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  1. LOL! That's where they told me to change him as they had nowhere else. And I'm being serious!
  2. i missed the show but im sure I'll hear all about it in my week there in July. I can not wait to go back! ARGH!!! I shall tell him about how much you all lurve him. HAHA, I'm sure he will be embarressed! I'll try to take more photo's this time, and try not to change seth's nappy on his draining board again edit- i can't spell nappy!
  3. I was just going to post, and saw this. I got mine today! xx
  4. OOOh I love rhubarb!!! We have two plants, but we can't cut any rhubarb off it until it's 2 years old I'm told. BOOO! Rhubarb is so expensive in the supermarket too.
  5. WOW! When Cathy Pm's me about pumpkins and your allotment, I then saw this post and it's great news!!! I can't believe how much progress you've made!!!!!!! WELL DONE YOU!!!!
  6. Ross just informed me, we have wild potatoes growing in the same patch too!!! LOL. He emptied all the potatoe leafs in there. There must have been a spud hiding somewhere. We are growing 5 melon plants too, from our own melon seeds that we got out of our melon. Not sure if it'll be hot enough though. It's pouring here!!!
  7. I just thought i'd pop on real quick. We emptied our compost bin in our raised veg bed last month, and we have been noticing all these things growing in the rasied bedwhere we emptied it. We forgot we put a huge cut-up pumpkin in the compost bin We have about 50-60 Pumpkin plants about 10cm!!!!!! We have given some to other growers in the family! But if you want some , give me a shout Hahahaha!
  8. Maybe your friend could come stay You'll still have your baby to play with tho I must catch up on your blog asap!!!!!
  9. Awww Ziggy, Im sure Suki is fine. Don't worry honey. I bet you were looking forward to that postcard, and imagine when you get it, it'll be amazing. I keep meaning to email you, but i forget. Sorry! I am going to email you after tea. XXXX
  10. Ross is a size 11, but i thought you should order a bigger size with crocs, so i ordered a 12, They're huge. I went on ebay again, and theres 11-12's ??? I want an 11, is an 11 an 11-12 , and a 12 is a 12-13. ??? HELP?
  11. Lovely. Looks very modern and nice! Does it feel nice to have new hair? I also would like to add, i love your Concentric Circles painting in the background by Kandinsky. Iconic picture.
  12. Oh my goodness Fairy&cake! How did you cope? My boiler has been in 4 years. If I'm still in this house in another 3 or 4 years I'll be doing a major refurb. Boilers and water storage generally will be given careful consideration! We had 70 Litres of water delivered every week, and Seth and I stayed in a Hotel for he first 6 months [Grandadused to own a huge one] and ross looked after the project 9-5 and joined us in the evenings. However after that, we had water, but no bathroom. Seth had a little plastic bath that we used to fill and empty and ross and i had a Solar shower out
  13. Blimey....it is a good job Social Services didn't find out. LOL! Funny that, as i was training to be a foster mom at the time. And i qualified.
  14. Argh when i read this it brought back memories. We had no water, bathroom or toilet for 9 months with a 3 month old baby at the time. We've never had heating in this house from jan 06 until jan 08 this year. We have a boiler now Im glad our house is almost perfect, i wouldnt want to go through it again. I hope your gas stays on.
  15. Congratulations!!!!!!! thats lovely!

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