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  1. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    Yeah... they're such pretty animals! They don't do a whole lot in the day, because they're nocturnal, but they're relatively easy to keep. I'd like to get some dart frogs too, but I am animal obsessed. I'd have every single pet I could if I had my way. My other half does not like it. lol
  2. Hello all, I've bought myself some pet red-eyed tree frogs which will arrive in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if anyone else has ever kept them as pets? I wanted to know if you used a fogger or a misting system to keep them happy and humid? Any recommendations? TTFN, Andy
  3. I have 9 hens in the Cube, but I wouldn't keep any more in there. As for outdoor space, they have about 2 square metres each in WiR and double that in the open-air 'paddock'.
  4. When I make my veggie sausages, I tend to use a mix of soy mince, herbs and spices, some finely chopped onion, some breadcrumbs, and water as a binder. They come out pretty nice. The trick seems to be making them nice and moist, otherwise they dry out during cooking which can be really unpleasant to try and chew on. I also sometimes use vegetarian 'bacon' to give them a bit of extra flavour.
  5. The one I use is the Link 2, but just be aware that the suction cups aren't that great at staying stuck to your counter - or mine doesn't anyhow. I sometimes find myself doing a balancing act.
  6. I make sausages using the veggie casings. Just a word of advice: they tend to split open if they are too full. I also found it beneficial to twist the casings into sausages as you work, as opposed to trying to do it at the end. The casings don't have much give in them, so if you do it at the end, they tend to split!
  7. It certainly seems to have gotten worse since the pandemic, but if the last 4 years have affirmed anything for me it's that there are a lot of self-centred, self-serving people who only care about themselves and have very little regard as to how their actions will affect anyone else. It's depressing really. Watching these near daily videos of grown adults having a full hissy-fit because they have to wear a mask so as to try and save their own lives and others... I'm afraid I've gotten to the point where all I can do is roll my eyes and write them off as not worth bothering with. You can't use facts or science or the truth to argue with them; it's exhausting and they're happy to believe the barefaced lies they get told anyway. Let them! Protect yourself and carry on is all you can really do. My other half was very flat with someone in the supermarket the other day who kept getting closer and closer and ignoring social distancing in the queue; he turned around and asked her politely to step back, she refused, so he moved to the other end of the trolley and then shoved it back into her which forced her to shuffle back and created a physical barrier between us and her. The bewildered look on her face made me smile as it was the same look the MiL gets when she can't get her own way. Unfortunately she's one of those very entitled people too. It made me and the other shoppers and the guy on the checkouts smile, though.
  8. Oooh, that's an attractive flock! You're going to love them.
  9. I use play sand. Or you can just use a loamy soil... which is effectively just a sandy soil.
  10. Hello, There could be a few reasons for it: Are they new hens that aren't used to sleeping in that coop? Sometimes new hens 'forget' where they're meant to be sleeping and you might have to shut them in for a few nights so they remember where the bedroom is. Are they showing any other signs of illness or distress? It might be worth checking their coop for mites or lice? Is the coop overcrowded? It might also just be a preference: we had a hen who refused to sleep in the coop unless it was raining, and she'd always sleep out on the roosting bars in the run instead. Even if we shut her in to show her where the bedroom was. Just some initial thoughts. Andy
  11. The woodchip we use comes in about 2-inch (ish) lumps if that helps. They have no problem with it.
  12. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd say this, but I'm really missing being at uni just so I am around other people. And it was our thing that every Saturday we would go to one of our favourite cafes for lunch, and on Sunday go for lunch out to a pub - or for a trip etc. It's really just about interacting with other people, to be honest. One thing I have noticed is that I am developing some weird form of agoraphobia or something. We drove to a farm shop the other day which was perhaps 5 miles from home as the crow flies and I genuinely started feeling panicked about being out in the open and that far away from home! I started wondering if it was possible to give yourself Stockholm Syndrome. lol
  13. If you're looking for lovely little friendly hens that are good layers, you can't go wrong with the little brown hens IMHO. They go by various different names, though round here they all seem to be sold as a 'something' Ranger or Goldlines. If you want a mixed flock, you could try something like: 1 of each: Ranger, Light Sussex, Coucou Maran, and maybe an Orpington? Those are all quite friendly, and black Orpingtons look really pretty, again IMHO.

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