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  1. Lewis

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    Thanks again all I'm back home in Sutton and working just up the road in Tamworth so almost-neighbours! I started my job a few weeks ago and really enjoying it at the moment. My team are really nice and have been super supportive. I've done a few home visits and a night on call which both went well. I've only seen one chicken so far but a few pigeons - hoping to see more chickens once I get settled and we can add that we see them to the website.
  2. Lewis

    Countryfile Live

    Didn't hear any wind of that while we were there. There were a few problems with water and hand washing facilities but they got those sorted. A new event company took on management this year and I wasn't overly impressed with them as they forgot the small details that made it special, but no problems with the showground The whole event is on again this weekend oop North at Castle Howard.
  3. Lewis


    Hybrids often get red skin like this, if you’ve checked she’s not broody and no external parasites I wouldn’t worry too much. Lots of chickens are going through the moult early this year and they tend to settle when they stop laying during the moult. CT is right, if you’re worried give your vet a ring
  4. Lewis

    Countryfile Live

    Is anyone coming to BBC Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace this weekend? I’m here with Omlet and Poultry Club of Great Britain doing talks in The Farmyard Arena. If you’re around there’s a 10% off promo code and a bit more off if you order here at the show
  5. Lewis

    Tumeric and a Broody Hen

    I speak to lots of people who have crop problems, most say they don't give treats but when I say avoid fruit and yoghurt they remember they give those daily... Chickens will thrive on layers pellets but as humans we want to give them a varied diet. Sugary fruit will sit in the crop and ferment quicker than grains which are then broken down by the gizzard. We all know they are fine on occasional fruit but I see people making yoghurty fruit salads and porridge every day, then they come in with crop problems.
  6. Lewis

    Tumeric and a Broody Hen

    I'd be careful giving her banana every morning - seems like a lot of sugar to me and could cause crop problems? Apart from grapes every occasionally (we're talking once a year ) I avoid giving ours fruit.
  7. Lewis

    New Silkie Mama

    Very cute Agree with MH, in this weather I don’t think they’ll need the electric hen on. As it’s so hot I’d have them out in the day with plenty of shade and pop them in at night as they might struggle getting into the Cube, esp with Silkie feathers, another two weeks and they should be fine to be out all the time and put themselves to bed.
  8. Lewis

    Does Invermectin treat worms

    Yes Ivermectin will kill most external and internal parasites - no need to use Flubenvet as well ‘cos Ivermectin is broad spectrum. I did mine last week as I spotted Red Mite on a broody, won’t do them again until next year unless I spot anything.
  9. Lewis

    Tumeric and a Broody Hen

    I love the research and thought process, I've just had a quick look and can't find anything published to suggest it would work (mostly concentrating on growth rates in India). To be honest I think it would be a lot easier to manage her behaviour using broody crates and keeping her off the nest once they've laid.
  10. Lewis

    Barista courses

    My brother and dad are both really into coffee and have both been on two courses at Quarter Horse Coffee in Birmingham. If you can't find a course, maybe find a local independent coffee shop and pop in to ask if he could spend a few weekends with them helping out in return for a bit of training. Most barista's they get talking to in coffee shops love talking about coffee so I'm sure they'd be happy to help him out in return for a few days work - it may even lead to a job or recommendation somewhere else
  11. Lewis

    Saying goodbye and when to do it.

    I see you've now made the decision, spoil her today and make it special - hope you will be okay tomorrow. It can be equally difficult for the vet to let the owners make an informed decision and not force their own so it's important for both sides to try and communicate their thoughts and concerns, I often say the same as WH - it's better to do it a week too early than a day too late.
  12. Lewis

    Hatching in Eglu go

    If shes amenable I'd get her off the nest, give her some wheat or high calorie food and make sure she has a good drink. She'll soon want to get back to the babies Congratulations
  13. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I have lots of Norwegian friends who teach me phrases and random vocab so sometimes they'll be having a conversation I can understand what they're saying by only knowing a few words and reply in English. Slovak was much harder to learn but again after 5 years there we knew quite a lot of vocab so could understand bits - it's much easier to listen to people speaking to children or foreign students speaking as it's much slower and each word is pronounced separately but I couldn't form sentences to reply
  14. Lewis

    Chick with Broken Knee...

    I'd guess it's probably splayed/a deformity rather than a broken joint at that age. Ultimately the hatching company are responsible and should be able to help so I would seek their advice - it could be totally fine and someone just didn't expect it to look like that. If it is a broken joint I'd imagine the impact would be great and sometimes the kindest thing is relieve suffering and let them go.
  15. Lewis

    Is this scaly leg mite?

    How old is she? Looks like an older girls legs to be but you're right to keep an eye on her