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  1. Thanks all. I'm going to put it into a different pot and try and move it to a sunnier windowsill.
  2. The soil is a little damp, but doesn't seem sodden. It's not in a particularly bright area, so maybe I'll move it to a windowsill that gets more light.
  3. Hello all, This is a query for the green-fingered people of this forum. I got given this aloe plant and it's all droopy. I admit that I'm not exactly a botany expert, but aren't the stems meant to be rigid and go straight up? Is there anything I can do to help it? Or is it beyond saving? Thanks, Andy
  4. Don't worry: you have better odds of winning the lottery than getting me anywhere near a snake. *shiver*
  5. Well, that depends. What music will you be playing? Will it be the same volume as the birds, or will you be petty and crank the speaker up to Glastonbury type levels to make a point? I've no problem at all with people playing music in their garden while enjoying THEIR space; I often play music in my own garden. And that is my final word on it. 🚮
  6. I agree with Patricia: get some tarps. If I were you, I'd use cable-ties as opposed to the bungee cords which don't seem to last much time at all, and spend the money on some good, heavy duty tarps or you'll be replacing them after each high wind!
  7. Oh, poo! I forgot. I'll put a rattlesnake in the box, so there'll be shock, if not surprise!! 🤣
  8. Then it sounds like the odds are probably in your favour! lol I'm just been thinking about this. I may make a couple of different soaps: one that is chocolate orange scented, and another that is Christmas spice scented, so I guess it might end up smelling a little like mince pies.
  9. I don't hate my neighbours with aviaries, so that clearly doesn't stand true. Maybe I'm just not as fussy as you are. And I can literally hear the neighbour's dog yapping through the walls right now, and I am fine with it. Dogs yap; birds tweet. And I have a great relationship with my neighbours because we're not all leaning over each others' fences telling each other what to do. 🤷‍♂️ Has it even occurred to you that - maybe - just maybe - you're a little bit fussy and like to have everything your way?
  10. Two of my neighbours have aviaries. On either side of me. It isn't fair on birds to keep them indoors in cramped little cages, which is why aviaries are better. If you don't like the noise, move. It isn't up to you to dictate what pets your neighbours can and can't have. And what you're suggesting sounds like criminal damage and harassment to me, if I were your neighbour reading this, I'd likely ask the police to investigate you after reading that. As I already stated: neighbours do have aviaries, and loud children, and dogs barking, and I have the noise from the main road, and the birds in the trees and a million other constant noises. I just recognise that I can't expect everyone to only have pets that I deem suitable for them. The way that, if you had a very yappy dog, I wouldn't lean over the fence and say that you have to keep the dog inside and silent at all times because it's irritating me... I'm not even sure that you have the best neighbours in the world; it sounds to me like you just live next to reasonable people. Which most of us do!
  11. I'm assuming you can't live anywhere near the woods or a lot of trees? Everyone down my street, including myself, has lots of trees in their gardens, so bird song is constant even though we're in the city. That's just what birds do! I'd say if it is bothering you that much, wear earplugs or move! It's not really fair for you to dictate what your neighbours can and can't do on their own property providing it isn't causing you any harm. If they played booming music all day and night, I could understand the complaint - but complaining about birds being birds just comes across as petty IMHO. As CT said: if you don't want the irritation of neighbours, you have to move somewhere that you don't have them! 🤷‍♂️
  12. I don't envy you there, CT! As you say, that would drive me nuts!! I'd definitely take kids screaming and birds twittering away over that. I'd even welcome a rooster and a family of peacocks! lol
  13. I appreciate noise frustrates some people, but the way I see it is that it would be quite antisocial of me to expect all of my neighbours to adapt their lives to what I was comfortable with; I feel like that's quite an entitled position to take. The neighbour's dog yaps away a lot and I hear it and it's distracting, but I get on with it. The other neighbour's kids are screaming a lot, and it's distracting and irritating, but I get on with it. And 3 doors down, I can hear their aviary birds all the time and sometimes it's distracting and annoying, but I get on with it. Sometimes you just have to put up with the irritation of others. It's not my place to wander down the street systemically saying to everyone "Can you shut your kids up?" "Can you shut the dogs up?" "Can you shut the birds up?" because I don't like it - to me that's just another form of antisocial behaviour from an opposing perspective. The main reason I have told my neighbours to metaphorically "Shoo!" when they asked about my hens is because my hens are basically silent all day, save for when they lay an egg. My neighbours' dogs, kids, and aviary, however, is constant. If I had a cockerel or peacock screaming its head off at all hours of the day, I'd have more empathy for their position, and would consider getting rid of it. But I don't, and so I have to tolerate some of their noise, and they have to tolerate some of mine. But that's my 2 pence.
  14. It's a maybe. I'll have to see what I can come up with - but the thing that's probably easiest for me to do is soap. I'd offer to knit a scarf or something, but I'm not sure I'm going to have time because I knit so slowly! lol
  15. I have asthma and a chronic kidney problem, so I have been advised I am high risk. Not sure why the kidney makes me high risk, although I asked my sister (she's a nurse) and supposedly it can have an affect on your other organs(?) so I guess that is why. 3 of my classmates have had it, and my maternal grandmother died from it a few months back. I wish people would take it a little more seriously - even if the majority aren't going to be affected. If people keep acting as they are, it's going to drag on forever - or at least until there's a vaccine. I hope some good comes out of it and the next time an illness with pandemic potential comes up, there won't be any messing around or debate, it'll just be locked down until it is contaminated and gotten rid of! At least in so far as is possible.

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