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  1. Sleep tight Chloe

    Sorry to hear it You did the right thing getting her seen quickly Hope your health issue resolve and allow you to get more ladies in the future
  2. Injured squiggle

    Sorry to hear it Well done for giving her a chance. We've had a few babies in that I helped to feed but they had to go to a specialist with a release licence as they're considered an invasive species.
  3. Hamster ball

    Ours had a little toilet tray in their cage and generally went in the same place, similar to rabbits, so I guess they could in theory!
  4. Hamster ball

    We always had hamsters growing up and they seemed to love their ball too. A friend (now vet) had two free range dwarf hamsters, one after another, in her room who had a great time. They had a cage on the floor but used to have free access and often slept in a shoe box in the bottom of her wardrobe I think there's someone on here who has constantly free range guinea pigs in their enclosed garden?
  5. Intermittent violent sneezing

    Sorry to hear it, as others have said that's why I tend to avoid auctions - I have been to the Melton graded auction where birds are judged before sale. The best way to get pure breeds is to speak to breeders at shows. They often have pet quality birds for sale, those which are perfectly healthy but not up to breeding standard
  6. Ditto I think only Aunt Beryls probiotics need to go in the fridge.
  7. If she doesn't look all and the vet could find nothing obviously wrong then I don't think you're being cruel. TLC can go a long way with the little ones, if she's eating then put her on high energy feed to get her through the moult and keep your fingers crossed. What antibiotics are you using? I'm sure you know there are many different ones for different ailments so I'd be careful about starting her on them yourself, you must seek a vets advice.
  8. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Nothing has been decided so just speculating but vets I've spoken to about it have suggested titre testing may be involved to avoid quarantine. They said keep on top of annual vaccinations and that should provide sufficient cover, that's what I'm doing anyway.
  9. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Kitten Puppy Noone knows what will happen with Brexit and the pet passport scheme but I'm sure there will be a way. Celine will be travelling to the UK next year, hopefully in June but she'll go in March if she has to.
  10. Lice and using xeno 450

    You can use Ivermectin on the bantams. I can't remember the strength of Xeno 450 but it may be that you need a different strength, two drops will be for a stronger solution, maybe the 1%.
  11. Coop bedding?

    Aubiose here too In the past we have used EasiChick and Rapport. Would avoid newspaper as it tends to absorb moisture and clump into a big lump
  12. ISA/savings question

    Sorry to hear about your Mom, C. Similarly when my grandad died I opened a Skipton Lifetime ISA, the government give a 25% bonus with the idea that it goes towards buying a house or retiring so if you put in £4000 they add £1000. It's all done online so R can do it while she's at uni which is what I did - not sure if you are able to open one on her behalf.
  13. It could be done by taking the back run panel off but I'm not sure why you'd want to? Would it not be more logical to turn the Cube around so the chickens get out the front and you can still access the back for cleaning etc
  14. Coffee machine recommendations please

    Compostable coffee capsules in Lakeland
  15. Can't break broody hen!

    Any wire cat carrier or dog crate will be fine, raise it up and put cups in for food and water