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  1. I’d be going back to the breeder as two shouldn’t have died in as many weeks and the responsibility lays with them. As for the vet/antibiotics, ring them to have a chat and discuss the treatment plan but you can’t demand anything from them and if you have another appointment you will be charged for their time; the same as you would at any solicitors, dentist, private GP etc.
  2. As above, use a broody crate to break her out of it. If you hatch you'd need somewhere separate from the others for her to raise the chicks and a plan for all the boys which will hatch.
  3. Lewis


    Glad to hear the treatment worked and shes feeling better
  4. Lewis


    Sugar can help as an astringent and hold it in for a few minutes. If it keeps popping out I’d give your vet a call, she may need some anti inflammatory or possibly a stitch to keep it in.
  5. As you've found out, ducks are a lot messier than chickens as they tend to root around under the grass rather than pecking at it. I have my run on a paved base and allow them to free range when allowed. We use Aubiose as bedding, could use hardwood chips too.
  6. The chicks from my latest school incubation project came home today They’re a mixed bag of hybrids and Sussex x Vorwerk and Appenzeller so will be interesting to see what they end up looking like!
  7. I wouldn’t worry too much, if she’s not laying she’s probably not eating that much so excess calcium is unlikely to cause issues
  8. A friend breeds and shows Serama, he keeps them with Belgian bantams but nothing bigger. There can be a big variation in sized and hardiness so some may overwinter outside in a well covered run while others need to be kept indoors.
  9. Sorry maybe a bit late to reply - how did you get on?
  10. Vaseline has a freezing point of 9-10°C so it’s not a good idea to use it on combs and may actually make them more prone to frostbite.
  11. It's really weird that people are making new accounts to reply to posts 10+ years old
  12. As above, 3 Orpingtons will fit in the house just fine but they'll need more run space
  13. Sneezing chickens could mean many things - allergies, viral, bacterial infection etc - if it's been going on more than a week I'd get booked in with the exotics vet as she may need some medication from them. Some people recommend Oregostim tonic for respiratory cases but I've not used it for many years

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