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  1. Best place to buy wool online?

    I actually shop in that one! I got some wool from there just the other day for a jumper. But the prices are a little eye-watering!
  2. Our first chickens are home!

    And I learned the hard way to remove jewellery. I nearly lost a finger when I wore my rings out while handling them. They peck hard when they're trying to steal something shiny! lol
  3. Best place to buy wool online?

    Thanks guys! I'll go and check that out.
  4. Best place to buy wool online?

    Just a normal round neck sweater. Nothing too fancy. As for the snood, I'm going for a very large oversized one.
  5. Hello, Does anyone buy wool online? Is there a particularly good place to buy it from? All of the knitting stores here in Bristol seem to be closing down and I'm running out of ideas as where to get some. I want to get ahead of the curve this year and knit myself a snood and jumper before it gets cold. Last year I started with the snow, and it was ready by the time it had gotten warm again. lol TTFN
  6. Vegetarian Dripping/Lardy Cake

    Maybe I'll give it a go then. When I make pasties, I use soy mince to replicate the minced beef.
  7. Vegetarian Dripping/Lardy Cake

    I believe that's just the same as something like Trex, so maybe I'll give it a go. I actually use the veggie suet in my mince pies at Christmas.
  8. Hello all, I was wondering: has anyone made a dripping or lardy cake without... well, the dripping or lard? lol I used to love these cakes and I was thinking of making some, but being a veggie now, I remembered that I can't have them with the traditional recipes. Has anyone tried making them with something like Trex? I'm not sure what the best alternative is. I suppose I could use butter and see what happens. Help!

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  10. Chicken flower

    I read the subject too quickly as 'Chicken Flour' and thought "What the hell....?"
  11. Charging for entrance to cathedrals

    They've started doing that in Weston Super Mare too! I would be prepared to pay, but there's nothing so impressive about it that makes me want to. Which is an interesting point about churches/cathedrals too. I personally wouldn't be prepared to pay to visit the cathedral in Bristol, but I'd be prepared to pay some amount of money to go to St. Mary Redcliffe church because it's a lot nicer than the cathedral. So if they start charging everywhere, may the best church win! lol
  12. Charging for entrance to cathedrals

    Hmmm. I'm not sure how I feel about it, to be honest. I'm an atheist, so I can take all religious context out of it. I like going to churches and cathedrals etc. because I like the history and architecture. I sometimes go to the local cathedral (which is free; donation optional) where I give a few pounds; however, if I were religious and I was charged to access the building, I would probably be a little perturbed. As Ursula, I always viewed these buildings as places of sanctuary for everyone, and should be publicly accessible. All that being said: if it's a case of paying entrance money vs. letting the building going to ruin, I probably would be prepared to pay.
  13. Chicken Memorials

    RIP Little Legbar. Unfortunately my partner just went out to check them and he found her snuggled up under her wing but completely gone. It looked like she'd just drifted off in the last hour or so. There was no sign of sickness or injury, so maybe it was just her time to go.
  14. Too young to be broody?

    Oh ok. I thought they didn't tend to go broody until they were older. It's my first experience with one. None of the others have ever gone broody.
  15. Hello, Our Bovans nera hen is continually in the nesting box, sat on all the eggs trying to keep them warm, but she's less than 9 months old. She's been doing it every day for nearly 3 weeks. She doesn't squawk when I take her out or try and peck me or anything like that, she just goes and get some water and food, but if I come out in an hour's time, she's back in there and I usually have to boot her out again in order for her to get the message. Then I shut the door to ensure she can't go back. I'm not too worried about booting her out, but she has lost some weight. Is there an age at which hens are too young to be broody? I'm not quite sure what to do with her because I'm spending a lot of time doing college stuff, so I'm not always around to keep shooing her out. Any ideas?