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  1. Farmers getting rid of ex-bats - any rules ?

    As far as I know there are no restrictions beyond keeping details for traceability. It's not like other livestock which require passports/ear tags and CPH numbers. It's only the same as someone breeding and selling hens, a vet wouldn't need to check them beforehand and buyers aren't checked.
  2. New flock moved in today!

    I think it was this Melltorp table
  3. Hybred Bantams

    Hybrids are bred commercially by the thousands as utility birds to produce meat (broilers) or eggs (layers). Small scale producers may call their new 'creations' hybrids but they're probably just crossbreed bantams who lay a good number of eggs. I doubt you'll get a bantam to lay 300+ eggs a year.
  4. I've kept these a few times. Had a trio in a large (wide base) bird cage with a zebra finches before and then when I hatched them at uni we kept them in indoor rabbit cages. They like cover and places to hide so the little plastic igloos you get for rabbits are ideal as well as conifer branches etc. I know people who keep them in the bottom of aviaries but they would need to come in over winter as they're so small and they tend to drop eggs wherever they are so they get lost. I'm sure you know but chickens and quail can't be kept together as they'd get bullied and also fly off if free ranging!
  5. Hatching questions

    Cervical dislocation, so separating the vertebrae in the neck from the head. Basically place a broomstick over the back of the head and use opposing forces - won't go into detail on hatching thread incase others don't want to know but happy to discuss it on another thread or PM.
  6. Hatching questions

    12 was probably too many which is why she kicked two out. She won't know this early but they can kick out dudds later into incubation as fertile and unfertile eggs cool down at different rates but I'm not sure if they really do know! The day you set them is day 0, candle them on day 7 and remove the infertiles. I've used a Go for broodies a few times, take the tray out and use lots of bedding. You will probably struggle to sell or find homes for the boys so being prepared to dispatch them is the most responsible thing. I use the broomstick method and there may be a course local that you can book on to learn. Good luck!
  7. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Glad to hear R is getting on well up in Edinburgh and that you had a mini Omlet meet
  8. I agree with the above that it isn't the ideal situation but (quarantine aside) at last the original two had only been there for a few days. We often put birds together from the same breeder but separate pens so I would treat this situation like that. If they were mine I would keep them together all the time, ensure there are several feeding stations, free range them together and keep an eye on them as you are doing. Squabbling is to be expected as they sort out the pecking order so leave them to it unless blood is drawn; they will calm down when they start laying.
  9. Sour crop

    I would avoid yoghurt as that can feed the yeast infection, ditto to the sugar in grapes. Make sure she is drinking water, drop some onto her beak if that encourages her and feed layers crumble (or her normal food) when she's ready. Some people use Vanadine V18 or Nystatin but if it's not smelly you may not need to. Keep us updated
  10. Flukes?

    They look like tapeworm proglottids to me. Retfords will be able to identify and I guess they will advise a stronger dose of Flubenvet or something like Droncit containing Praziquantel. As usual off-licence so vet will advise withdrawal periods etc
  11. Poorly hen?

    If she's been doing it for a month I wouldn't worry too much, it sounds normal for her, especially as she is still laying. Continue to keep an eye on her as you're doing and hopefully she's fine
  12. Herefordshire here we come!

    Exciting now everything is finally moving My parents have spent a few years looking and last year we sold, bought a really nice house with a paddock for goats and pulled out as surveys showed ground floor floods every year which vendor lied about Vendor knocked £50k off but we couldn't get home insurance etc etc so we haven't moved! I get bored of looking at listings, would rather just go and see 'the one' when they're about to put in an offer
  13. Look forward to hearing how you get on with it
  14. Flukes?

    Please keep us updated! With photos if you have any
  15. I kept quail before chickens and they are funny little things. We had them in rabbit hutches so it was easier to collect eggs as they tend to drop them where they are rather that in a nest like chickens do. They enjoy lots of hidey holes and a cat litter tray with diatom in to use as a nest box. The girls aren't too nosey but the boys can be! They might not start laying for another couple weeks as they mature and settle in but I'm sure they'll start soon