. In the past I have used snugglesafe heat pads but buns tend to chew them. Lots of hay and straw will keep them warm in the eglu. Just double checking I assume you mean 2m run not 2ft otherwise they’ll need more run space.
  12. I’m just back in the UK after 5 years in Slovakia so fairly happy to have home comforts here for a while. If I could live anywhere it would probably be Norway, I have quite a few friends there and a niche job specialisation that doesn’t exist there yet, so could set up a business, and I started trying to learn bits of the language. That said, I think moving anywhere on your own can be quite isolating.

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