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  1. Hi all Thank you for your great help, the update is that three remaining hens are fit and well and looking great after all three did moult - black on combs gone, all three looking healthy after worming with Flubenvet. thank you all for advice. K
  2. Hi I have previously bought layers pellets with Flubenvet. I went to two different vets yesterday morning to buy Flubenvet and neither had stock. the girls have not had Flubenvet for about a year. thanks K
  3. Hi Friends Thank you so much for your help. I have thoroughly cleaned out their Eglu Cube and disinfected, put in fresh sawdust and straw. filled the grub feeders with food with Verm X in it, put some apple cider vinegar in their glug water. the three survivors look ok other than the black bits on the comb. the black girl appears to be moulting and the blue has some poop on her vent feathers. Thank you all for your help and advice, much appreciated. K
  4. Hi Perhaps you can see better if you zoom in on these Many thanks K
  5. Hi Thank you so much for your prompt responses. areas are not raised or scabby they are just like a black stain, I will try to get a closer photo in the morning. Goldie the dead one her comb went very pale and completely drooped down, had black edging. Food is fresh, unless they managed to get into compost bins. their grog water feeders are a constant battle with green algae and require daily scrub. the girls have layers pellets in morning and garden mix in the afternoon. thanks again K
  6. Hi I had four hens 3-4 years old and one of them (Goldy) died this morning. she has been a bit funny for a couple of days and had some black areas on her comb, late last night she lay on her own when it got dark and I had to put her in the coop. Early this morning she remained in coop when others came out and stayed with head in the corner, I planned to take her to the vet this morning but when I went for her she had died. I have disinfected the Eglu cube and cleaned it out but notice that the other three also have black areas on their comb, please zoom into attached photos to see. this morning lots of feathers in coop and black one has lost them from around her neck, again you can see in photo. I last wormed them about six months ago so need to do this but I also notice the blue one has some poop around her vent. Has anybody got any ideas please!
  7. Hi I bought my cube just over 18 months ago, its a mark 1 and I reckon the mark 2 came out about 15 minutes after I bought it ! I wonder if anybody else has had similar issues to me with it, they are; 1) the little green plastic screw in pegs bo brittle and snap quickly and the drill bit one snaps very quickly - my last one lasted 20 minutes! 2) the green metal lags that hold the wheels rust and snap at the bend - mine did this about a month after the 1 year warranty ran out, can I buy one? cannot find it on the website. 3) my four little treasures go and sleep and poop in the nesting box bit all night and needs cleaning out every day, I know you canh shut it off in the mark 2, do eglu do a conversion kit? Many thanks to all Roy
  8. Hi Many thanks for your replies, OMG, now I am worried as I am out all day, Monday to Friday. Will check and use cable ties when I get home tonight. Many thanks RM
  9. Hi Looking out the window this evening I saw a weasel running around my Cube with 3 metre run, we ran out and chased it but no doubt it will be back. I have a cube with eglu run extension all fitted properly, chickens dont come out and run is pinned down - Will weasel be able to get in anyway? through run, under run or in air vents in cube? many thanks RM
  10. Hi My name is Roy and I live in Norfolk, I have always wanted Hens but was always too busy with work and bringing up three children as a single father was enough to keep me busy. I have a large garden and more spare time since "kids" are now all adult. My daughter is buying me three pol chickens for my birthday and one of my sons put in some money for me to order a eglu cube, I am very excited by it all, cube/run are due for delivery later in the week. One local breeder recomended i start with sussex lights and or cuckoo marens another recommended hybrid Rhode Rock's, I am also paranoid about the girls being vaccinated and not bringing red mite with them. Thanks for letting me join your forum and if anybody in Norfolk has any wise words I am more than happy to listen. Best wishes R

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