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  1. I have two budgies and a few zebra finch (indoors) but outside we have chickens and ducks living together. In my experience chickens will kill quail and quail fly off so need containing rather than a walk in run that chickens can free range from. We have a trio of Call Ducks who are fine with chickens, in the past we've had white hybrid ducks in with them too - one thing is ducks are much messier than chickens. I think Campbells are bigger than Indian Runners too?
  2. Lewis

    New feed blocks

    Not heard of them before but they claim feeding them leads to an increase in egg size... interested to hear how they came to that conclusion.
  3. Lewis

    Marriages with Flubenvet question

    I use an annual treatment unless I see signs that they need doing again like Red Mite in the housing etc, try and be as precise as you can
  4. Lewis

    Marriages with Flubenvet question

    As always, speak to your vet but I use a one week egg withdrawal as per the Chicken Vet website.
  5. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    With grad programmes you apply centrally to head office who then match you with a practice (I want a busy practice with lots of surgery in Birmingham, my friend wants a quiet rural practice with lots of support etc) so I've written a specific cover letter to the practice but because I study abroad I can't just pop in. The plan is to arrange interview for when I'm next home and arrange to spend a day working with the team, if anyone likes my application
  6. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Got an email this morning to say my CV and cover letter have been forwarded to local practices after I had a phone interview for a graduate programme There's one practice I really like the look of and that I think I'd fit in with the team but trying not to set my heart on that one... I have a phone interview next week with another vets I like and a third place that I haven't heard back from yet.
  7. Lewis

    Hanging grub in mainly glass run

    Hope you're ok, make sure you get some rest! Good idea about the greenhouse but be careful in the summer as it will be sweltering - you may need to swap the glass sides for mesh and obviously cover the roof
  8. Lewis

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    I know some people will say they (humans and animals) can be off colour after a vaccine but I've done hundreds of Rabies vaccines (literally hundreds in India!) and, anecdotal evidence but they all seemed fine to me. I've had four Rabies vaccines and not noticed a thing but a friend said hers made her sick ...the benefits outweigh the risk to me!
  9. Lewis

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    Sorry to hear she failed, I know vet friends who've had their dogs fail so they've said if you're going to the expense of testing, get a booster, wait 30 days and then test. You need the test to get into the EU but not back into the UK (doesn't make sense, I know!) so you wouldn't need to leave before 28th March, just have her there before then.
  10. Lewis

    Eglu Classic Base Converter

    Hey! Thanks for replying but I bought a rabbit base in the end to use for chicks, if it was the chicken one it could have been useful but sadly not! They seem to sell quite well so maybe wait for the better weather and hatching season and I'm sure someone will snap it up
  11. Lewis

    Marriages with Flubenvet question

    Sorry my bad, best to use it up! I've just read the licence, a tub of Flubenvet has a shelf life of 5 years but once incorporated into feed it will remain stable for 8 weeks and then as the food starts to degrade etc there's no guarantee it will work after that...
  12. Lewis

    Vet School update

    Sadly not me - I wish! Could have been Martin, don't remember it being a walled garden though. I've spent the weekend finishing my CV and writing cover letters to apply for a few grad schemes. I decided to include the blog at the end, doubt recruiters will have time to flick through it but it may differentiate me from the crowd. Have been invited to an assessment day for one of the big corporates and am speaking to another on Wednesday
  13. Lewis

    Old Style superglug

    I still have two hung up in the WIR, one is pretty much touching the ground so the Call Ducks can get their heads in (their bath is in the FR area outside the WIR) and they all use it fine. I actually saw one of the ducks drinking from the nipples of the higher one last week so they do use them too!
  14. Lewis

    Marriages with Flubenvet question

    No you don't need a prescription, it's widely available in pet shops and online. I use 1% at 1 drop per 500g bodyweight, obviously other concentrations will have different dosing.
  15. Lewis

    Marriages with Flubenvet question

    If it's literally a couple days I wouldn't worry but often they don't need doing anyway, I would move away from worming every three months and just get them done when the worm egg count justifies it - or use Ivermectin annually (I would usually do mine late summer as it does Red Mite too).