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  1. I love the pretty patterns on their feathers!
  2. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    He looks to me a bit like a European Tree Frog, but they usually have dark lines which run from their eyes down their sides.
  3. AndyRoo


    I looked at Chen's Discus for some, which are lovely. I don't have anymore space for them right now though. Getting a Marine tank set-up properly can be quite costly. I have a 5ft tank, a sump, fancy lighting, fancy pumps, the RO unit, and a decent skimmer, and I think with the rock and sand included, it's probably cost me about £1,800 - before the fish! But you can do it cheaper if you want. You can also do it a lot more expensive: I know someone with a room divider tank which I believe cost about £5,000 in itself - and then he has some fish which cost £1,500 a piece!! I'd want to know they were immortal for that much money. lol If you have a fish only tank like mine, then once everything is set-up, it's not really any harder to look after than any other kind of tank. The only complication is that you have to mix up sal*****er when you do a water change... but that's about it.
  4. AndyRoo


    Mollies and Platties? You'll have a million fry in a few months. lol I found the the issue with Mollies was trying to get them *not* to spawn! Are they tank bred, do you know? I'd LOVE these. I have an RO unit for my sal*****er set-up, so I could always use the water from that.
  5. AndyRoo


    I'd *love* a Discus tank, but aren't they legendarily difficult to keep? I'm now watching them all night too 🤣
  6. AndyRoo


    So, I finally got my fish tank up and running again! Yay!
  7. While I do find that funny, I've learned not to mock children ever since the niece and nephew have started Zoom calling us to help with their homework. They had a chemistry question the other day and the two of us ended up having to Google the answer and confer before responding. They're 10 and 7 respectively, and I feel positively stupid compared with them. 😂
  8. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    They're called Hoppy, Skoppy, and Jumpy. But I have no idea who's who!
  9. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    They're obviously feeling quite photogenic lately...
  10. SQUUUUUEEEEEE!!! They're really cute. Are they bantams? Or just small breeds?
  11. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    Finally managed to get a picture of one of them.
  12. I was quite surprised myself! I wondered how much the government must have spent on it, but apparently they had clubbed together and bought all these sweets themselves. God only knows what it must have cost them! Like I said: I think every frontline NHS worker deserves a medal.
  13. Well, I had my first shot about 5 hours ago! Hoorah! I keep waiting for the side-effects to kick in, but so far I've been fine. Now it's just a 10 week wait until the next one. I even got a packet of free sweets from the nurse, bless them. They were working flat out. Apparently they're doing about 300 a day at the moment... I don't envy them, but I do admire them! I think every single frontline worker should be given a medal once this is all over.
  14. Not on this list, but I'd love to get a black orpington!
  15. Well, I didn't think my vaccine would come so quickly, but it seems that being classed as a key worker has paid off! I'm having my first vaccine on Wednesday!!

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