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  1. Lewis

    Aubiose - new product for chickens

    We use Aubiose in the housing and walk in run, never had it cut any birds feet. Aubichick has been around for years (since when I was more involved in poultry retail stuff) but I've not seen it available near us for ages so be good if they're making it more available.
  2. Lewis

    Brother and Two Sisters

    Echo what Daphne says
  3. Generally they are fine as long as they’re dry as CT says. In the past I have used snugglesafe heat pads but buns tend to chew them. Lots of hay and straw will keep them warm in the eglu. Just double checking I assume you mean 2m run not 2ft otherwise they’ll need more run space.
  4. Lewis

    Where in the world

    I’m just back in the UK after 5 years in Slovakia so fairly happy to have home comforts here for a while. If I could live anywhere it would probably be Norway, I have quite a few friends there and a niche job specialisation that doesn’t exist there yet, so could set up a business, and I started trying to learn bits of the language. That said, I think moving anywhere on your own can be quite isolating.
  5. Lewis

    More Marans

    Last year I planned a hatch of Orpington’s and Marans which didn’t go as planned and then turned out to be boys at 8 months old ...luckily they were rehomed to a breeder. This year I hatched a couple more French Blue Copper Marans and both (I think!) are pullets Looking forward to some nice dark eggs
  6. Lewis

    New additions

    They’re actually still separate cos it’s been raining Our flock is fairly small at the moment; trio of Call Ducks, four Pekins, two Cream Legbar, two Marans I hatched this year and the new Brahmas ...actually more than I thought
  7. Lewis

    New additions

    The parents are back now, they like Brahmas so I got away with it
  8. I’ve always loved Brahmas and Orpington’s so when a breeder friend posted some birds for sale a few weeks ago I snapped at the chance ...especially as my parents were on holiday They’re from Lenches Brahmas in Worcester where I’ve had birds from before and I would highly recommend them. I planned on just adding the two but once I got there I couldn’t choose just two colours... We settled on Large Fowl Blue Light, Isabel and a bantam Dark pullet. They’re settling in well, nearly finished quarantine so can free range with our flock in the next few days
  9. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Happy Birthday! Tried and failed to get Glastonbury tickets this morning - always got the resale or can volunteer to work it!
  10. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Long time no see! I’ve been really busy with work, loving it and have a great team. Took Céline to London last weekend and we walked past a dog show in aid of Street Vet charity, we entered and won Prettiest *****! She got some treats and a £60 dog bed! Oops, Prettiest B itch
  11. Lewis

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    Thanks again all I'm back home in Sutton and working just up the road in Tamworth so almost-neighbours! I started my job a few weeks ago and really enjoying it at the moment. My team are really nice and have been super supportive. I've done a few home visits and a night on call which both went well. I've only seen one chicken so far but a few pigeons - hoping to see more chickens once I get settled and we can add that we see them to the website.
  12. Lewis

    Countryfile Live

    Didn't hear any wind of that while we were there. There were a few problems with water and hand washing facilities but they got those sorted. A new event company took on management this year and I wasn't overly impressed with them as they forgot the small details that made it special, but no problems with the showground The whole event is on again this weekend oop North at Castle Howard.