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  1. Christmas Markets - Anyone Going to One?

    The Bath Christmas markets are excellent, but on a busy day they can be absolutely heaving - especially if you leave it closer to Christmas! I know a lot of people make a day or weekend of it, and do other things in the city too. Bristol has lots of smaller indie markets, but you don't need long to look round them usually. If you do ever get the chance to go abroad, I highly recommend the markets in Köln (Cologne) and Rüdesheim am Rhein, both are great - although the markets in Rüdesheim are a bit more 'romantic' in feel as they're set in the alleyways and squares of the little town, but there are loads and loads of stalls. A lot of it is food and drink, but you can find little dits and pieces for stocking fillers and presents, as sellers come from all over the world to be there! You can also take the cable cars up to the monument which has some great views, and there are also some really nice pubs to eat and drink in. You can also take a tour of the Asbach Brandy factory.
  2. New to hens- what breed?

    Welcome to the forums! If you want to have some good layers, go for hybrids! The best laying hen I've had is a white Leghorn - but, sadly, she is quite skittish (which they tend to be), although the Partridge Leghorns are supposedly easier to tame. After that, it's probably my little brown hens. They're very friendly and get a decent amount of eggs from them. Something like a Rhode Island Red. My Coucou Maran is very friendly, and so is my Bovans Nera. They don't lay as many as the little brown hens, though. The only hen I wouldn't recommend based on my own personal experience is a Bluebelle. My hen has always laid softies and she's never been a great layer either. Hope that helps, Andy
  3. Yeah, this is where it comes from; although when I was researching, it seemed to be a number that was thrown around a lot. I'd say it was a bare minimum, though.
  4. It's more about the size of the outdoor space than the cube itself. I'd say minimum of 1 square meter per hen, which is what I think you have based on MH says above, so I wouldn't add more. Some of my friends have been getting hens having seen ours and I've actually been recommending 2 square meters per bird... which I recognise is a bit hypocritical as I have less than that in my WiR. But, unless it's raining, they also have the large fenced in area too.
  5. New kitchen

    Oh, our builders know where I stand on attention to detail: I was able to visually identify several sizing issues; 1) that the height of the ceiling was too low by about a half foot, 2) (the one that really impressed them) that the height they had built the flooring level up to was out by a centimetre. One of them actually asked "How the hell could you tell that was out just by looking?" lol I made them re-do both things, and I'm about to have them remove all the ceiling plasterboard again because they had bits of wiring in the wrong place which meant I couldn't have a few lights where I wanted them - so they're going to have it rewired. lol
  6. New kitchen

    We're getting a white counter with sparkly bits too!! They can stain, but they're pretty hardy overall. The worst things to go on them are acidic things - but even then, if you wipe things up quick enough, you'll be fine.
  7. I have the original MK1 and that fit 9 medium sized hens (now down to 8 hens) without any squabbling or difficulty, but I also had 12 squared meters of run space for them - plus another 40 or so square meters of outdoor space with an electric fence around it. The important thing is making sure you have the outdoor space for them. Ideally you should allow 1 square meter per hen, preferably more if you can. So you can get a cube which can hold 8 hens, but if you only have run space for 3 hens, then you should only get 3 hens. From what you've posted about them having a lot of space to free range, I wonder if the feather pecking is the real issue and that is the habit that needs to be broken. I'm not sure moving them to a bigger house alone is going to do much if they still show that kind of behaviour - especially if you want to add more birds. That's just my thought on it anyway.
  8. New kitchen

    It's a yes and no answer. They are better with heat than laminate - and sometimes wood, BUT the resin in them can burn if you put something really hot on them like a pan straight off the stove. They don't split and crack like granite might under heat, but they can discolour and scorch! Google 'quartz countertop burns' and do some research if you're thinking of getting them.
  9. New kitchen

    It's not so much the clean freak in me - although that is a large part of it - but, currently, we have wooden counters and Rich will cut things directly on them even though we have chopping boards! It drives me absolutely insane!! When I complain about it damaging the counters his response is "I don't damage them!", at which point my eye starts twitching because I can literally see the cuts in the wood!! Rich is a lot messier than I am in every aspect. I could happily live in a minimalist environment, unfortunately living with him is like sharing a house with 4 students at once. After 15 years of it, I've sort of made my peace with it. I just keep telling myself that if we ever adopt a kid, at least I'll be able to explain the mess off as to do with children as opposed to one grown man!! lol
  10. New kitchen

    Rich knows that I will pull his toes off and feed them to him if he spills! lol
  11. New kitchen

    We looked at Howdens, but we just didn't find anything we liked - although I think Howdens were probably slightly cheaper overall. Looked in Magnet too, but we thought they were slightly overpriced! I thought I wasn't going to get my countertops, but with some offer they had on they were actually a lot less than we thought they were going to be! Phew! Plus I had been begging Rich for about the last 8 years to get a kitchen with quartz counters - so I finally got my own way! lol He's now banned from cutting anything on the counters, putting anything hot down without a matt, and he's not allowed to use anything that might stain, either. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  12. New kitchen

    We've just gone with Wren. Pretty competitive pricing, especially given we're having quartz countertops. They're doing our pantry/utility area for us too. And they're pretty easy to customise. We're having dark blue cupboards at the bottoms, white quartz counters, and then some cupboards at the top. A new range oven, a dishwasher, a second wall oven/microwave, and a new 'American' style fridge-freezer. You can go in and get one designed and you even get these cool 3D renderings and they can show it to you on VR. We got a lot of money off on discounts and interest free repayments etc. The kitchen is costing us £12k - but £3k of that is quartz countertops, and the another £2k is on a new oven, fridge-freezer, and dishwasher - so depending on what you want, it can be a lot cheaper. We've also gone with a slightly more expensive design. Oh, and the kitchen is 5m long with an island too, which also adds to the cost. The pantry is another £7k on top, but that's because the cupboards have some hidden draw systems - oh, and because Rich decided he wanted an £800 wine cooler out there too! Here's the design of our kitchen: https://panorama.wrenkitchens.com/?image=aHR0cHM6Ly9pbWFnZS53cmVua2l0Y2hlbnMuY29tL3Bhbm9yYW1hLzEwMTg1NC5qcGc/cz05M2ZmY2E0ODI2NjYxOTJiMmNjNzI4ZDg1YTljZWMwZA== And the utility/pantry area: https://panorama.wrenkitchens.com/?image=aHR0cHM6Ly9pbWFnZS53cmVua2l0Y2hlbnMuY29tL3Bhbm9yYW1hLzMxODE1MC5qcGc/cz05YWEyNGE1YjQ1ZTZiOTkzZmEyNWM0NmYwMDgzMGNkMw== You'll have to forgive the fact that the images distort slightly and you need to zoom out... it can give you a bit of vertigo. lol
  13. Doctor Who

    I'll have a look, but courtesy of uni, renovating the house, and my volunteer work, I seem to be flat out these days! I forget the last time I even managed to read a book, let alone do any crafts.
  14. Doctor Who

    I was killing myself with the Banksy bits! Graham: You can't do that! You're not Banksy! Doctor: Or am I? Doctor: See? Banksy doesn't have a pen that can do that... or do I? I don't know what the Christmas swap is. Maybe I will look into it.
  15. Doctor Who

    If you haven't been watching, I highly recommend you watch tonight's episode: it was absolutely brilliant!