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  1. Brill, will contact them and sign up for the newsletter. Thank you
  2. Am I right in thinking Omlet eglu do not have a facility to add an automatic chicken guard door on to them? Was about to by one and then was massively disappointed to find I don't think I can add one. Any similar coops that do?
  3. Constantly broody hen

    Yes I have that too when she is very broody but try to avoid it. If I close the door by lunchtime, once I know they have laid then she soon finds something else to scratch around for and temporarily forgets her nest.
  4. Omlet chicken fencing

    Well it arrived and so far my chooks have got their head caught in the fencing 5 times. Twice they paniced so much I had trouble releasing them as both their head and feet were caught in the netting. Awful stuff and have reported it back to Omlet.
  5. Constantly broody hen

    Hmm not great is it. It is constantly hot down here so she is always getting broody and is hard work shutting her out of the nest when others are trying to lay. It's a problem as we go away a bit and the neighbours get lumbered with her.
  6. One of our girls is constantly broody, She seems to snap out of it for a couple of weeks then she is like it again. What can I do? Last time she had a moult too but this time she is just on her nest some of the time. It's hard sometimes to know if she is in there laying or if she is just broody and have to turf her out. It always happens before we go away too. All the other girls are fine. Babs is a Medicis hen.
  7. Omlet chicken fencing

    Well i presumed it would be on the end logically though and that works for us. That way it will run around the exterior or our terrace and we can then put the gate up against the house, so works well for us, although yes I suppose may not suit all.
  8. Omlet chicken fencing

    Brill thanks. yes the write up isn't great is it. Have ordered it so hopefully I will be pelased with the product and will save my sanity with chickens coming in the house. Being able to move them to suit is a good idea. Thanks again
  9. Hi All. I am interested in the 21 metre chicken fencing which is good for keeping chickens in one area. However are the posts every 1 metre and is it just one gate included in the price?
  10. Broody hen and drinking

    Wow steady. I heard there was a heat wave in the UK! Well I spoke too soon. Whilst she isn't broody now, I noticed a few weeks back she had plucked out her underneath feathers with broodiness. I have noticed since yesterday that she is now losing feathers. Thing is, it isn't moult time right? There were lots of her feathers in the roosting area adn earlier I watched her and she gave a little quick scratch and some fell out on her head? I have not had moult with my girls yet. She has stopped laying too. Any ideas please? It is very hot here, around 30-35 degrees.
  11. Broody hen and drinking

    Thanks for asking...she seems to have snapped out of it atm but she isn't laying atm. Still very hot...there is no let up in the temperatures. Luckily their run is very shelted after around 10am and is the coolest place in the garden. How is it with you?
  12. Broody hen and drinking

    Thanks for your comments and advice. I have tried the frozen veg thing. I am not sure about whether a broody cage is good atm as we have 25 degrees and think it may be too much. Whilst it is shaded it is not ideal in this heat. I was trying to avoid the broody cage and trying the ice packs under her nest atm, but have been doing that for 2 days with no joy. If I shut her nest off the pthers cannot lay their eggs. I was also trying to leave the nest area open at night so they have good ventilation in the sleeping area. She does eventually sleep in the roosting area but I have to lift her out of the nest.
  13. I have a broody girl. I am intermittantely shutting her out of the hen house when the others aren't laying and using ice packs under her nest when she is in there. I feel mean shutting her out but when she is out, she is eating but cannot see her drinking. I am unsure how to get her drinking. I have even put some mealworms in some water and she has hooked out a few but not sure she is taking on much water, or indeed how much she gets from eating. How can I get her drinking please? It is 33 degrees here so really warm.
  14. When is a broody not a broody?

    Our Bab's is always buck buck bucking and has a bald chest but does not sit in her nest but is quite stroppy when she is laying. I think it is her breed but necause of her chest I am not sure if it is broodiness, lack of protein or something else.
  15. poorly girl

    Yes, for the last 2 nights there has been a soft shell in the morning and last night a normal egg too. It is hard to tell who has laid what but think she must of laid one or the other. i think maybe the hard egg because of where it was in the hen house this morning. Also when she laid one the other day it was a pale colour and this one was the same so think it must be her egg and another hen has laid a softie!! complicted eh? As We are away on Monday I have just dropped the vet an email just to check.