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  1. Hi does anyone have for sale a mk 1 cube heavy duty run cover? Thanks Mel x
  2. Hi Kerry, it’s Mel I’ve just noticed you replied to my post on here I’ve only just seen it! I’ve not logged on here for a while! What a small world and to think I saw your post on marketplace on Facebook and then I see you replied to me on here unbeknownst to me saying you had one for sale! It’s all set up now and the three pullets moved in tonight 😃 Thank you for today. Mel xx
  3. I live in Glossop in Derbyshire and wondered if anybody had one for sale? Willing to travel within reason 😀😀
  4. Thank you all I did ask about an implant but she was too far gone and the vet said it can stop working and she may start to go downhill again. Its never easy is it bless her xx
  5. Thank you so much for your replies. Unfortunately it turned out Star had been laying yolks into her abdomen and had got peritonitis. The vet tried treating her but she started to suffer and we had to have her put to sleep. I couldn't see the buttons on the card machine for crying even the vet was sad but she isn't suffering now she will be up to alsorts now at rainbow bridge Mrs Houdini she was xx
  6. Hi I have been given 3 hybrid hens a Speckledy, a Bluebell and a white star. They have been laying fine but the last few days the White star has been laying shell less eggs. I find the goo in the nest box bedding and under the perches. She seems fine in herself eating fine etc. I think they are around 3 years old but not entirely sure. Could it be she is coming to the end of her laying life or something else? They are on top quality pellets and have access to grit and oyster shells etc Sorry if this seems a numpty post but I am new then keeping as I only got then at Easter but I am loving every minute so is my little boy :0) Thanks Mel xx

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