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  1. Oh no! I've used a primer and paint on some old plastic pots and it worked quite well for me. Though, like you, I would just leave it as is. Maybe get some decals.
  2. If you get the right primer and paint, you can paint on polypropylene (as Beantree mentioned), but it requires a bit of prep first. You can buy it as a spray paint, but if you do it - I would only do the outside.
  3. AndyRoo

    Meet Lilo

    All I have are the cats, the chickens, and the fish. It's not like I've asked for an aviary, pygmy goats, a puppy, tree frogs, a tortoise, and some mice or anything... *nervous laugh*
  4. AndyRoo

    Meet Lilo

    She's lovely!! I'd love to be able to adopt a dog, but Rich (partner) won't let me!!
  5. AndyRoo

    Soundproofing a room?

    I think I'm going to put a rug in there with a soundproofing sheet under it, and a big fern in a pot. We'll have blinds in there eventually. I could probably hang a picture on a wall somewhere too.
  6. AndyRoo

    Soundproofing a room?

    It's already been tiled. It's just very echoey. I've told the partner I think they're just going to have to tear the whole thing down and rebuild it with brick or something.
  7. AndyRoo

    Soundproofing a room?

    Hello all, Has anyone got any ideas as to what I might be able to add into a room to help soundproof it or reduce echo? We've had a new downstairs toilet built and I don't think the builders soundproofed it properly as you can hear everything. Before having them tear it all down and replace the entire room with new stuff, can anyone think of anything that I can do to help dampen there noise? Errrgh... I'm sick of all this building stuff.
  8. AndyRoo

    Why won't they sleep in the Eglu?

    When you put them in the Eglu, did you close the door behind them? Usually it's wise to just leave them in there for an hour or so with the door closed so they come to understand that is where they're meant to be sleeping. You might have to repeat it a few times. That being said, I did have one hen before she passed who flatly refused to sleep in the cube with the others and always slept on the perch outside.
  9. AndyRoo

    Notre Dame

    Maybe they'll replace them with something less combustable? While it looked beautiful, all the ancient wood obviously would have acted like kindling! Although I suppose they can probably treat wood far more effectively these days for fire retardation. Oh, what a shame. At least no one appears to have been killed or injured badly.
  10. AndyRoo

    Notre Dame

    I just read that a lot of millionaires have pledged their support to help the rebuild too which is nice to see! Hopefully the builders will be able to source some of the materials as they would have been way back when.
  11. AndyRoo

    Notre Dame

    I loved Notre Dame just for the history. Apparently they've managed to save most of the art/artefacts etc., and the fire is under control and the building can be salvaged!
  12. We have no Rooster, so if they managed to raise chicks, I'd start wondering why Chicken-God chose my hen for the second coming.
  13. We've never had a broody hen, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  14. AndyRoo

    Recommendations for France?

    It shouldn't be too bad. Even if we go by cab in traffic it's only taken us 30 minutes before. On the way back we have nearly 2 hours, so I'm happier with that.