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  1. We didn't see the actual vet as it happened just before we went in and it was all a bit sad so we just arranged for her to be cremated. I think it's possible she had sour crop as she was sicking up a milky fluid in the hours before she died. Thanks again for your support
  2. Hi again Sadly she didn't make it. She died waiting to see the vet. She couldn't even lift her head up by the end, poor thing. Very sad. This will certainly make me watch them more closely and take action if one of them is off colour. It happened so quickly though, she seemed fine the day before yesterday. Thanks for your advice and support.
  3. Thanks for your replies, we are going to the vet this afternoon as I'm new to the chicken game and don't want to do her any damage. Fingers crossed for her, she looks so miserable, bless her.
  4. Hi everyone, this is my first time here. A few weeks ago we bought an eglu go up and rescued three ex bats. They all seemed to be doing fine and were eating, drinking and happily scratching about although I did notice that occasionally one of them would have a problem laying and I would find a yolk without a shell in the dropping tray. It must have been intermittent though as some days there were three normal eggs there to be collected. For the last two days one of the girls seems unwell. Yesterday she didn't want to come out of the coop and when I encouraged her to she just stood around looking miserable, she is drinking but I haven't seen her eat. I have noticed today that she has a big bulge around her front neck and her comb is very floppy, almost covering one of her eyes. She has a bit of egg white residue around her vent. There was another yolk in the droppings tray this morning. Does anyone have some advice? I have a local vet, I'm happy to take her but not sure how much they could do? Thanks and best wishes

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