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  1. rachel84

    Pest control

    I personally don't like using bait boxes - we have a lot of other wildlife as well as neighbours cats and I would hate for them to be affected by eating a poisoned rat. I got myself an air rifle and kept on top of the population that way. I haven't seen a rat for a while now - quite effective.
  2. I have a big lad in my Mk 1 Cube and he doesn't seem to struggle at all - he is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte boy so fairly large. They do have the plastic roosting bars though not the wooden ones so I'm not sure how much they differ.
  3. If I don't have time to go out and get feed locally I normally buy from Amazon as I already have Amazon Prime and delivery is normally next day and free!
  4. rachel84

    Suddenly getting lots of eggs!

    Lucky you! Only 1 out of 5 producing here 🙄
  5. Hi, I have a cube mk1 with 3 medium hens, 2 large hens and a large cockerel and there is still room for another couple of medium sized hens I would have said. Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks for the replies - I think I will go for a Hentronix one in that case as it seems more tried and tested!
  7. Hello, I'm contemplating getting the auto door for my Cube but i'm a little concerned by a couple of things: 1. The opening looks quite narrow - the cockerel I have is a big lad (Blue Laced Red Wyandotte) and two of my ladies are quite wide to put it politely (Marans) and I do wonder if they will fit in ok? 2. Reliability: If it failed and I was away for a couple of days they could be trapped inside. Does anyone have any experience with this yet before I take the plunge and find it wont suit my flock? Thanks! Rachel
  8. rachel84

    Feather Plucking

    Hi, Just a quick update on this little saga. All of the girls have been bumpa bit free for almost 2 months now and all are now fully feathered (fingers crossed it stays that way!). If anyone is wondering if it is worth the stress, it is - they are all happy and not feather plucking that I can see. I now cannot tell the difference between my 2 copper black marans which is lovely and worth all of the worrying! I do think if I did need to do again, I would use the intermediate sized bits that Plum had as the others were a little long but it did the trick and everyone survived the ordeal! Hope this is of use Thanks for everyone's help and advice!
  9. rachel84


    I don't like the idea of poisoning them as it can't be a pleasant process and another animal might then eat the remains - an air rifle if you're confident I find works well, just get a bit of target practise in before you tackle a rat!
  10. rachel84

    Feather Plucking

    We're still doing ok at the moment. They cannot eat as well as I would have liked but we're managing and now almost 2 weeks in. The really bald one is getting feathers through and my cockerel is getting his tail feathers back so we're making progress! I did remove the bit from Gladys as she was really suffering and not happy but she is fine and laying happily again now! The other 4 still have in place. How long should I keep going? I'm not sure if 2 weeks will be enough or if I should persevere for a 3rd week? I think I will source the smaller ones you have next time Plum, they look like they will make eating easier and I won't have to worry so much! I might remove the one from the really bald one this weekend as I think she needs more food intake to regrow all of the feathers and I worry it will put too much stress on her - she looks quite thin but then they do tend to without the feather bulk! It's all a learning curve isn't it! Once they're all back to normal I need to do a run overhaul and another worming cycle before the weather gets cold.
  11. rachel84

    Feather Plucking

    I have been putting a supplement in their feed - it smells slightly aniseed-y and is a general health booster so hopefully this will help. The one remaining girl I was concerned wasn't eating did an enormous poo when I let them out this morning so something must be going in! I will continue with the current routine for the next 2 or 3 weeks and then reassess and hopefully remove the bumpa bits and see how they get on after that. Thanks for all the help and support.
  12. rachel84

    Feather Plucking

    Ok, we removed the bumpa bit from one of the hens. She was getting in a state and had started getting quite dribbly and ill looking. She is fine this morning and back to eating and looking happy again - if she starts feather plucking we will put another on her and try a slightly different position. I did a crop check last night and 3 of the girls are fine and eating the pellet mash I am giving and 2 are laying every day so must be getting enough. I have concerns over one of the girls still so I will keep an eye on her. I have increased to 2 food stations with mash so hopefully this will help, I would rather not separate them if I don't have to. The really bald one despite being at the bottom of the pecking order is the scrappiest and will fight to get her food and she is actually one of the girls I am not concerned about. It is nice to see new feathers appearing as well so hopefully things will get better They do try your patience sometimes don't they!
  13. rachel84

    Feather Plucking

    Hi, it is all of them unfortunately so I don’t know what to do im even considering rehoming them now as it is stressful and not enjoyable anymore.
  14. rachel84

    Feather Plucking

    They still don’t seem to be able to eat properly and I’m very close to removing the bumps bits again. Does anyone have any advise? They look miserable today and I’m not really happy leaving them like this.
  15. rachel84

    Feather Plucking

    Removing several times a day for 5 chickens is definitely not an option for me. I think ours are further forward as per Plum's photo as well - some of the chickens had slightly odd shaped nostrils and it fitted better here - they were very narrow towards the rear. Does it cause any other issues if they are slightly further forwards? They are still in place and don't seem to be bothering the hens. I am continuing to make a mash in a deep bowl which they can eat ok. I am letting them out when I get home from work to destroy the garden and eat the plants which they still seem to be able to do to a certain degree. Thanks,