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  1. I’m a big fan of the incubator shop too, excellent customer service Also great to deal directly with Brinsea
  2. The details used to be public and probably still are on the website but basically people contact you, you show them your Omlet housing, answer any questions and get a commission of any sales they purchase - I think 5% from memory.
  3. We have one in the kitchen which probably gets used once a year as it's very noisy and the heat doesn't seem to stick around for very long - kind of only used after a snowy walk or when we get back from holiday and the house is freezing, but now we have Hive that's easily rectified so I don't think we'd replace it if it broke.
  4. I miss my friends. I’ve lived in halls and student houses for 8 years surrounded by people all the time so it’s been strange not seeing them. This week I should have been back at Uni watching my friends in the year below graduate. I miss the pub quiz, seeing regular strangers every week.
  5. How old? I’d guess boy at this stage but feathers aren’t quite there yet either
  6. Sorry was being a bit dramatic We’re meant to get an hour for lunch but have skipped lots recently and normally been getting 15mins so it’s the second time I had a full hour to go home
  7. Work has been manic for the last few months but I finally got a lunch break yesterday (second time in 13 weeks 😬) sat in the garden with a coffee and the chicks
  8. Great to see you back - and the new additions!
  9. I commonly use my iPhone torch as a candler and it works well but the Brinsea OvaScope is much brighter and works a lot better. I’d candle from Day 10 so you can be sure. I use I medicated crumb as that’s what my feed store has and I’m hoping to have ducklings which need unmedicated - I can also get medication quickly which others may not be able to if they have a Coccidia outbreak. If I had the choice I would use medicated for peace of mind. 20mins a day will be fine, they can get a bit grumpy when you go to take them off. I’d separate others but the adults will be fine having crumb if not.
  10. Hey, welcome to the forum. Hybrids and ExBats aren't bred or longevity so she's done well to get to this age. I would guess she has an abdominal mass or reproductive disease but dark fluid doesn't sounds great; when you say chest could it have been her crop? Chickens are quiet stoic so given how unwell she looks I would guess poor prognosis but try and get her eating and have a look for a chicken savvy vet if you can.
  11. There is a double width Qute they used to keep the Omlet HQ hamsters in but I’m not sure if they ever sold them. I think that given Omlet’s target demographic is backyard keepers the size of the housing is fine; to be worth the investment it would probably need to be for 20+ chickens and then would out-price smallholders and farmers etc. I love the Walk In Runs and that allows extra housing to be added on. We have 12 chickens at the minute who all use the Cube - there are three other eglus they can use but choose not to.
  12. How old is she? A crop full of liquid can mean a few things, it will really stink if she has sour crop. Given that she's an older hybrid I would guess she has a mass in her belly which is causing fluid to back up to her crop - if she's not eating she won't be pooing. As above I'd starve her overnight, have a feel (and smell) of her crop in the morning. If you're worried I'd give your vet a call, they will be open for emergencies but should be able to advise.
  13. Sorry to hear it I kind of had a few years off chickens as I lived away from home for 8 years, 5 of those abroad, so didn't get to visit shows as much as I used to. I still had quail and falconry birds in that time, I'd love to get another but don't have the time. Can't see myself ever bin chickenless though.
  14. Agree with C, I’d give your vet a call on Monday. Be careful with powders and sprays near the eye
  15. It’s not unusual for them to have a little blood if she’s passed a particularly big egg, especially if she’s bright. I would just clean her with a bit of warm water on a cotton wool ball and monitor her
  16. Frontline is quite toxic to birds (a lot more compared to mammals) so have to be careful with the dosing. Yeah on the skin behind the neck, can be done any time of year
  17. I think it depends on so many variables - breed, age and how they were brought up. I’ve had Céline for two years (she was a street dog before that) and for all of that time she’s regularly been on vet school campus or at work surrounded by all sorts of companion and farm animals and I trust her around all our pets. I know you should never trust them implicitly but she’s always out in the garden with the chickens, ducks and more recently chicks unsupervised. I have “the voice” (it’s more an AAAH noise ) but positive reinforcement helps, ignoring the birds and giving them something else to focus on then the more they are around them, the less they take notice.
  18. As above, it will be an Araucana based cross. I hatched three last week so hoping one or two of them are girls!
  19. Looks like she's being plucked by the others or herself. Lice or depluming mites could be the reason, I'd treat them with Ivermectin 1% Sudocrem will help sore skin and it might take a while for the feathers to grow back
  20. Another vote for Smallholder pellets here too
  21. Hi, to start off with well done for being proactive and thinking about the males before they hatch but there are a few sticking points. As CT has said, are they a sex linked or autosexing breed otherwise you won't know they're males at hatch? I routinely use inhalant anaesthesia (vet) and it can take a while (with known MAC and flow rates) so without a steady source of CO2 I wouldn't attempt this or create your own with bicarb. When I've had to dispatch young birds in the past I've used cervical dislocation, a sharp table edge can be used for day olds.
  22. There are a few people who do incubator hires, I’m in Birmingham so no use, but speak to your local poultry supplier to see if they do or if they have any chicks due.
  23. As above, you really need to get a separate hatcher for the first eggs to be able to run them both properly. I hatched 7 chicken eggs last week and have 5 Call Ducks in a separate incubator. What incubator are you using? I don’t know of a 12 egg incubator except the cheap Chinese imports which have been known to cause house fires so be careful - Brinsea and RCOM are good makes if you’re looking for another
  24. I think things like these and the high vis jackets from Omlet have a comedy value and I see some use with parrots when learning to free fly but not really with chickens. I think they'd much prefer it if they could free range with you present, if you think the garden is unsafe, rather than on a lead!

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