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  1. Cleaning Tips

    Micellar water worked a treat, thank you!
  2. Cleaning Tips

    DD was playing in the garden yesterday in her pale grey suede boots (grrr!) so I might try this. Thank you!
  3. Walkies anyone

    Did you buy one?! I have one but I've never been brave enough to try it!
  4. Getting two rescue hens - how to introduce?!

    Thanks So I can keep them separate during the day and I'm around to keep an eye on things but I still have the nighttime problem. Would the new hens be okay sleeping o/night in the dog cage? Obviously I'd try to fashion some kind of perch...
  5. Getting two rescue hens - how to introduce?!

    Oh dear, I don't really know anyone else with chickens. What about a dog cage for nighttime then enclosed in the run during the day? (With the Big Three in the garden)
  6. Getting two rescue hens - how to introduce?!

    Thanks Mulle. The problem is that the run is uncovered, so the only predator-proof area we have is the coop...
  7. Calling all chicken experts.... I'm just after some advice re. introducing new birds to an existing group. We currently have 3 ladies, in pecking order: Hetty (Gingernut Ranger); Margot (Columbine) and Adelaide (Speckledy). Next week we are getting two rescue barn hens and I'm just wondering about how to go about the introductions. All of the official advice seems to call for weeks of quarantine, multiple runs and coops or fenced off areas, whereas the anecdotal advice seems to be 'chuck 'em together and keep an eye out' The girls currently have a coop in a large run. However, the run door is permanently open and they free-range in a large walled garden. I was thinking that I could confine the newbies to the run for a few days while the two groups get used to each other - but what happens at bedtime? Are they all calm enough to roost together on an evening? My existing chooks do occasionally spend the night in a tree (when we forget to check them), so could that be an option? The Big Three in the tree and the New Two in the coop? Obviously that isn't ideal due to predator risks. Any ideas? How did you manage your introductions? TIA
  8. Columbine with yellow ears?

    Thank you. She is acting normally today, but just with yellow ears. She has however started losing feathers around her neck, but this is where my Gingernut started her moult a few months ago. When we called in for food at the breeders in the Summer, we did mention the balding neck of the Gingernut. They did mention something which could cause this, but discounted it as it was rare (can't recall what it was) and seemed to think it was just a moult. She has now almost fully regrown her neck feathers. Could it all be connected?
  9. Columbine with yellow ears?

    Our Columbine's previously white ears seem to have turned yellow She seems otherwise well, though she isn't laying at the moment and is moulting. There's been no recent change in diet - she free ranges in the garden most of the day, and gets Garvo pellets along with treats. I assumed that she was just having a moult and a break from laying, but with the yellow ears I'm now wondering if it is something more sinister. Any ideas what is going on?
  10. Slugs getting into food storage

    Thanks everyone. I guess I didn't hold out much hope for the metal bins being slug-proof, especially as the little blighters somehow get through UPVC doors into our conservatory. How do they do that?! Might upgrade to a metal bin, and shove a brick on top. It's worth a try!
  11. All of our chicken bumpf is in a Keter plastic storage shed. We used to keep our pellets in one of these from Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/small-storage-organisers/waste-sorting-bins/sortera-waste-sorting-bin-with-lid-white-art-10255897/'>http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/small-storage-organisers/waste-sorting-bins/sortera-waste-sorting-bin-with-lid-white-art-10255897/ but the slugs kept getting in. I stuck copper tape all around but it didn't seem to make any difference. We then switched to one of these from Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/small-storage-organisers/waste-sorting-bins/ but it hasn't made any difference. The chickens free-range during the day and frequent the chicken storage shed (for mealworms and corn ) so I assume that slug pellets are out of the question. Any words of wisdom or suggestions? TIA!
  12. Loss of feathers - attack??

    I did think that it could be a moult. I was just distracted by the injury and the alarm call. The chickens are around 16 months old. They've lost a few feathers in the past but nothing significant. And they've always laid regularly, apart from broody times. Is it usual to lose so many feathers so suddenly?
  13. Loss of feathers - attack??

    Just a quick update: All chooks seem physically fine this morning. Speckeldy has a bald breast but she has just come out of a 8 week broody phase so that could be the cause of that. There were quite a few feathers in the hen house today - from all 3 chickens I think? Hetty, the Gingernut was stalking around the outside of the run/playhouse making a fair racket - could she be perturbed by a nocturnal visitor?
  14. Loss of feathers - attack??

    Following on from my thread in Chicken Clinic about my limping columbine, Margot and a possible cat attack.... Well, after a couple of days in chicken hospital (isolation/rest) Margot is no longer limping. She is still sitting a lot though so is perhaps still recovering. I have an automatic door which was set to close this evening at 21:30. I have just been out to the chicken run after hearing a commotion (~21:50). Heard the repetitive alarm call Bok Bok Bok Bokquark Bok Bok Bok Bokquark. Found all three chickens in a huddle, stretched necks peering about. None in bed and the door shut. They were perhaps late to bed tonight and missed the door closing, hence being locked out. However there were LOTS of feathers about. All from my Speckledy Adelaide. I'd estimate 100-120 feathers. And when I picked up Hetty the Gingernut Ranger, several came off her too. The sawdust in the hen house as disturbed, though this could be because one had been to bed then got herself up again. Margot has been retiring early since her injury What has happened? Could it be a repeat cat attack?! Would they loose feathers like this? I could see no injuries on them, nor any obvious bald patches, but will have a closer look n the morning. I'm worried about my ladies - what's been going on?! Thanks in advance
  15. Limping chicken!!

    Brilliant, pleased the chicken hospital is a good idea. I've just taken her out and put her back in the run with the other two. She is hobbling, pecking and sitting a bit. Her foot looks normal apart from slight swelling and a couple of small marks. It's a big garden so she could have easily got herself caught in something. Blimey, I hope she's better soon - I can't take the stress! We've had broodiness (2 months!) from Adelaide and softies from Hetty already this year. Margot was top of the class until this happened