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  1. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    I want to get some dart frogs too... but I think I've been banned from buying anymore pets. Well, there's no frog pics yet - but I have completely re-done their tank to make it much more naturalistic. I made vines and all. And I also made it bioactive (which means it is self-sustaining and I don't have to clean anything save for wiping down the glass). I think it looks pretty good!
  2. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    They can be quite fragile, that's for sure. I'm not sure I'd have likened them to Gollum, but I see where you're going. I'm actually going to be completely redecorating the tank soon so it has a natural background and better plants and vines and all sorts, so I'll post some more pictures once that is done.
  3. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    Haha. Rich does quite like them, although he's a bigger fan of blue poisoned dart frogs (which aren't poisonous at all in captivity). Which I admit do look lovely, especially when kept in larger groups. We're not getting any though! You can handle them... although it's advised you don't. First because you don't know if they're just suddenly going to leap and break their fragile bones and, also, they have very sensitive skin, and you can also transfer chemicals that can harm them which they absorb through their skin - from soap if you've recently washed your hands etc. If you do hold them, it's advised to use smooth gloves and dampen them slightly. To be honest, I just avoid it altogether.
  4. AndyRoo

    Pet Frogs

    Looooooong time since I posted this originally, but the froggos are no longer the size of a thumbnail and are now all about 2" long. I haven't taken many pictures, but I saw one of them was out and about tonight so I snapped a pick of him.
  5. Was this from her In The Land of the Northern Lights documentary? Joanna is very friendly, if you tweet her, you might even get a response!
  6. This is 100% what I was expecting. Although I admit I am angry about this one in particular, because I feel if they had just dragged out the first one a little longer - as maddening as it was - we might not have need the tiers and the constant confusion in the middle. My main hope now is that, because I am considered a key worker, I will be given the vaccine within the next month. Although if that happens, I will raise both my eyebrows!
  7. So cute! Hopefully this year I am getting a proper run built for them so we can get a couple more. Unfortunately we got 'foxed' a few weeks ago and lost a couple, so it'd be nice to build them up to a healthy sized flock again.
  8. I'll stick with Guinea Pigs. Never once have I been bitten by one of those. I did have some dwarf mice... they used to take a nibble, but they were so small they couldn't have broken the skin if they tried. Hamsters, on the other hand: they made Jaws look like a fluffy little lamb! 🤣
  9. So cute, but I have hamster-based PTSD! Every single hamster I have ever held (not even hyperbole) has bitten me! Every. Single. One. They're the devil's rodents! 🤣
  10. If you can afford it and have room, I highly recommend buying one of the adapters and a walk in run.
  11. Seconded. I have a MK1 and a friend has the MK2 and is jealous of mine. It could be my imagination, but the plastic felt thinner and not so tough IMHO.
  12. I use some temporary tarpaulins from Tarpaflex. That always does the job nicely.
  13. Oh, really? What I just read suggested they had to be cremated, but maybe I wasn't reading the full version.
  14. Sorry to hear about your loss. In the UK you cannot legally bury chickens or put them in the bin, you have to take them to the vet to be cremated or to be disposed of by 'approved means,' which I believe is generally defined as cremation. It's because they're not defined as pet animals, even if kept as pets, they're defined as livestock. Confusingly, though, you are allowed to bury animals that are defined as pets (cats, dogs, hamsters etc.) Our local vet will cremate them for about £25, so I'd check with your local vet. x
  15. I'm treating it as one of my cacti from now on.

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