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  1. Yeah, that's pretty much what caused it, sadly. She was taken to the ICU, but there wasn't much they could do for her. Very sad.
  2. Aren't they questioning the effectiveness of all the jabs against this new variant? Given the virus's obvious ability to mutate so quickly, I'm assuming new vaccines will be developed for the most virulent strains too. Sadly, a girl in my class lost her sister to this variant the other week, although her sister was still living back in India. According to her, the situation out there is even worse than portrayed in the media, so god knows what the reality must be like.
  3. I'd love a hen laying pink eggs! Do you have a picture?
  4. Haha. No offence... no I've never lived up there, just spent a lot of time there. (And I'd move in a heart beat if I had the opportunity!) But I don't have a clue where to get hens out that way, sorry!
  5. Only another 6 weeks to go... but I literally have nothing else I can focus on!
  6. Hey, I'd love to, but I'm really sorry - I'm having a nightmare with getting uni work done, so I'm going to have to drop out!! Sorry!!
  7. Hopefully. The last few times I've introduced new birds, I've plonked them all in together and they flap about and make a fuss, but the new birds have always just stayed outside and put up with it. This time the new lot are literally all hiding in the cube and only coming out when they want food or water.
  8. Well, I'm having an interesting time integrating the new hens: they've formed two distinct cliques. The new group are sitting in the cube, refusing to come out. The old crew are just carrying on about their business and picking on them if they come out... it's like Mean Girls in there.
  9. They have some perches at various heights, but she doesn't seem to favour any of them for some reason. I think she's just cried freedom and decided that she is going to roam freely and no one will stop her.
  10. Oh Lord, she's made another escape attempt. This is going to get frustrating. I clipped her wing after the first attempt too... I don't even know how she's getting up there. Or why!
  11. She's one of the Legbar crosses, so I think that might be part of her motivation. I know a lot of people have said their Legbars are lovely and friendly, but both of our old ones were very flightly and screechy and god be with you if you tried to hold one! I think they were worse than the Leghorns!
  12. I've not had one before... although I'm not sure it's an age thing. Since our 'foxing' the oldest hen is now about 2 maybe. Oh, God... I hope another little hen isn't on her way out. Oh... and we've named the little red one with blacker tail feathers 'Ginger' after her escapee counterpart in Chicken Run. Not sure how, but she got out of the pen and up onto the roof of the run and was about to hop it over to the neighbour's garden when Rich realised. lol
  13. I think whoever laid it must have just phoned it in. lol
  14. Hello all, I had to share because the girls laid the smallest egg I've ever had... it's about the same size a quail's egg! I wonder what caused that... Anyway, that aside, Morehens has struck again and to replace our recent losses, I've picked up some new girls. All hybrids, so I have a couple of blue-eggers, a lovely laced bird, and a partridge leghorn! So cute... they seem so small compared with the other girls now. Bless 'em!

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