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    Thanks Judy! I've put the little white chicken in my profile - she looks great!
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    Judy, can you make a white chicken as well?
  3. Hi Gina - glad to hear you are going to start growing veg. It can be done by a novice, particularly if you get lots of advice from experienced gardeners (lots on this forum), and are prepared to work hard When I first planted veg seeds in small pots, I was so keen for them to grow, I kept moving some of the soil to see if they had germinated (not a good idea, really). I got so excited when the first shoots started coming up. When I planted the young seedlings out into the garden, I was completely paranoid about them getting attacked by various creatures and diseases, mainly due to a work colleague telling me about all the things that can go wrong. He told me about all the chemicals, sprays and slug pellets I should use, but I wanted my veg to be completely organic, so I read up on companion planting, and used fleece to cover carrots, etc. I'm pleased to say that apart from a few leaves being eaten by slugs, and a couple of courgette plants dying off for no apparent reason, most things seem to be growing quite well so far Probably just beginner's luck!
  4. Your garden looks lovely Kate - I bet it's hard work keeping it that nice
  5. It probably sounds more impressive than it really is - not everything has been that successful, but I'm sure things will get better with experience, and when I get to know which veg grows best in the type of soil I'll try to put some pics in the gallery.
  6. I haven't been able to use the forum much lately, due to being very busy at work. Anyway, things are quieter now, so I thought I'd post an update on my garden. This is the first time I've had a garden, and the previous owners made a large veg growing area, so I thought I'd better use it I didn't know what I'd be able to grow, so I planted lots of seeds to see what would happen. These are all the things I'm growing from seed, some more successful than others: White onions, red onions, red spring onions, leeks, 2 different types of beetroot, swedes, turnips, rocket, assorted lettuces, radishes, sweetcorn, purple French beans, peas, sweet bell peppers, various types of chilli peppers, pumpkins, 2 types of courgettes - long ones and round ones, calabrese, romanesco broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, butternut squash, 3 different types of carrots and 9 different varieties of tomato. I've also grown a selection of herbs including basil, chives, coriander, dill, marjoram, mint and sage. There are 2 mature grape vines (one red and one white) that were there when I moved in. I've pruned them and looked after them, now there are so many grapes growing, I'll have to buy some wine making equipment! Oh, and there are some potatoes growing that must have been left over from last years crop, planted by the previous owner. I didn't know what they were - I thought they were weeds until I pulled one up and found little potatoes on the end of it All these to look after, plus the flowers and shrubs as well. Not to mention the chickens. I think I've gone a bit over-the-top, although it's very satisfying eating veg I've grown myself
  7. Thought I'd post a message to see if my avatar is still working. I've been off the forum for ages because I've been so busy at work. I just haven't had time to even read anything on the forum, let alone reply Lots of threads to catch up on
  8. Happy St George's Day everyone! I think it's great that this day is starting to be celebrated a lot more now. There are lots of events on all over the country
  9. Hi Steve I agree with Lesley that you could have just an outline of services on the front page to grab people'sattention and make them enter the site to find out more info about specific things that may interest them. It was very easy to navigate using the tabs, but maybe there could be a bit less information on each page, with the facility to then dig deeper. It is good that you have links to the websites you have designed in your portfolio - they show people exactly what it is you do, but I think you could also add some examples on your Design Services page. The "further web design info" link doesn't really stand out enough. I think it would be nice if you could click on the sections on the right hand side (starter package, intermediate package, etc.) and see some examples and perhaps more detail of the service you would be providing. You could also add a lot more colour then, to really show off your designs. I don't know if this is any help, but good luck anyway
  10. I want to add my pics to the gallery, but they are stored in my computer as .bmp images. I sent an e-mail to James asking him if it's possible to change them to .jpg images, or anything else that will allow me to upload them, but he hasn't got back to me yet. Does anyone else know if I can do this?
  11. My local council does compost bins too. I got 3 of them, and have already filled 2 (there was a compost heap in the garden when I bought the house, so I put it all into bins - much more tidy)
  12. I voted no before reading any comments. I think it is such a nice friendly forum, and it would be a shame to lose that. Kate, I didn't know that we were referred to as 'brainless yuppies' on the P.P. forum. Sounds like a bit of jealousy to me
  13. I can understand how you feel Janet. It must be very upsetting for you, but there are not many people who would pick up and injured bird to take to a vet At least you did all you could for it, and it is out of its misery now. It reminds me of an incident when I lived in London. I was walking to the pub with a friend, and we saw a pigeon get hit by a car. It was flapping about in the road, so I went to see if there was anything I could do. Its wing was almost torn off, and it was covered in blood. I think a vet would try to save a pheasant, but would be very unlikely to do much for a pigeon. I couldn't just leave it to die in agony.so I picked it up and wrung its neck. I had never done anything like that before, or even seen it done, but I thought it was the right thing to do. I was so scared of causing it even more pain if I got it wrong, so I did it really hard to make sure, and I tore its head right off The body continued to flap around for a few seconds, which was very distressing, but at least I knew it was out of its misery. I walked into the pub covered in blood, went straight into the loo for a wash, then came out and drank a whole pint of beer in about 2 minutes flat! I didn't stop shaking for ages and was very upset for a long time afterwards. It brings tears to my eyes just writing about it now
  14. I'm going to have to build a dust-bath for my chooks. They've been having a great time dust-bathing in my greenhouse border, but yesterday Camilla jumped up onto the shelf and bit the top off one of my little tomato plants Good job I planted a few extra ones

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