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  1. I've noticed (fairly certain it hasn't always been like that) that one of the girls is staring to bald behind her comb. My attention was drawn to this only today, noticing the lighter feathers in contrast to the reddish/brown ones. Very small area but I'm conscious that it could get out of control which I'd like to avoid. I have 4 hens which about 8-9 months old. They do not lack for space and between them have an abundance of roosting space, 4 nest boxes, 4 drinkers, 2 feeding stations and 3 dust bath areas. They are fed a layers pellet with and lib grit and calcium available at all times. I'd like to say they all get on extremely well with almost no aggression being seen. The victim is definitely bottom of the pecking order though. Heartbreaking as she is by far the friendliest and most docile. Is this something I should be worried about and what can I do about it?
  2. Hi all, I am considering getting an Eglu Go Up and raising 3 chickens in our back garden. However, the sides of the garden have sleeper logs on both sides with raised bed, that are not easily removable (they go under decking). We know that the Eglu Go Up dimensions are 144cm x 218cm, the grassy area next to the sleeper log we would for Eglu is 130cm x 360cm. Width is mainly limited by where the steps are, we could potentially move the steps. I have attached a picture of the area below (ignore the growth, we're in the process of tidying it up), we are thinking of putting Eglu on the green grass. Questions we are wondering about are: is it possible to put the run on a step (the sleeper log) on one side? is it possible to not put the skirting on one side? (if we fix the run to the sleeper, foxes shouldn't get in, as it's dug deep into ground). If anyone has any other advice - we would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. Julius
  3. About to buy an Eglu Go! Whoop! My game plan is to set it in a run that I make using the structure of this banister (see img link below). Cover in chicken wire that I dig down a bit for foxes. Make a roof for eagles/dogs protection that I can take off so I can get inside to clean etc Set the Eglu at point A for ease of access. The structure is about 90cm high and a few forums seem to say 1m meter would be better for chicken welfare so I could dig down a bit, built it up a bit or make a triangle shaped roof. Only planning on getting two chickens if that is a factor. Any holes in my plan? Completely new to this so open to all and any idea/feedback just trying to get learned advice so that I only have to make the run once rather than learn something and then have to remake it Here is a very rough idea
  4. I have two lovely friendly hybrid girls who I adore and I’m tempted to rehome a cockerel...is this a good idea? I have an Eglu Classic with a walk in run.
  5. I know a lot of you are in the same position so I’m hoping you can help. Due to the bird flu outbreak my chickens are now stuck in their eglu cube and although they have a 3m run they’re used to running around our garden. I’m unable to get extensions for them and I’m hoping to get feedback from people who are in a similar situation. My main problem is not being able to move the coop but not being able to clean the lawn for months - we do it every week! Also what can I do over the coming months to keep them interested? What about dust baths? Is a lower appetite normal? Toy rotation - hygiene on the floor? They seem to be bored already and just sat in one corner. How can I cheer my girls up?
  6. Hi, I have a chicken (called Delores btw!) who is being treated for an upper respiratory tract infection and is on an antibiotic called Marbocyl. I’ve also had her results back from Westgate Labs showing she’s got roundworms (600 epg) I’ve got some Flubenvet 1% can I give it to her at the same time as her antibiotics or should I wait until she’s finished her course? I don’t want to overload her system! Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA
  7. Well hello! This is my first topic here, about a debate I really need some advice on. I am a fairly experienced chicken keeper, with a decent knowledge of chicks. I have kept Pekin Bantams for almost 3 years now, and I'm wanting to branch out into breeding them. I have bred before, but only for 'fun'. I'd like to take this a little more seriously. I would probably be focusing on 1-3 colors, and yes, it would probably be pet quality. Quality pet, but not show quality, if you see my point. It wouldn't be massive - I'd only hatch in spring/early summer, hoping for a few clutches each year. I am not worried about losing eggs, we keep a few full size hens for that. I am considering the Eglu Cube. I would begin with 4 hens, plus 1 cock - it would be plenty big. I already have a small cage we currently use for broodies. However, many are telling me things such as: "I highly recommend a shed, not that eglu thingy. Most sheds need bigger window openings on the leeward side, and upper venting in the end wall peaks, all covered with hardware cloth. And a dig proof foundation, either wire or poured concrete. Much more user friendly!" "overpriced little box" "Premade kit coops are generally awful, avoid them! A garden shed, with modifications, works well." As you can see, I am feeling quite doubtful... I would really appreciate any insights. Please bear in mind that one really big 'Pull' factor is anti-red mites. Also - any other advice on breeding Pekins - or chickens in general - would be much appreciated!
  8. Hello, I hope I'm in the right place! My husband and I have decided to get som chickens and are really excited. We have been give conflicting advice on different breeds best for beginners, we really wanted Pekins but have been told they are too broody and difficult for beginners and by someone else they are great. Can anyone offer any advice? We have a decent sized garden with plenty of shrubs surrounding it, not just grass. Is it better to get larger foul? I should also mention we have a dog....he's quite strong minded but gets used to other animals quickly...he's great with my parents cats and we're hoping he will learn to protect the hens. Thanks in advance! Bev

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