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  1. Just FYI, in the UK chickens are classed as livestock. When they die they should also be cremated (under the legislation). As a general rule, even if your deeds prohibit it, I suspect unless you lived next to or near some miserable busybody, I doubt anyone would mind. Unless you're renting, then the owner might.
  2. Our class has hated it. We've asked for a partial rebate because for the semester at the start of the pandemic, there was literally no teaching at all. We had a weekly "Hi, how are you?" check in with the tutor and that was it.
  3. That was a very emphatic response, Lewis! 😂 But thank you. You're right, these last 18 months have been a complete nightmare!!
  4. Thanks all. It still feels a bit surreal at the moment. I'm trying to figure out what my next steps are.
  5. THRILLED is the word. I honestly never ever thought this would be something I did. Because I was bullied so badly at school, I couldn't concentrate. My hair would fall out in clumps, and I was so stressed out that I didn't even take my GCSEs because I was physically and mentally unwell. It took me well over 15 years to recover from the trauma - and I'm not fully recovered now. I'd written it off as a possibility because I never thought I'd be in the right headspace for it again... also, I'm turning 40 this year - so I felt like I was going to be too old, but I've really enjoyed it. I'd like to go on and study criminal psychology, which is a real interest, but that would take another 6 years and cost around £65k - which is money I just don't have!
  6. Sadly, no formal celebration. It's still up in the air as to whether there'll even be a graduation ceremony this year - so we've all joked that maybe we'll have to hire some graduation robes and take photos in the garden with pretend scrolls! Although I am currently celebrating with some wine in the garden.
  7. Cut to: three years later. I've passed and finished! The final scores are out and I will be graduating with a distinction (74% average). So I may not be Stephen Hawking, but I am definitely better than the teachers who called me stupid thought. And to make it taste even sweeter: My first year tutor on this degree told me I could 'probably' get a merit, but a distinction would be 'too much of a stretch'. HA!
  8. Yeah, that's pretty much what caused it, sadly. She was taken to the ICU, but there wasn't much they could do for her. Very sad.
  9. Aren't they questioning the effectiveness of all the jabs against this new variant? Given the virus's obvious ability to mutate so quickly, I'm assuming new vaccines will be developed for the most virulent strains too. Sadly, a girl in my class lost her sister to this variant the other week, although her sister was still living back in India. According to her, the situation out there is even worse than portrayed in the media, so god knows what the reality must be like.
  10. I'd love a hen laying pink eggs! Do you have a picture?
  11. Haha. No offence... no I've never lived up there, just spent a lot of time there. (And I'd move in a heart beat if I had the opportunity!) But I don't have a clue where to get hens out that way, sorry!
  12. Only another 6 weeks to go... but I literally have nothing else I can focus on!
  13. Hey, I'd love to, but I'm really sorry - I'm having a nightmare with getting uni work done, so I'm going to have to drop out!! Sorry!!
  14. Hopefully. The last few times I've introduced new birds, I've plonked them all in together and they flap about and make a fuss, but the new birds have always just stayed outside and put up with it. This time the new lot are literally all hiding in the cube and only coming out when they want food or water.

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