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  1. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Very nice Hope you're having a great time
  2. Sick chicken

    I agree with CT, it sounds like she's broody. Kick her out of the nest when everyones finished laying and close the house so that she has to stay in the run. If she's persistent you can pop her in a broody crate, wire cat carrier or dog crate, for 3 days and nights which usually does the trick
  3. I’m back!

    Hey, welcome back! Hope you're settling in well after the move to Devon
  4. Signing in

    I stay logged in here, is there a tick box to click and keep you signed in?
  5. Céline the Foster Pup

    A friend's mom was interested but the courier cost was too expensive to get her to Edinburgh. I'd really like to keep her but don't know where I'll be working next summer and then it's finding a dog friendly house and job. My mom and brother have wanted a dog for a few years, it's me and dad that have been saying no!
  6. Swollen nostrils?

    Obviously just guessing but it sounds like it could be granulation tissue, similar to proud flesh if you know horses. Usually happens as part of the healing process involved with some infection. If she's eating and breathing fine I would just keep an eye on her
  7. Guinea Fowl

    I've not had them myself (far too loud ) but we had them living with our laying flock at the farm and they got on just fine. You have to be careful as they can really get around and would often roost overnight in trees!
  8. Hatching questions

  9. Not eating layers pellets

    Maybe just keep them in their run until after lunch so they get a chance to fill up in the morning and can still have a good scratch around afterwards
  10. Not eating layers pellets

    I would cut out all treats and just keep them on layers pellets, it's formulated to be a balanced died providing everything they need. If they know they'll get treats they won't fill up on pellets ...much like me not eating my dinner if I know there's cake coming They won't starve themselves if they're in the run with pellets and don't get treats so I'd stop treats completely for two weeks (could be a good time to worm them if they haven't been done) and then if you do give treats, only an egg cup worth between them and of a late afternoon when they've already filled up on pellets
  11. Got some ducklings today!

    Very cute If you don't yet have the run I would get one the the square walk in runs as they give a lot more space, especially needed for ducks as they'll need a pond. You could always get a wooden walk in run if funds don't allow the Omlet one. Ducks are a lot messier than chickens so good drainage that you can hose down is a good idea. Not sure about pea shingle, might work if it's deep, but I keep our Call Ducks on concrete (our whole walk in run is on a 21ft concrete base) which can be hosed down if necessary. Ducks don't tend to go in at night like chickens do, ours have an Eglu Go on the floor but never use it, they just sleep on a pallet in the run.
  12. Day old chicks

    I get my hybrids from Cotswold Chickens near Banbury
  13. Is this Vent Gleet?

    It's a protozoan parasite not a bacteria It's really easy to treat and clears in a couple of days, we get quite a few raptors with it as they eat the infected pigeons.
  14. They should just be asleep at night so won't even notice; once they've met I would keep them together rather than separating them each night.
  15. Following quarantine to ensure they're all healthy I tend to free range them together an hour before bed time and let them get on with it. A little bit of squabbling is to be expected while the establish the pecking order so just keep an eye on them and intervene if they draw blood - the dog crate would be a good idea if they need separating. Always make sure there are extra feed and water stations so they can't be bullied away but of all the ex-commercial girls we used to rehome, the Barn ones seemed to have the most attitude. They're mature hens rather than nervous pullets and will be used to meeting new chickens on a constant basis.