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  1. Thank you for the reply. Yes I have treated the coop for red mite and I have inspected it several times. I've also painted the inside white and there is no evidence of redmite. I will persevere with lifting them.. And hopefully they eventually learn! Stacey X
  2. Hello guys Hope I'm posting in the correct section!? If not, apologies.. I am a new chicken owner and have 4 beautiful little darling girls who are aged approx 17 weeks.. Isa Browns. We have had them since day olds and they have been outside for quite a while. We have made them a chicken run from and old car port and inside the port is their coop. They free range in the garden most of the day and are great! HOWEVER, I cannot get them to go into their coops at night. Me and the kids needs to go and pick them up and put them on the coop perch each and every night. I've been using this forum for tips and tried the flash light which worked once and never again, I've tried treats etc. I have no idea what else to try? They perch mainly on top of their coop, occasionally they perch elsewhere. Their coop is cleaned out daily and has plenty of ventilation. I am looking for advice... Anyone!! I also tried to attach pics of their run/ coop incase it was required but don't know how to.. Stacey x
  3. Hey people I am sorry if I have posted in the wrong section- first post and new to omelet.co.uk Anyway I'm looking for some advice Bought a second hand coop off gumtree and the owner advised me he never has problem with red mite (hmmmmmm).... On inspecting the coop once home I seen loads of small, which appeared to me squashed old red stains. I'm presuming this is maybe old red mite that has been squashed with the lid of the coop. However, since then I have stripped it all out, removed the felt and power washed it all. I have then prayed the whole thing a few times in ever crack I can see with mite killer that i purchased from the local farm shop. I haven't seen any and I've since painted the coop. I get my hens in 2 weeks and terrified that mite appear. Does anyone suggest anything else? I wont be re-felting, the run will be under a double car port so will be water proof anyway. Kinda regards, Stacey x

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