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  1. How many hens?

    Hello, Welcome to the forums! Are you living in the UK? If so, check the deeds to your house and local bylaws set by your local council or parish. Sometimes there might be something in there that stipulates you can't... but to be honest, if you went ahead and did it, I sincerely doubt anyone would know or care. Not unless you have some really picky neighbours or something. To the best of my knowledge the only law in the UK is that you have to register with DEFRA if you have more than 50 - but that's clearly not the case. If it makes you feel better: we have 9 in our garden because that's how many my coop and outdoor space will accommodate safely. If I had a bigger coop and more room, I'd have more birds too! Andy
  2. Started a fish tank!

    HAHAHA! I had no idea it had even done that... I literally just typed salt water - but as one word. Oh... just figured it out. Take the last letter of the first word, and the first three letters of the last word. I think the admin may need to add that to a list of exceptions. LOL OMG - that's hilarious!! I literally just spat my tea out. I'm crying!!
  3. Started a fish tank!

    Yeah, that's why I like them so much. I've had them ever since I was a kid, and I've always enjoyed watching them. Once our new extension is built, I am putting a 5ft sal*****er tank in. I've also discussed it with my partner and once I have the money to afford the setup, I am going to try and start breeding some rarer species (which can still be tank bred) as their populations are being hugely depleted. I'm thinking of it as being fun - but also a conservation effort as the more people who breed them for the hobby, the less that get taken out of captivity!
  4. Pesky Foxes

    We have a bird table in the centre of our garden, and every now and then I come out to find a few feathers littered around the place. It's either a fox or a cat that's getting them... I'm wondering whether it's more humane just to not feed the birds. I feel like the angel of death when I come out and find the feathers!!
  5. The Handmaids Tale

    Is anyone watching this series? I'm nearly at the end of series 2, but I am absolutely gripped. I'm finding it slightly unnerving how much it is almost reflecting real life right now in terms of atmosphere - although the book is probably more reflective than the show! I hope they do another series because I am waiting for something to snap!!
  6. Unfriending on Facebook

    My MiL unfriended me pretty quickly when I told her that I viewed her paper of choice (The Daily Fail... sorry, Mail) as a far-right terrorist organisation after she tried to defend a really homophobic article to my partner and I. When people have strong views or opinions on something, it happens. I just shrug it off and think of it as being a bit childish. I've had it happen a few times. For me it's like water off a duck's back. I'm seeing the MiL again next weekend, so if she chooses to bring it up, she can; I'll just leave it to rest. There isn't time in my life for childish people - particularly when they're old enough to know better. I'd just rise above it if I were you - let them sort it out.
  7. If you're happy to have your girls free roaming for a while, I'd recommend breaking it in to segments, moving it piece by piece, and then reassembling it. That's what we did when we moved ours as moving it in one go was a nightmare. Oh, and I'll say this: cable ties are your friend! Buy a bag of them now. lol
  8. AndyRoo

    It's okay. I own a mirror. I've seen how I look. *sobs hysterically into a pillow*
  9. Beginner's luck!

    YAY that you got hens! And luck with the eggs too! In answer to the questions (only what I do personally, others will do differently or have their own opinions): 1. I leave the Eagle door open overnight so they don't get too warm. If they want to go and get a drink, they can do (although I've never once seen any of them in the run once they put themselves to bed). You could put a small dish of water in for them if you want, but I suspect it'll probably just get upturned by one of your hens, leaving a watery mess for you to mop up in the morning. 2. I wormed mine a month after they came home just so I knew for sure they had been wormed, and then I have done it every 6 months since then. A lot of people were surprised that I bothered worming them that soon and said they would have waited until the hens were about 6 months old, so... 3. I give my hens ACV once a month for a few days and that's it. I honestly couldn't say whether or not it is of any benefit at all, as I notice no change in them afterwards - I just do it because someone recommended it. No idea if that has been any help at all, but that's my two pence anyway!
  10. Started a fish tank!

    Oh, that just depresses me. I love animals so I always feel like you either take care of them or don't have them.
  11. I totally think we should do an Omlet speed-changing challenge.
  12. Started a fish tank!

    Thank you! Thanks. I've never had a cold water marine tank; however, once our new extension is built, I am going to start a marine tank again (I used to have one before we moved house). You can't really see all the fish in there at the moment, but I have some: Cardinal tetras, German blue rams, Golden rams, and some Sterbai Corydoras.
  13. AndyRoo

    I hope you're not referring to me!! lol It's one of the Gromits from Gromit Unleashed 2. Richard (my partner) and I are working our way through seeing all of them; there's 67 in total, and we're unto about 15. GU2 is on until the first week of September, so we're working our way through as many as we can in a weekend. It's part of the Grand Appeal, raising money for Bristol Children's Hospital: https://www.grandappeal.org.uk All the Gromits, Wallaces, and Feathers McGraws are all themed differently and are scattered all over the city. It's great fun - especially with the weather as it is.
  14. Started a fish tank!

    So after not having one for years, I finally persuaded Rich to let me set-up a new tank! YAY! Sorry about the crummy picture, I had to take it with my phone!
  15. I've killed my kefir!

    What's a Kefir? I read the subject title and thought I should be phoning the police to report a crime... lol