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  1. My vet recommended Beryl's that you can buy from the Chicken Vet website.
  2. rachel84

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Thank you all 🙂
  3. rachel84

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Thank you Patricia! I used coloured pencils, I find them really enjoyable to work with 🙂
  4. rachel84

    End of an era

    Sorry to hear that, we lost one of our original girls last weekend and it is always hard as they are such characters! Don’t let one person stop you from something you enjoy, I’m sure there is a way around 🙂
  5. rachel84

    What have you all been making...part two...

    I finally finished my Highland who I called Hamish so thought I’d post an update 🙂
  6. rachel84

    Foot operated feeders

    We have a grandpas feeder and the chooks are fine with it, they learnt in about a week I would say. I’m not convinced that a fat rat couldn’t open it as I often find squirrels on the treadle eating from it. I have also found mice in there although not sure how!
  7. rachel84

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Thanks Daphne, I'm an enthusiastic amateur hoping to one day make enough of a living from my work! I really enjoy it - I think anyone that has a craft or draws/paints/sculpts etc has to love it otherwise it would drive you insane!!
  8. Great, glad you're all sorted!!! Hope you get on well with it - I went for the Hentronix one which is not as neat a solution but seems to work well.
  9. Ok, did they reply to you? Does it fit to the outside of a Mk1 cube - if so can you not just leave the old door in situ but open?
  10. rachel84

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Aww thanks everyone! I use coloured pencils - I'm trying to specialise in British Wildlife, farm animals and the odd pet portrait but chickens started me off!! I've drawn a few chickens now - I love trying to capture their personalities!!
  11. Have you tried calling Omlet and asking? I'm sure they would be happy to help.
  12. rachel84

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Just started a new picture of a Highland, I think it might take all year with the amount of fluff!
  13. rachel84

    RATS !!!!

    Just a note about the 'rat proof feeders' for anyone that uses them - I have a Grandpa's feeder and it is great and definitely helped with our rat issues in conjunction with an air rifle. However, this does not stop the rats with fluffy tails (I find a squirrel sat there on the treadle having breakfast every morning) so I would think it will not stop a large rat either.
  14. rachel84

    Finding a Cockerel

    Ok great, thanks everyone!
  15. Hi All, We sadly lost our cockerel a couple of weeks ago - I think I mentioned on my thread about our sick hen (now seems ok after her antibiotics *touch wood*). He seemed a little off colour on the Friday and was dead Saturday morning when I went to check on them which was a bit of a shock as he was only 1 year old. I have given them a couple of weeks to settle and all seem happy and healthy and would like to start thinking about replacing him. Where is a good place to look? I was very lucky with him as he was a nice gentle boy and I would like another good natured chap. Are any breeds better than others for this? There are ad's online for cockerel's but i don't want to just buy/rescue a complete unknown and I want to make sure he has been raised properly and vaccinated etc where required. Thanks for the advice.