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  1. I was going to add: I think it looks find as is. Just tell people it's meant to look aged/shabby-chic if they say anything!
  2. When we have our new enclosure built I'm making sure we have a kick-board. It's hard to tell from those pictures, but they both look a bit like the wire might be a bit flimsy. Ideally, the wire should be something a little bit more heavy duty like these: https://www.ultimate-one.co.uk/galvanised-wire-mesh-weld-mesh-panels-c-89_81 Another point I should probably have made about the patio slabs: if you use them, make sure they overlap with the base of the enclosure slightly. Foxes dig up close to whatever they want to get under, so if they start digging and feel solid stone, they'll give up pretty quickly. If it's just earth, they'll be under it fairly quickly!
  3. Hello! Welcome to the forums. My two pence would be: If budget allows, buy or build a walk in run, as they're a lot easier to clean (and look nicer IMHO). Make sure it has welded mesh, though - foxes can chew right through chicken wire. Personally, I'd keep 3 chickens. If you have 2 and one dies, the other one will be lonely, and introducing another single hen might be problematic for both of them. Make sure they have enough floor space for at least 1 square metre per hen - which it sounds like they will have. If you're going to buy a tarp to use as the cover, invest in a really heavy duty one straight off the bat. You'll save a fortune in the long run and a good gust of wind will rip the cheap ones to shreds!! I'd lay down patio slabs as a base as it'll make it slightly easier to clean too... though I know there are mixed opinions on that! Other than that, I would say it's just a case of mucking in and getting down to it. And post pictures once it's up and running. Andy
  4. He's quite taken with Frizzles and Silkies - but I'm not sure how well they would mix.
  5. I went to a chicken show today, and Rich was quite taken by the Brahma hens because of their 'fluffy feet'. I told him we couldn't have one and when he asked why, I had to show him the size of a full grown hen. He was astonished that hens could get that big. lol
  6. I really like the colour. You'll have to let us know how well this weathers. I might re-do mine in a brighter colour.
  7. Now I think she sounds like a slight patronising busybody! It's you who's got to do the work. She may well hear the egg laying song, but it doesn't last long. Where we live, you can hear more of the seagulls and pigeons and the neighbours' dogs, and the aviary from a few doors down than our hens.
  8. Hello, My take on it is this: Check to see if there are any clauses in the deeds to your house that prevent you keeping them, and check local bylaws; if there aren't any clauses against keeping them, then it's none of her business what pets you do or don't buy. If there are clauses/laws preventing you from keeping them, then she has more of a case. But, to be honest, you'd likely get away with it anyway unless someone does complain. From personal experience: Yes, hens do make a bit of noise when laying and you can sometimes hear them inside the house - but it usually only lasts 5 minutes or so and is no noisier than a dog barking repeatedly. Yes, hens can get a bit smelly if they're not cleaned regularly - and summer heat can make it a little worse, but all you have to do is make sure you're cleaning them. Yes, hens can attract rats - so keep their food in a metal bin, locked in a place rats can't get into. If you do get a rat, buy a humane trap, catch it, drive to the local woodland and release it. It sounds to me like she's one of these busybody people who expects everyone else to revolve around her and, if she's going to complain, she's going to do it regardless. So I'd just get on with it and ignore her. You wouldn't consult her if you bought a dog or other pets. We also give our neighbours spare eggs from time-to-time which makes them happy! Incidentally, does she have any pets? The only time anyone has mentioned ours is that a woman living 2 doors down said she 'thought she could hear them' in a quite pointed tone. I just replied with "Oh, I'm surprised you can hear them with your aviary. I love hearing your little birds twitter away!" She hasn't mentioned it since. You can also hear more of my other neighbour's dog than the hens. If she has a happy dog or other pets which you can hear, I'd just make a mental note of that - should you need to produce a comment yourself. Andy
  9. You can do. Though I think someone had made the point on here before that, even if you have multiple Eglus, they all tend to just crowd into the one regardless.
  10. AndyRoo

    Chicken Memorials

    We're ok. All our original hybrids are coming up to being around about 3 years old (or slightly older), so I was expecting them to start popping off sooner rather than later.
  11. AndyRoo

    Chicken Memorials

    RIP Pepper. She's gone to the big coop in the sky.
  12. AndyRoo

    Serama has laid two eggs today!!

    It could be the softie was blocking the other egg - or vide versa. Has she been walking with her tail feather down? My bluebelle was egg bound once and I had to massage her vent to get her to lay the softie that was causing her problems.
  13. AndyRoo

    Dress code

    Depends on the job. For a shop like J.D. Sports, I'd probably go smart-casual. If I were applying somewhere like House of Fraser or Boots etc., then I'd go in a suit. And always a suit if it's any kind of office job.
  14. AndyRoo

    Soundproofing a room?

    Supposedly it is filled with insulation, although I don't actually remember seeing them do it.
  15. AndyRoo

    Soundproofing a room?

    I could have been wrong... though I was almost 99% certain that I wasn't. It really winds me up when things like this happen. Unfortunately they happen a lot in our house because it's often easier for me just to let Rich march to the beat of his own drum and say 'told you so' afterwards than it is to try and convince him he's off-base in the first place.