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  1. I would think you'd need an adult on each corner to move it but I wouldn't want to myself. You'd end up with square patches all over the lawn and it can become very muddy depending on the weather. I would keep it on a permanent site with a slabbed base if possible
  2. Could be neurological or something like Marek's, I agree I would be booking her in to see your vet.
  3. As you say, once infected they are infected for life and can have flare ups due to stress etc. It sounds like that might be the case with your flock. Antibiotics can help with clinical signs and secondary bacterial infections but won't eliminate it. You could speak to your vet about testing if you are concerned.
  4. Lewis


    Both of your tanks look amazing! I have a 60l tank we set up about a month ago with a few Platies and Mollies in, I love watching them and wish I had room for a massive tank. I want to get some yellow shrimp in a few weeks
  5. Chicks reared under a broody would be running around causing all kinds of trouble so I wouldn't worry about them getting poked with Aubiose, they're really quite hardy. They don't need grit while they're on crumb, mine usually start getting grit when they start free ranging with my flock at 14-18 weeks. They don't need toys, the newspaper is probably them making their own enrichment
  6. I use Smallholder Layers pellets as the pellet size is v small but Garvo is another (more high end) brand
  7. Hey, why have you separated from the others - was there an issue with them fighting or was it precautionary? I have a Walk in Run and over the years have had many young cockerels in there together, for months at a time and (touch wood) never had fights. If they have enough space they could live together in theory but a Classic run isn't massive. I think two runs end-to-end would cause more issues as they can't sort out dominance and they'd just attempt to fight through the bars. Even if they're separate you'll also have the issue of crowing competitions which may cause complaints if there are any houses near the allotment. Personally if you never planned to have two groups of chickens I would rehome him or consider finding someone to dispatch him.
  8. It looks like you have to comment an emoji on their post to enter so Facebook only
  9. I tend to agree with Patricia, I’m a massive fan of Omlet products but have never bought a walk in run for that reason. I have a few clients (chicken sitting etc) that have them and they’re a good design but personally have a wooden WIR and have just replaced that for another wooden from Jim Vyse Arks.
  10. I'd ring your vet for advice, a crop that isn't emptying can be caused by several things and if it's just full (and not smelly - sour crop) she may need alternative medication. We aren't allowed to see chickens in practice at the moment (Avian Influenza Prevention Zone) so you may be offered a video consult or referred to an exotics vet.
  11. Great choice of breeds for interesting egg colours! As luvachicken says, you'll need to keep the two groups separate until they're ~12 weeks old as there will be quite a size difference (and usual quarantine)
  12. I wouldn't give them a perch until they're outside at 12+ weeks 'cos it can dent their keel as it's still soft. They don't need treats or toys
  13. A better solution I think! Puppy pads are great for chicks as they can be taken out, binned, and the plastic tray sprayed with disinfectant. They don't smell too much, make sure there's enough ventilation in the room

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