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  1. Thanks Lewis. To be honest, I don't have a huge amount of faith in our vet. He's lovely but never seems overly confident in diagnosing/prescribing (the chickens). Last time I rang he said there was no point in seeing her and just prescribed Nystan to collect. That was in September so not completely locked-down.
  2. I found one our little rescues hunched and poorly looking yesterday. I brought her indoors and on examination she had a pendulous liquidy crop (couldn't feel anything solid in there at all). I had some unopened Nystan in from the last time she had sour crop so she's had 5mL twice yesterday and another 5mL this morning. (IIRC I gave her Dactarin oral gel last time and didn't need the Nystan) She is much perkier this morning. In fact I've had to bring her out of the conservatory where my husband is working because she's being too vocal while he is on calls! Crop is still liquidy but perhaps golf ball (from tennis ball). She won't drink anything but is obviously hungry. She passed brown liquid during the night. So my questions for any experts out there are... 1. How long do I continue the Nystan? I only have enough left for another 3 x 5mL doses. Do I need to ring the vet and get some more? 2. Can I feed her? What is best to give her? Do I keep her in until I see it pass out the other end? Any advice greatly appreciated! 😊
  3. Righto, I'll avoid yogurt - there is so much conflicting advice out there! She's had a few small meals of softened pellets, some normal poos and after 3 days in the crate I've let her back out today. Her crop felt faintly squishy this morning but to be honest I don't know if that was a normal empty crop on a skinny hen 😕
  4. Thank you. She's still pretty annoyed at being in the crate so I'm going to do one more night and then let her out with the other ladies tomorrow morning. Her crop this morning was smaller but still a little squishy - I'm wondering whether I can just feel it more as she doesn't have much flesh on her? However, the small amount of pellets she ate last night had gone (I think - I need to have a rummage around in the crate and look for poop 🙄). I'm also a bit concerned that she's been eating a bit of the straw in desperation so I'm going to clear all that out and give her a couple of small meals. Can she have a bit of yogurt, or scrambled egg or is that a no no? Or just pellets in warm water again?
  5. I caved and gave her a teeny bit of pellets and warm water this evening. She was trying to eat the Daktarin lid, and my watch, and my ring, and my eyes and a random smudge on my hand. And she is just so skinny 🙁😣
  6. Oh, and she's had Daktarin oral gel too. Thanks so much for your help! Nothing is ever straightforward in Chickenland 🙄
  7. Brilliant thank you! She's still very bright this morning thankfully and her crop is still soft and squishy but much smaller, nowhere near the big balloon it was yesterday. I'll give her ACV and keep her off food today. And I'll get some Bokashi Bran ordered too. How long can she be without food? Seeing as she's a wee scrap of a thing? Thank you
  8. Another update: I tried to clear her crop, got some grassy stuff up but not much. I stopped because I didn't want to hurt her, worried about her aspirating. She's still very perky, scratching about and very keen on escaping whenever I open the crate. She's had some water with ACV and a dollop of Daktarin. She had a normal poo after the crop clearing, then a liquid poo later on (after she'd had the water and ACV). Anyone? I'm going to keep her crated tonight and check her crop first thing.
  9. Quick update, I've just gone to give her a cuddle and some fresh water. Heard gurgling sounds from her crop (before she drank) but no yeasty smell.
  10. One of our new ex-caged hens might have sour crop. I say might as I've never had a hen with sour crop before so can't be sure what I'm looking for.... She is our littlest (only 1.4 kg) and when I went out this morning I noticed her crop was very large. Obviously because she is scrawny and low on feathers it was fairly noticeable. I had a feel and it was very squishy. A few weeks ago she had an impacted crop which I dealt with by isolating, massaging and giving a little olive oil. She'd had some porridge and corn and I cut back on the treats as she was obviously overdoing it! They free-range all day so have access to grass and windfall apples plus the usual garden plants too. So, back to this morning...I noticed her large, squishy crop but she had been out for around 3 hours already so could've had a considerable amount of food and drink in that time. She was also eating okay (apples). I've isolated her and just given her water which she's tipped over twice - she is very active - comb is floppy but has been floppy as long as we've had her (6 weeks) - she's pooed (looks normal) - hasn't laid - and tries to escape every time I check her :) So, she isn't acting particularly poorly. I was thinking that I starve her and keep her isolated until tomorrow and feel her crop again then. I can't get to the vet today but I could make an appointment for tomorrow, but to be honest I don't have much faith in our vet. We've taken chickens before to be PTS, for soft-shells (Calcium injections, Baytril) and for bumblefoot (bathe it twice daily in Epsom baths) but he never seems overly confident in his diagnoses. I've picked up all the windfall in case that is causing an issue. I can pick up some Daktarin Oral gel this afternoon - should I be giving her that? Starving her? Yoghurt? Massaging her crop? Clearing her crop? ACV? Every website/blog seems to have a different method....so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Hello everyone, I've had a small mouse problem and I'd like to remove their food source and start using a treadle feeder. The problem is my ex-commercial girls only eat crumble as they have been debeaked (Allen & Page Layers Crumble). I've read that the Treadle Feeders clog up with anything other than pellets. Does anyone have any experience of this? I've seen a few feeders that open at the top rather than use gravity IYSWIM, but are these safe? I have visions of one of my girls eating from the side and then getting their head crushed when the other hen steps off the treadle! Any advice greatly appreciated!
  12. Oh thank you both, that's reassuring! Getting a cat did cross my mind but we have a greyhound who might not approve! As you say, as long as they're in the garden it's okay. However, some friends of ours were without heating for several weeks this winter when mice chewed through all their heating pipes - had to pull up flooring etc and took weeks to sort out. So although I think the mice are lovely, I am aware of the damage they can do if they get into the house - maybe I will look into getting one of those high-pitched deterrent plugs just in case.
  13. Over the last few months I have regularly seen mice in our Keter storage shed where we keep our chicken paraphenalia (food, corn, dog food etc.). As I am soft-hearted (or stupid!) I haven't really done much about this apart from get better storage containers for the food and occasionally evict the mouse by sweeping out the nest and mess. However, over the last couple of days we have caught our ladies squabbling over dead mice on two separate occasions Eeek!! I have seen mice near the hen house and today I was collecting an egg from the nest box when a mouse darted out! (There was an eaten egg in the box but this is a regular occurrence for my chickens because they are egg-eating delinquents) For context, the girls free range in the garden all day and get put to bed on an evening. I leave the food out all night which is bad I know! What do I need to do to fix this? Will a treadle feeder and a thorough cleaning of the storage shed be enough? (please don't tell me to kill the mice....) Any advice gratefully received 😊
  14. How about the Dust Trilogy by Hugh Howey? I don't really read SF, but I loved them!

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