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  1. AndyRoo

    Is it me??

    I'm not having this problem, but do you have your web browser set up to delete all cookies every month or so? That might explain it: if it's deleting the Omlet login cookie, then it probably forgets the password along with it. Just a suggestion based on what little I understand of modern technology!
  2. AndyRoo

    Chicken Memorials

    RIP little Liz Taylor.
  3. AndyRoo

    Registering for Avian Influenza updates

    Thanks! I'll have to remember to sign up.
  4. AndyRoo

    Registering for Avian Influenza updates

    Can this service be used by domestic owners too DM?
  5. AndyRoo

    Where in the world

    I used to live in Colorado, and although I never went that far into the Rockies - they are BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely amazing. Maybe I could put Colorado on to my list.
  6. AndyRoo

    Where in the world

    Some friends of mine lived in Sydney for a few years and loved it - but they tell me it's very, very warm! I love Cornwall too. I could imagine myself retiring there... or completely at the other end of the country, at a small holding in the Highlands or something. Wherever I go, I'd like it to be somewhere with a lot of scenery. And friendly people, ideally.
  7. AndyRoo

    Where in the world

    For me: Norway, Canada, India, or Japan, probably. Japan may actually become a possibility for us as the company my husband works for is doing a lot of business out there at the moment, and the far-east is becoming the largest growth area. The problem there is that we can't adopt and our marriage wouldn't be recognised... so if we did go, I wouldn't want it to be for long. Same story in India - though I think the heat would probably kill me eventually. lol We're ultimately going to end up living in the EU, probably France or Germany. Sadly, the UK just doesn't feel like home anymore - nor does it feel that safe anymore! I do love France and Germany, so that's not so bad - but I'd like to live somewhere with a bit of scenery and a few hills as opposed to just a city.
  8. I think hypothetically this can be done, but I assume the inside corner of T or L would be unsupported by a pole, so I'm not sure how robust it would be.
  9. AndyRoo

    Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

    I'm probably completely wrong, but there's something in the face that makes me want to say 'boy'. But I admit I have absolutely no idea why!
  10. AndyRoo

    Possible worms / poorly hen! :(

    Well, fortunately she seems to have perked up a bit today. I've had to order a new tarp, though - the wind has been rough and I just noticed it's ripped a huge hole in the current one! *facepalm* I have the new ground sanitiser arriving tomorrow along with some vitamins.
  11. AndyRoo

    Possible worms / poorly hen! :(

    They looked like regular earthworms to me. I do use a ground sanitiser but I realised it didn't specifically mention treatment for worms - so I've just bought some of the Nettex stuff which specifically mentions them. I'm going to use some of that just in case. The two things are probably unconnected, but I'm feeling a bit panicked because I don't want a poorly hen. I did wonder that myself when we bought it, but I thought I'd give it a go. I still planned to worm them twice a year with Flubenvet anyway.
  12. AndyRoo

    Possible worms / poorly hen! :(

    Thanks MH. I've bought a different ground sanitiser to usual, so I am going to try spreading that everywhere too. I hope she's ok. I can't see anything obviously wrong with her, I can just tell she isn't quite right. Unless maybe she is just really, really tired for some reason.
  13. Hi guys, I was just doing my usual big clear-out of the run and for the first time ever I noticed there were some worms in the chippings. This made me worried that the hens may have worms - or might end up catching them. Naturally I cleaned them all out and thoroughly cleaned the slabs underneath, but is there anything I can put down on the ground that will kills any remaining worms and their eggs that won't hurt the hens? I literally just wormed the hens 2 months ago with Flubenvet - can I do it again so soon? Should I wait? Is there something else I can use? I've also just switched their feed to the Verm-X brand, so I want to make sure I don't overdo their medication. I checked their droppings and I can't see any evidence that they have worms in those... but obviously I can't check every individual poo! This was when I noticed that one of our girls was being sulky in a corner on her own and I watched her for a few minutes and realised she was just standing there with her eyes shut not moving. I've gone over and checked her out and I can't see any sign of eye problems; she's not sneezing, she has no discharge or anything. Her vent is clean - I can see no evidence of mites on her or in the Cube. She was just being really lethargic and quiet and sleepy. When I picked her up she squawked and became very alert, letting me know she wanted to be put down, but then she went back to being quiet again. I'm just worried the two things might be connected. Any advice or ideas would be welcomed! Cheers, Andy
  14. AndyRoo

    New girls

    I do loved laced Wyandottes. They're really pretty.
  15. AndyRoo

    New girls

    Our girls give us a mix of white eggs, cream eggs, normal brown eggs, blue eggs - and with these additions, hopefully we'll continue to see some olive green eggs and dark brown eggs too. My partner is incredibly excited at the prospect of taking a selection of 'rainbow' eggs in to give people where he works. In future I might just try and find somewhere that sells easter egger hens and not bother with other breeds and see what we end up with!