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  1. Hi Everyone, We have an Eglu rabbit hutch with run and then a tunnel system to a bigger run. Our 3 rabbits love a good dig and we've been happily moving them onto fresh grass and filling in the holes but today, there are 4 large deep holes that they have almost escaped from. The holes now extend beyond the wire of the eglu hutch run, so I've had to add 2 more sheets of emergency wire to stop them getting out tonight but obviously this is now a major concern. The holes are definitely from the rabbits and not any other animal . Has anyone else had this and how did you stop it? Reading online most people seem to agree that a rabbit can squeeze out of things that are between 2.5 and 3 inches large (but many say that smaller holes are still very easily squeezed through) and so the Eglu wire floor isn't secure enough to stop a digging rabbit from escaping. Having spent a lot of money on this, I'm so upset that we may lose our rabbits as the wiring is too generous. All thoughts, welcome!!?
  2. Thank you both for replying. I'm going to go to a shop when lockdown is done and have a look and buy. x
  3. Hi! We are basically feeding the entire neighbourhood of mice and rats and so I'm afraid my Eglu feeders are going to have to be swapped. I've been doing research on automatic treadle feeders, 2 types seem to be the main options. Grandpa's Feeders (or similar - its difficult to judge online if they're high quality from a pic) or Eton feeders with the plastic green ramp. I have 8 hens to feed but don't necessarily want a huge feeder, just one that works well. What would you guys recommend as the best option? If you have an alternative brand that you've actually bought and used that you think is great, please let me know. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi Everyone, We have 3 rabbits who are currently living in an Eglu Go Hutch. We have a run and tunnels on order but now they are using the hutch inside our old chicken run (which also still has the old chicken coop in it). I know rabbits shouldn't get cold and wet so assumed that when the weather set in, they'd snuggle up inside the hutch - but they aren't, they are all lying under the chicken coop and are getting wet and cold. My question is - do I have to lock them away in the hutch on wet days or can I assume they are smart enough to not get wet enough to get sick? All thoughts welcome! Thank you x
  5. Thank you! Never heard of scaly mites, so have been fixated on red mites! Had the vet out and have ordered Ivermectin as he seemed to think that was the most efficient way of dealing with it. Really appreciate the kind words x
  6. Thank you so much!. I've a farm vet coming out tomorrow to give us some Ivermectin amd show me what needs to be done. Realise I've failed my ladies through lack of knowledge and noticing the changes so now hell bent on making it good. Thank you for your help x
  7. Hi All, I put up a photo on a duck forum (I happened to be on it at the time and they also talk chickens) with pictures of 2 of my chickens feet that are bubbled and rough and look awful. I already feel dreadful for not having noticed this ages ago, so please be kind! Its been identified as Scaly Leg Mites. Lots of advice came back including soak in cooking oil, olive oil, vaseline, gasoline, petroleum jelly, Epsom salts, Ivermetim and Permetherin liquid and many many others and I'm now stuck as to which way to go. So I've started at the very easy end of things and bought some Nettex Just for Scaly Legs, which says treat the birds every 3 days. So here are my questions..... Question 1: The Chickens have an Eglu Cube, which I've taken apart and sprayed with anti mite spray and washed thoroughly again (its cleaned fully every week). But that is housed inside a large run with bark on the floor and wooden sleepers to stop foxes - do I have to somehow treat the whole area or just where they sleep? If so what with? Question 2 - I've tried spraying twice and am not entirely convinced it will work as most of the spray goes everywhere and not necessarily coats their foot thoroughly. Plus the moment you put them down they start scratching the earth again and the wet foot then just becomes coated in mud and dust. Any top tips for how to get this under control quickly? What of the many products mentioned up above are actually useful or do I just keep going with the Nettex? Lastly, I have red mite powder down in the coop, is there an alternative I could use that would cover red mites and scaly mites so as to not let my ladies have this problem again? Thanks in advance for all your help. I've gone from no info to too much and the internet is just as confusing!
  8. Hi All, I have an Eglu Cube for the chickens and love it's easy clean. The ducks currently have an old fashioned lovely looking but pig to clean out, wooden house. In your experience which of the Omlet coops, if any, would work best for 6 ducks? As I know most of them are supposedly for Chickens. If not Omlet (sorry Omlet) which other duck houses would you recommend? Thanks all x

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