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  1. Hello all. Anyone know where the best place to buy Ivermectin from is now that Chicken Vet no longer seem to do it? Was their stuff just the same as what they have on Amazon? Cheers
  2. Maybe I'll just keep the bushes where they are and trim them back if they start poking through the bars.
  3. Hello all, I got home today to discover my well intentioned partner has planted some azalea bushes around the hen's paddock. How worried should I be? Should I just move them? I know azaleas can be very toxic if eaten and, in the base of bees, can even make the honey toxic for consumption too - which makes me think the eggs wouldn't be great to eat were the hens to eat the azaleas. Anyone else been in this situation? Do I move the shrubs? Cheers, Andy
  4. I've been scooping her out and forcing her to be with the other hens, which she seems happy enough to do - but as soon as I open the door to the coop, she runs on in. She's not even sat on an egg half the time, she just sits in the nesting box fluffed up.
  5. The chopsy cow came out today and did a few little spins for me again, and then sauntered off looking pleased with herself. I reckon she's on the wind up.
  6. Okay, now I think she might just be trying to wind me up as today she has been completely fine and has been doing all her normal chicken things. *Shakes fists at sky*
  7. FTLOG, I have another one I am concerned about now. Today I noticed my little Legbar has started spinning in circles. She can certainly run in a straight line merrily without any problems, but when I went out earlier, she just spent five minutes walking around in tight circles and squawking her head off. When I went back in I noticed that she seemed to start walking normally again. But then when I went back out, she started doing it again. I don't know if she's doing it as a wind-up, but has anyone experienced their hens doing this? I thought about Newcastle Disease, but she has no other symptoms of this - and the same with Marek's. To the best of my knowledge, the breeder vaccinates against Marek's - although I'm not sure about Newcastle. Maybe I just need to take her to the vet and get it checked out. I swear to God these hens will be the death of me soon. I've never had problems for years and now they're all going loopy at once!!
  8. No, no. She's in great condition - just shivering as if she was cold. She made no attempt to peck me like previous broody hens have, she just clucked a little bit as if she were disgruntled and then left it at that.
  9. Hello all, I'm trying to decide if one of my hens has a very nervous disposition or if I have another poorly girl! I have a little Orpington who is probably coming up to the 18 - 20 month mark, but I noticed she's spent the last week or so spending time in the hutch a bit more. Today when they were allowed out, the others rushed outside merrily for treats and space, but she spent the day in the nesting box. As she's probably only coming into lay for the first time, I wondered if she might be trying to figure out what to do, however, I checked on her a few times and no result. I then wondered if she might be broody and, sure enough, she was nesting on a bunch of eggs. I picked her up and placed her in the run with the others, but I noticed the entire time I was holding her, she was really ruffled up and I could feel her trembling. When I put her in the run, I watched her for 10 minutes and noticed she was shaky for a good 5 minutes before she seemed to stop. I don't mean in the sense that she was unbalanced, it was like watching a person shake with anxiety. Any ideas? I've never seen one of my ladies do that before. It didn't look like she was being picked on or anything like that. When I opened the door to the pen again, she immediately returned to the nesting box and stayed there after another girl laid an egg. Maybe she is just broody. Cheers, Andy
  10. They're all fine so far. Feather pecking has been constant for the last few months, I guess because they're going insane! They've never attacked a bird like this before - even when bleeding. I feel so bad for the poor girl. I've bought them some outdoor 'gym' bits, and will be moving one of the fruit trees into the centre of their paddock, so hopefully that will all give them some kind of distraction, save for each other too. I forget how mean hens can be with each other!!
  11. My understanding is that quite a few number of concerns and complaints were raised about the extended nature of the ban. Maybe that influenced it.
  12. Unfortunately, with work, I couldn't get to her in time and those b*****s had torn the poor girl apart by the time I got home, so I had to take her to the vet to be euthanised this evening. And the poor girl only had to make it to next Monday and then they'd have all been allowed back out and could have had other things to take out their frustrations on than each other!!
  13. Unfortunately, we have literally nowhere to separate the other hen too because I don't have a spare run / hutch. What a mess.
  14. Hi all, Today when I was doing the bi-annual Ivermectin treatment and the usual delousing dusting etc., I noticed that one of my girls had been picked clean by the other girls and she had a very red, very bloody bum with an open wound!! I cleaned her up and disinfected her and tried dabbing her dry - but noticed after an hour she was bleeding again. It looks like some of her skin was slightly torn. I'm a bit worried about fly strike too as a consequence. Is there anything I can do to help her? Is there an astringent or something I could use to stop the bleeding? I think the problem is that they've been cooped up inside for so long that they're starting to get frustrated and are plucking out their own feathers and each others!! I've a feeling it's getting to the point where this has gone on for so long, the ban is affecting their health too. Also, when trying to catch the girls, my little legbar somehow managed to rip one of her nails in half. It was bleeding very badly, and I can see the nerve/quick is completely exposed. I brought her in, washed her thoroughly, disinfected the wound - and then I found a mouse-sized plaster which I used to dress it. And I'll keep an eye on it and change it again tomorrow if it's still bleeding. She looked a bit like she was limping a little afterwards - although went back to normal walking any hour or so later. Is there anything I can do for her? I feel absolutely terrible because I imagine both of them must be in quite a bit of pain!! Cheers, Andy
  15. Ah, good idea. I guess I'd have to do each hen in turn to establish it - but I'll definitely give it a shot.

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