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  1. I remember posting some pics of the new enclosure and hutch, but maybe I didn't post any of the girls in situ.; once DEFRA has lifted the current restrictions, I'll have to take some pics. I need to get the gardener to re-turf their new pen. I was going to plant some herb shrubs in there for them to peck at casually once it was done. The result was definitely a bit of a shock to us all - but we had it confirmed with a legal paternity test, so there's no doubt about it. It's quite a weird place to be in mentally as he and I had always had quite a strained relationship and estranged relationship. Apparently he had considered the possibility on a multitude of occasions because he never felt I looked anything like him, which I don't, but I guess we'd all just assumed that was down to the fact I looked so much more like my mother. It has revealed some interesting new bits, though. I have a very close genetic match to a girl with links to the areas that my mother does - and also very close links to a family in Ireland I'd never heard of either, but whom this girl is also related to. So it would rather suggest my biological father was Irish or with very strong connections to Ireland. Time will tell, I guess. I have a few people trying to figure out possible contenders for the bio-father, but based on my own narrowing down of possible candidates, it would rather suggest they're all dead anyway - so I will likely never know.
  2. It most certainly was a shock. It blindsided all of us, even though my father had tentatively suggested she may have cheated before which was why there was a break up of their marriage. I thought I'd posted pictures of their new home? I'll have to take some more when the weather has turned a little bit nicer.
  3. Hello again all, Happy new year! How is everyone? I seem to be really busy at the moment with work, so I'm not getting a lot of time to check in. I've also had some major life news which has rocked my entire family: we discovered through an Ancestry DNA test that my father is, in fact, not my biological father at all and that my mother must have cheated. So that was a fun thing to discover - right in time for my 40th birthday and Christmas too. I'm trying to take it all in my stride, but it has been a lot to take in at once. I'm now in a process of trying to figure out who that man must be really, but I sincerely doubt I'll ever know for sure. Families, eh? The good news is the hens are all good and we now have 14 of the little terrors. As always, the friendliest of the bunch is the little red hen who I have nicknamed Lady Penelope, who always seems to come running over for cuddles. Bless! Hope all is well with everyone, Andy
  4. I've got a feeling from the plans that he wants to put the hedging in and then have grasses etc. on the inside of that to frame it. Although I am thinking some nice pencil evergreens might be quite nice, mixed in with other grasses and shrubs.
  5. Well, save for a possible escapee or two, they shouldn't be wandering outside of their little paddock. This is just to make said paddock blend in a little more with the garden.
  6. I'll have a look. The new design focuses very heavily on bees and wildlife as it is. It's being planted with nearly all native plants, trees and shrubs.
  7. It's ok - it's one of those schadenfreude moments. Although my father did cut down the bush shortly after. He also used to have a holly tree which he ended up cutting down after a similar incident involving my step-mother complaining a lot after she stepped on a multitude of fallen holly leaves.
  8. Thanks, I'll have a look for these. It'll be a low-lying hedgerow (about 1.5m high max.), as we're having about 15 trees planted, in addition to the few we already have. If hens instinctively know not to eat poisonous things, then maybe I'll just pick something that looks pretty. It definitely won't be anything like holly or thorn as I have an absolute hatred of anything spiky having fallen face first into a large rose bush when I was a child. I was absolutely cut to ribbons, and I've hated anything sharp since!
  9. Hi all, We're due to have our garden re-landscaped and the designer wants to surround the new paddock we're having built with a hedge so that it blends more into the rest of the design. The problem he is having is finding hedges that aren't toxic to hens if they eat them. Anybody got any ideas as to what might be safe? Thanks, Andy
  10. I'm only planning on getting 4... so probably 6. 😂 I'm planning on getting a Cream Legbar (both of mine have died now - 1 for now obvious reason and, sadly, the other one got foxed!), A copper marans and a black marans, and then a buff orpington. I'm trying to mix more pure breeds into the flock for some longevity!! I can't promise I will know the answer to the soap question, but you're always welcome to ask! x I choose to believe they are. Especially now that I've installed some roosting bars for them to hop up on to!
  11. I've started making my own reed diffusers. They're nice and easy if you have the pre-made base mix. I started after I found a really nice 'designer' one in a garden centre the other week which was *amazing* - but cost £28!! So I just started making my own for a third of the price! lol Well, here's the Peckingham Palace update. All built and ready. We re-used some of the panels of the MK1 run to create the enclosure at the front. And a nice big new hen house means that I'll be getting a few more hens too. Planning on collecting them this weekend. 🙈 🙈 🙈 😂
  12. No, not yet. I'm still in the process of getting all the recipes sorted and submitted for CPSRs! It's a painfully slow process.
  13. Now the builders have added the second wall, and having chosen the cladding, I can confirm it will be significantly nicer than my first apartment. If they don't like it, I might go and live out there!! lol
  14. It's not going to get much fancier than that. I suppose I might paint it at some point, but I'm in no rush. Next to that, we're having a new garage built, and this is going to make me sound so spoilt, but the footprint of those two buildings is bigger than the very first flat I lived in!! 🙈 🤣 I'm getting them a huge new wooden hen house too... because morehens disease has struck again!! lol And, sadly, last year a family of foxes took not one, not two, but three of my lovely girls while the electric fence was broken! I was fuming, so I'll be getting a proper paddock fence built. It should all look really good once the garden has been landscaped too! I'm waiting for my certificate to come through from my degree and then I'll be setting up in private practice (psychotherapist). And, yep, still making the soap - in fact, that is becoming a little side business in of itself as part of my self-care, if you like!
  15. Hello all, How is everyone? It feels like a while since I checked in. We're still getting things done around the house and the garden, but I am pleased to say the new sheltered chicken coop is finally going up so the girls will have a lovely new home and I can finally ditch the ugly tarps. They'll also be moving into a bigger wooden house (getting rid of the cube!) so they can get a few more housemates. I'll have to hang some fairy lights and do a bit of decorating to make the place look a bit more aesthetically pleasing! Hope all is well! Andy
  16. Just FYI, in the UK chickens are classed as livestock. When they die they should also be cremated (under the legislation). As a general rule, even if your deeds prohibit it, I suspect unless you lived next to or near some miserable busybody, I doubt anyone would mind. Unless you're renting, then the owner might.
  17. Our class has hated it. We've asked for a partial rebate because for the semester at the start of the pandemic, there was literally no teaching at all. We had a weekly "Hi, how are you?" check in with the tutor and that was it.
  18. That was a very emphatic response, Lewis! 😂 But thank you. You're right, these last 18 months have been a complete nightmare!!
  19. Thanks all. It still feels a bit surreal at the moment. I'm trying to figure out what my next steps are.
  20. THRILLED is the word. I honestly never ever thought this would be something I did. Because I was bullied so badly at school, I couldn't concentrate. My hair would fall out in clumps, and I was so stressed out that I didn't even take my GCSEs because I was physically and mentally unwell. It took me well over 15 years to recover from the trauma - and I'm not fully recovered now. I'd written it off as a possibility because I never thought I'd be in the right headspace for it again... also, I'm turning 40 this year - so I felt like I was going to be too old, but I've really enjoyed it. I'd like to go on and study criminal psychology, which is a real interest, but that would take another 6 years and cost around £65k - which is money I just don't have!
  21. Sadly, no formal celebration. It's still up in the air as to whether there'll even be a graduation ceremony this year - so we've all joked that maybe we'll have to hire some graduation robes and take photos in the garden with pretend scrolls! Although I am currently celebrating with some wine in the garden.
  22. Cut to: three years later. I've passed and finished! The final scores are out and I will be graduating with a distinction (74% average). So I may not be Stephen Hawking, but I am definitely better than the teachers who called me stupid thought. And to make it taste even sweeter: My first year tutor on this degree told me I could 'probably' get a merit, but a distinction would be 'too much of a stretch'. HA!
  23. Yeah, that's pretty much what caused it, sadly. She was taken to the ICU, but there wasn't much they could do for her. Very sad.
  24. Aren't they questioning the effectiveness of all the jabs against this new variant? Given the virus's obvious ability to mutate so quickly, I'm assuming new vaccines will be developed for the most virulent strains too. Sadly, a girl in my class lost her sister to this variant the other week, although her sister was still living back in India. According to her, the situation out there is even worse than portrayed in the media, so god knows what the reality must be like.
  25. I'd love a hen laying pink eggs! Do you have a picture?

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