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  1. Gosh what a shock. RIP Justine, you lived the life you wanted and always provoked thought and discusssion.
  2. We've got 4 antlers of varying ages knocking around here. All my dogs and previous fosters have loved them and they come and go with them all the time. Even though they seem expensive mine have lasted on average over 6 months. So glad people's pooches are loving them on here
  3. Drifter's so lovely with or without the ears. She's grown up into such a pretty dog and looks more lurchery and less dally now barr the spots. Who'd have a spotty dog, eh?
  4. Hi this chap has pekins in every colour possible: http://www.cottagegardenchickens.co.uk/ I bought my hens from him earlier this year and they're all in excellent condition and were very fairly priced. He's near Bridgenorth.
  5. Saturday should be interesting with Blade in the mix! Talk about hyper
  6. Can't agree more they're a huge hit in our house with dogs that enjoy chewing. We've had ours for about 3 months and are still being enjoyed.
  7. If I didn't have lurchers then I wouldn't have made some amazing friends Other dog owners don't quite understand a hound's needs to run and play ra-ra bitey face all at the same time
  8. I had a rescue British Cream cat who regularly stripped her fur down to the skin. We tried everything from Feliway, to allergy testing and even anti depressants. In the end we just had to realise that this was who she was and to accept it. We never got to the cause of it all despite years of trying. As long as she's up to date with flea treatments and wormers just give her time.
  9. A life guard fan here too. I find it the best for times of stress such as moulting, poorliness and introductions. I was given a bottle of Battles poultry tonic which I found was ok for more frequent use.
  10. It wouldn't hurt them to go on a good quality growers pellet especially through Winter but they tend to be higher in protein.
  11. Yes no probs. Remind me before the end of the week. I'll add it to the overnight bag and the 30 tonnes of dog stuff!
  12. I've got a black feather fan you're welcome to borrow. Not sure if it's Spanish enough but better than nothing! Just tittering at the thought of you in fancy dress......show girl, really?

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