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  1. Lewis

    Gardeners World Live

    They do, it's 20% off! Had a great couple of days. We have lots of chickens and a few chicks, several camera crews have been on the stand so we'll probably be on telly at some point
  2. Lewis

    Dress code

    Smart casual... chinos and a shirt or smart jumper. For the office job in my gap year between uni’s I wore a suit and tie but for my recent vet interviews I wore chinos and a smart woolen jumper, no one batted an eyelid and I got offered every job. I knew I could be spending time in clinical areas so wanted to be comfortable and if a practice would only employ someone wearing a suit I wouldn’t want to work there Good luck!
  3. I think you’ll be fine with one of the smaller ones as it doesn’t take long to do. We usually empty all the housing and pressure wash them at the same time on a sunny day.
  4. Lewis

    Gardeners World Live

    Is anyone going to Gardeners World Live at the NEC this year? I’m going along with Poultry Club GB to do some talks and Omlet are sending some housing too. Look forward to seeing the new Cube in the flesh - if anyone is going, do come and say Hi
  5. Lewis

    Worming options

    VermX is a herbal gut conditioner not a wormer so I wouldn't waste my money. Best practice is to get a Fecal Worm Egg Count as if they don't have worms you're giving medication unnecessarily which can lead to drug resistance. It's likely a battle of wills, they won't starve themselves if there are pellets available so if you keep them in the run they will take some; if they aren't laying that will probably explain the reduced appetite - are they older hens? Alternatively you can use Ivermectin spot on which will treat internal and external parasites.
  6. Lewis

    Remember me?

    Welcome back! I've seen a few posts on Facebook and the photos look great! I'm driving through France this weekend so will wave from a distance
  7. Lewis

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    Thanks everyone, I feel like I know lots of you and I've grown up on here even though we've never met ...though I have met quite a few of you! I do get to use Dr, my degree is DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine but even those who graduate with a BVSc in the UK are able to use the title Haven't really thought about it but I'll probably keep the blog if anything interesting or exciting happens.
  8. Lewis

    What breed is she?!

    We'll have to wait and see if she lays pale or dark brown eggs!
  9. I did it I passed all my exams and last Friday successfully defended my Thesis so I've signed the book of graduates and I'm going to be a vet! Diseases of Small Animals (cats and dogs) was my last rotation block and State exam (oral exam with a panel of 5) which is the hardest of all six so I was a bit worried about having to resit and messing up my summer plans but we all passed and did well! We had our graduation ball on Sunday which was really nice I flew home yesterday as I have a few family bits and working next week then I'm driving back to Slovakia next weekend, having a roadtrip across Europe to collect my dog, taking them to the beach with a few friends, graduation and then drive home. I had a few interviews in April, of the 5 interviews I got 6 offers because a charity hospital I've been going to for years recommended me for a job! I chose a Small Animal hospital really close to home, they're a really sociable team, 10 vets with lots of certificates and experience, laparascopy (key-hole) surgery and other 'toys' so I should learn lots.
  10. Lewis

    What breed is she?!

    Welsummer and Cream Legbar?
  11. 😍😍😍 If they've just been wormed I wouldn't do them again without getting a Fecal Worm Egg Count, cheapest will be to get a kit online unless your vet does them in-house. I leave pellets out so they can feed ad-lib, ours rarely get treats. Things like yoghurt can cause diarrhea so stop treats if they get any and see if that firms her up, otherwise I've had some success with activated charcoal.
  12. Lewis


    I'm very much in the MH camp, I have a few sets of bedding at uni and usually have to wash one when I need it 'cos they all live in the laundry basket I needed a fitted sheet the other day, found a few in my cupboard ...for a single mattress which I haven't had for years
  13. Could also be parasites or a fungal infection like Aspergillosis. Best to take her to your avian vet for diagnosis and treatment.
  14. Not ideal but if it's only for today I think they'll be fine
  15. There's nothing else holding the front panel from falling forwards is there? You'll be pushing the roof forwards a lot and if you move the run you have all the weight attached to that front panel so I'd imagine it will cause problems at some point. If you have the option of easily making one at college I would do so...