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  1. You could put a drop of food colouring inside the vent and then it will transfer onto the egg shell to find out which one is laying them. I'd think you should be able to see it by candling them with a phone torch
  2. I agree it looks like something that's transferred on - do you have a feeder/drinker that they have to put their heads in, a fence they put their heads through to eat from the other side or something like that?
  3. Well done you It's obviously part of my job but think it's a good skill for chicken keepers to have when the need arises
  4. Grain free is thought to be linked to DCM, so I don't feed grain free. We're still not sure of the link, this may explain better than I am: https://nutritionrvn.com/2021/06/04/cats-grain-free-diets/
  5. If she's a pup and has had Giardia that's likely to be the reason she's still a bit loose. I'd have a look at probiotics like Pro Kolin or Fortiflora. I used to feed Celine Bosch which is what she's always been on but can't get anymore so started Harringtons earlier in the year and she's getting on well. Grain-free diets are a marketing ploy and can cause heart disease (DCM), it's usually the protein rather than grains that cause allergies.
  6. Lewis


    Really sad news. As you say we've all known each other for years so was nice to have a catchup to celebrate Plum last week, she will be missed
  7. Still lots of cases around the UK so I can’t see it happening any time soon
  8. I've been a few times over the last few years, most recently last summer and she was still going. Not sure about chicken sitting due to avian influenza though!
  9. 5 chickens with blood from their back ends sounds very worrying, could it be something like Coccidiosis?
  10. How far are you from Susie at Page's Poultry?
  11. Norway sounds amazing especially a husky ride! It's definitely on my list, have booked Denmark and Sweden this year. The forum is definitely different to all those years ago but I'm still in contact with several members. Lots of people have moved to various other social media which weren't around then but means threads of discussion get lost, which is sad. We got our first chickens 16 years ago, graduated and working as a vet since then!
  12. I have a Jim Vyse run and love it, it’s well made and was fairly easy to construct. Would definitely recommend I bought a second for my house (the big one is at my parents) but problems with neighbours means the chickens never moved in (they went to my parents) so will be looking to sell it. It’s 2.4x2.4m
  13. That sounds like a great mix of breeds and egg colours I had a Welsummer bantam a few years ago and she was nice natured and a great layer of dark eggs Not heard of them being particular bullies before
  14. The Black Friday deals are really generous so I would buy now, can't remember them ever going above 20% either
  15. Hey, this was my undergrad dissertation. I can't remember the concentrations without finding it (was 8 years ago) sorry! It worked really well in the lab and killed >90% of mites but the issue with essential oils is that they are volatile and evaporate so without impregnating it into bedding or something it would need to be constantly resprayed which is why I didn't continue pushing it.

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