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  1. Hiya, I noticed yesterday that one of our hens is limping, but I'm not sure what could have caused it! When I first noticed it, it was very pronounced, but within half an hour of being out in the garden it got a lot less, so much so that it was barely noticeable - it's still there today, but again not nearly as bad as at first. Only noticeable if you look closely. We've had a good look at her legs and feet, and they look perfectly normal to me. I can't see any swellings or cuts, scaly leg mite, or anything that could be causing her to limp. My plan is to watch it for a few days and see how it goes, and take her to the vet's if it doesn't disappear, but I wonder if anyone has any ideas? She doesn't have anything particularly high she could have fallen off, and she doesn't match the descriptions/ info online for any of the diseases etc that can cause lameness... Is it at all possible she could have just pulled a muscle or something?!! 🤷‍♀️🤔 Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm looking to find out more about what automatic door opening systems are available. I've seen the omlet one for the cube etc, but we have an eglu classic so obviously this wouldn't work for us (I assume!). I've seen pictures elsewhere of automatic door openers on the eglu classic coop, but I know nothing about them, so I'd really love it if any of you could tell me about any that you have or just what brands are available so I can go do some research! Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks for your advice! I did know this about treats already, we're quite careful with what they get; but thanks anyway. I realise I phrased that poorly, you're right that I've never properly wormed them as such, I meant that we give them pellets that aid the digestive system etc. I check the droppings for worms often and have never found any? I've no doubt you're right however so we'll look into this. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks so much everyone for all your wise advice! I'm so relieved this might be something I can actually do something about! The Dogmother: In response to your questions, they're fed on layers pellets but they do get treats - usually left over salad; I give them herbal worming pellets once a month, is this okay or do I need something stronger? Ruby is about 4 years and no, she's not ex-batt. Seems clear to me I need to get some more calcium into her diet, so I'm super grateful for your suggestions. I'll give them a try. Thank you!
  5. sorry I didn't explain that part properly the soft shells are the reason she's miserable the muscles need the hard eggs shell to push against to propel the egg through the system. a soft or shelless egg absorbs most of the pressure of the muscles ( think half inflated balloon) so it take a lot more effort and pain to pass the egg. that why the shell situation needs fixing Apologies! I've re-read and now understand what you're saying! This sounds exactly right. Thanks so much!
  6. Hi! Thanks for your advice and soft egg shell tips! It's not so much the soft shells I was worried about, more how she seems to look on deaths door for a few days and then recover; I was giving the vitamin supplement for that! Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi Everyone! I should warn you before I start that my description below might turn out a little gross. For a while now one of our hens (Ruby) has had these bouts of illness where she suddenly appears really miserable, all hunched up in the corner, and each time I give her a strong vitamin supplement for a few days and then soon after she's as right as rain. She's not laying proper eggs, just the occasional soft one. At the moment she seems absolutely fine, her comb is large and bright red, and she's happily running around with her friends. But I'm posting this because just now when I collected this morning's eggs I found that she's laid another soft one - the yolk and shell looked fairly usual, but inside the egg there was all this red stuff, and the only way I can think of to describe it is that it looked kind of like body tissue (I do have a photo but I have no idea how to post it or even if that would be appropriate!). As I said, Ruby herself looks fine, but I wonder whether anyone might have any ideas about what this problem might be and whether I can actually do anything about it? Thanks!
  8. Last year our Speckeldy hen went broody during the hot weather we had and was broody for 6 weeks! She did eventually stop, but we had to physically remove her from the nesting box each day to ensure she ate and drank and then shut her out. Tried using ice and awkward obstacle but that didn't work in this case!
  9. I'll bare this in mind. Thanks very much!
  10. *Update!* I had originally thought the chicken laying wrinkled eggs was Evie, but now I wonder if it is in fact Ruby! Last weekend Ruby looked very under the weather, so she's been on instant vitamins and I gave them all wormer pellets. She seemed to get a whole lot better after this so I thought she was back to her normal self. But today she has seemed a little lethargic, (although she perked up after some vitamins) and she seems to be straining a little as though she wants to lay.. I think it's unlikely she's got bronchitis, as she has none of the other symptoms... although I have noticed that her feet are pink...? If anyone's got any ideas I'd be really grateful!
  11. Hi Everyone! I just have a quick query about eggs that have bumpy shells. One of our chickens has been laying these eggs for the past few weeks! We've had bumpy egg shells in the past but they are usually just the odd one. I've identified which of out 3 hens is laying these eggs, and I've had them on vitamin boosts and I've just done our monthly course of worming pellets. She seems otherwise in really good health, so I'm hoping somebody could advise me whether this is a serious problem and what I could possibly do about it. I've done a bit of internet reading, but haven't managed to identify anything that she could have. Please help! JCress19 X
  12. Thanks for all the advice and for pointing me toward the defra list. The Virkon mentioned, is it this one? https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/chicken_keeping/incubation_and_rearing/4372/virkon_s_disinfectant_tablets?gShoppingPid=4372&gclid=Cj0KEQiAhs3DBRDmu-rVkuif0N8BEiQAWuUJr6RplgBxqFCDlLhNp9TTjDly_XB1G4yq34dQnERb25QaAsRb8P8HAQ - Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the number of disinfectants around! Sorry to be such a nuisance! Many thanks!
  13. Hello! Just a quick (and possibly silly!) question about shoe disinfectant. We have lots of wildlife in our garden and I've realised that my efforts so far of disinfecting my shoes before I enter our chicken run probably aren't enough, but what kind of disinfectant do I need to get? and where can I get it from? Thanks so much!

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