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  1. Lewis

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    We've kept both and I'd say Cream Legbars are more productive layers but they'll both take a similar break over Winter. In my experience Araucana lay green and CLB lay blue eggs. They're both quite flighty breeds but will settle down as they start laying and fill out a bit. Another plus size is CLB are autosexing so if you buy young birds you know they will be female. They aren't typically broody but we came back from holiday once to a very broody Cream Legbar We've had Cream Legbars in our flock for about 10 years and I'm sure we always will do.
  2. Lewis

    Forum upgrade?

    We used to test out the word sensor, I think Cathy @Snowy caught me one night when I realised you just need to use capital letters and it didn't sensor them 😇😂
  3. Lewis

    Hens moulting?

    It's about that time of year, just as the weather changes! As long as they're on a decent quality feed they'll get through it fine but you can give them a helping hand with a tonic or dried mealworms for a protein boost.
  4. Have you got a local horse supply shop? NAF and Nettex make Biotin supplements, the small bag should last you ages as the buckets are for horses! I much prefer Nettex Vit Boost + which is a poultry supplement and has Biotin in it.
  5. Lewis

    Forum upgrade?

  6. Lewis

    Forum upgrade?

    I love the new layout (so much easier to add photos etc) but do miss the old categories - Self Sufficiency etc. We used to have much more of a community feel and had get togethers, but lots of forums have closed down as people move over to Facebook group and other platforms. Lots of old blogs have moved over to YouTube and Twitter in the same way. Aye a lot of us youngsters have moved on but I occasionally see people pop up in the real world now, I was at an exotics conference a few weeks ago and met LTC!
  7. Lewis

    Christmas Markets - Anyone Going to One?

    Love that first photo We've been down to the markets a few times to try the different mulled wines. There's a new stand selling Burek this year, feta cheesey filo pastry things. I've had them at Borough Market in London before but these are a third of the price and just as good
  8. I agree with 6-8 being fine in a Cube, obviously the more in there the more frequently it needs to be cleaned out though. We've had 12+ bantams and LF in there because although they have lots of eglu's to choose from, they all bundled into the Cube!
  9. I agree with the advice above, the Cube is pretty well designed and doesn't really need sleeping bags etc on top. I've never given the humidity much thought but as long as you don't have condensation then I wouldn't worry too much.
  10. Lewis

    Roundworms and help re run

    Treats will just take away from the pellets they eat and a bit like me eating crisps every day ...I'll survive but it's not healthy Sorry, I meant I wouldn't normally repeat the dose - it's a good wormer! An alternative is 1% Ivermectin spot on which will also cover external parasites. I guess the run is up to you, that would be a lot of woodchip to replace and if it's fine as it is I wouldn't worry too much about covering it.
  11. Lewis

    Roundworms and help re run

    It sounds like you are doing a good job so I wouldn't worry too much. They can get worms from where they were raised, wild birds, bedding (unlikely) etc so it's not your 'fault'. I would cut out the sugary fruits, probably all the treats really, as they will wait for those instead of filling up on nutritious pellets. They only need an egg cups worth of treats between them and only a few afternoons a week (mainly in winter). Our chickens rarely get treats, only occasional stuff from the veg patch. Flubenvet is a good start! Ordinarily I wouldn't suggest it but as you've seen worms I would repeat again in 3 weeks time. Stalosan F can be used on earth, I used to use the NetTex Ground Sanitising Powder too.
  12. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Fanta?! I know a girl called called Ocean Ray
  13. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Congratulations PL!
  14. Lewis

    Hamster penthouse

    I knew I hadn't imagined it It's in an Omlet newsletter from 2012 but not on the website anymore so they must have stopped making them