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  1. AndyRoo

    Cuckoo Moran suddenly less alert than other hens

    I've only ever had one egg bound hen and in her case, she walked around with her tail feathers bent down, almost like she was trying to tuck them under herself - and she moved more slowly and she tended to waddle closer to the ground. In her case, I picked her up and inspected her vent, just to double-check nothing was trying to come out or infected, and then I sat her in some warm water for 5 minutes - not hot, just warm. I towelled her off, and then massaged her underside around the vent area for a few minutes quite gently (I could feel the lump of the egg). She then finally produced the egg while I was putting her down. An hour later, she was all perked up and running round like nothing had happened. I gave her some mealworms and that was that. But as DM says above, it can be hard to know. It might not even be that. You could try adding some ACV to their water to help - incase it's something slightly parasitic or she's a little under the weather.
  2. AndyRoo

    DD got hurt on holiday.

    OUCH!! I hope she feels better soon. Sounds like she was lucky given the circumstances!
  3. AndyRoo

    Finally I get duckies!

    Oooh, I didn't even know Muscies could quack! I thought they were like geese and they had a kind of low 'hiss'. Maybe this will improve my chances of getting Rich on side. lol
  4. AndyRoo

    Finally I get duckies!

    I want Muscys because they're really quiet, though I know they can be quite big and messy! Rich wants more typical looking ducks, but they tend to be a bit noisy for the neighbours.
  5. AndyRoo

    Finally I get duckies!

    Are these Muscovies or Runners? They're so cute! Very jealous!
  6. When we get softies I give them a handful of mealworms every other day for a few days (yes, yes, I know...). I also sometimes give them a head of broccoli to pick at which seems to help? Not sure if one of those might work.
  7. I'd literally do what MH says. And, as sad as it is, sometimes these things just happen - and with hens it's not always obvious what caused them to pass away. The two we've lost in the last 6 months have seemingly just decided it was their time to go! I'm not sure what it's like with Silkies and Bantams - but hybrids don't tend to be very long lived. Ours are nearly 3 now and my MiL who also keeps them was quite impressed as a few of hers have only lasted 18 months or so, even though they were seemingly in perfect health.
  8. Our green cube is nothing like it used to be - particularly not with the long, hot, sunny summers we have had for the last few years. Plastic does tend to lose colour in the sun. You can restore them or get them wrapped, but results have been known to vary. There's this thread which has had quite a good result - but I have read posts online where things have ended in tears.
  9. Are there any more updates with the final results?
  10. AndyRoo

    Opening and Unpaid Case with E Bay

    There's always a reason! 🙄
  11. AndyRoo

    Opening and Unpaid Case with E Bay

    Oh no. Not good. I think I must just have been lucky with my experiences so far. Sounds like that one might be a bit of a lost cause.
  12. AndyRoo

    Opening and Unpaid Case with E Bay

    I've been lucky I've never had to open a case with a buyer, but I did have someone leave it almost the full 48 hours before. A resend of the invoice prompted a payment within the hour.
  13. AndyRoo

    Opening and Unpaid Case with E Bay

    If I remember correctly, a buyer has up to 48 hours to pay before you can open an Unpaid Item case with eBay. You could try emailing him an invoice, that might give him a nudge?
  14. If he'd come round to my house and acted like that, he'd have been granted exactly two word from my mouth and the second one would be 'off!'. He sounds like a bit of a bully, and I don't have time for bullies. My general experience of people like that, however, is that as soon as you stand up to them, they tend to back down. So hopefully a dressing down from a clothed officer in his own home might quell his behaviour.
  15. AndyRoo


    @Lewis, our resident vet, might be able to help. In the interim, you could try using some anti-peck spray and violet spray to cover the skin just so the hens aren't tempted to peck at her now the patch is already bare.