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  1. Thankyou Beantree. Yes we have exhausted everything and our vet said the same thing. She has a nice healthy crop so is eating but her breast bone is very thin so cannot maintain her weight. She is up early and foraging all day so whilst she is happy. To look at she looks fine though. She is my last girl, so the fact she seems happy on her own is a huge plus. We won’t let her suffer for sure but you know she may not be with us for much longer,
  2. I mentioned recently about my last girl having runny poop for the past 2 months. She is free ranging (we do not having restrictions where we are) and out all day but she just cannot hold her weight. She is currently 1640 grams but fluctuates. The past 3 days has dropped by another 150 grams. She is happy all day oitside and eats but clearly something is amiss. She feels very light when I pick her up but am thinking that whilst she seems happy at the moment I need to be thinking about euthanasia. She is wormed and was on antibiotics 3 weeks ago but we just cannot get to the route of the problem. Has anyone had any experience of this with their girls please?
  3. Also, her runny poop issue started before the antibiotics.
  4. Yes maybe. She is on her own now bless her so keeping her in a run is difficult as we want her to be happy and aocial with us as I am sure you understand. I think there is probably more going on than we can make out. She won’t eat her layers now and whilst she has something in her crop I can see her weight dropping off. I think another visit to the vets is on the cards later today. Thanks for your help.
  5. Ok Thanks re the activia. she is free ranging as I am not in the UK so do not have the brid flu restrictions. I wondered if this was why, she was free ranging too much?
  6. Thankyou for the info. I cannot get either of these but have activia….is this any good? The vet also gave me a vitamin which helps restore things post antibiotics. I am thinking it is this.
  7. For a few weeks now one of my rescue girls has had runny poop. It is creamy, pale yellow, a bit browny at time not thick but liquidy. If she does a normal solid poop is it very small. No crop issues, has been treated by vet with antibiotics to check for infection and then a vitamin to get her gut back to normal. Nothing obvious apart from the runny poop. Her crop is empty in the morning, has been wormed very recently, Not sure what else I can do as the vets is costing me a fortune. The vet did recommend charcoal which I added to some warm water and layers. She also did a count and checked her poop and no sign of anything like cocci. Seemed to help briefly. Never sure when this is urine or diarrhea. TIA
  8. Her crop is fine, she just has a blockage higher up in her tummy. between the two I suppose. It is hard her not eating (although she has not appetite anyway at the mo) as her sister is also in with her and needs to eat as she is unwell after a moult. We are going away tomorrow, couldn't be a worse situation!
  9. Our girl has constipation. She is on a variety or remedies (for 5 days now) and her tummy is feeling softer. He blockage was higher up so not possile for an enema or anything. There is a still a bit up there. The vet has mentioned about her eating to help push it through. One person has said don't feed her anything. any advice please? How long can it take to clear? We are off on holiday tomorrow. She does not have any egg blockages as she has had an xray.
  10. Mavis has had sour crop for a couple of days. I have massaged and emptied smelly yukky brown liquid morning and night for two days. The crop feels squidgy this morning but quite empty. I don't think I can smell anything nasty now. Nothing came up this morning. she is quiet and not eating although walking around and last night wanted to be out with the girls. i cannot tempt her today with food. I have tried chopped grapes, live yoghirt and layer crumble but she doesn't have an appetitie. Does it take a while for their appetite to come back? I would like to put her back in the run with a bland diet but not sure if that is a good idea?
  11. I think auto door openers only seem to be a problem if you rely on light settings. I always close mine an hour after they go to bed to avoid this. I have had mine in for two years and has been 100% reliable so far. Even when they battery goes a light illuminates for a while beforehand and it doesn't just pack up.
  12. Thank you. I am still not sure. I have been looking for ages for the perfect coop and there doesn't seem to be one. There seeems to be one vent on the Solway. Currently we have a wood coop with one window which I can leave open in the Summer. It was my neighbour that put me off but think he has a point. They are so dear to buy that is why I am reluctant to buy one. Whilst they clean brilliantly the ventilation does concern me
  13. I wanted an Omlet originally but can't as they do not work with a chicken guard auto door opener. Was waiting for the new Omlet coop which apparantely suits all door openers but not sure whether it will work or when it will be out. Solway were also cheaper.
  14. In that case they aren't good for the heat.
  15. That is interesting as I contacted Greenfrog and they were very up front with me and said that they could not advise I bought a Greenfrog coop as they think the temperatures down here are extreme, +38 and -15 so thought I needed to look at some other make.
  16. Thank you. I wanted an Omlet but the auto door we have does not fit. I know an Omlet is plastic as it the Clever chicken coops but Solway ones seem to be recycled materials so wasn't sure. They have a wood coop at the mo with a window I can leave open which is great for the summer. Just need something with plenty of ventilation and not sure plastic one have much.
  17. We live in France and want to try and upgrade to a Solway coop for easy cleaning. However we have temperatures of 38 degrees in yhe summer and wanted to know whether these attract the heat? I can move ot into a shaded area but with temps of that strength I am not sure they will be too hot.
  18. Brill, will contact them and sign up for the newsletter. Thank you
  19. Am I right in thinking Omlet eglu do not have a facility to add an automatic chicken guard door on to them? Was about to by one and then was massively disappointed to find I don't think I can add one. Any similar coops that do?
  20. Yes I have that too when she is very broody but try to avoid it. If I close the door by lunchtime, once I know they have laid then she soon finds something else to scratch around for and temporarily forgets her nest.
  21. Well it arrived and so far my chooks have got their head caught in the fencing 5 times. Twice they paniced so much I had trouble releasing them as both their head and feet were caught in the netting. Awful stuff and have reported it back to Omlet.
  22. Hmm not great is it. It is constantly hot down here so she is always getting broody and is hard work shutting her out of the nest when others are trying to lay. It's a problem as we go away a bit and the neighbours get lumbered with her.
  23. One of our girls is constantly broody, She seems to snap out of it for a couple of weeks then she is like it again. What can I do? Last time she had a moult too but this time she is just on her nest some of the time. It's hard sometimes to know if she is in there laying or if she is just broody and have to turf her out. It always happens before we go away too. All the other girls are fine. Babs is a Medicis hen.
  24. Well i presumed it would be on the end logically though and that works for us. That way it will run around the exterior or our terrace and we can then put the gate up against the house, so works well for us, although yes I suppose may not suit all.
  25. Brill thanks. yes the write up isn't great is it. Have ordered it so hopefully I will be pelased with the product and will save my sanity with chickens coming in the house. Being able to move them to suit is a good idea. Thanks again

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