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Found 2 results

  1. We have kept chickens relatively problem free for about the last 8 years. We have an eglu Go attached to an enclosed walk in run (2m/3m) on a hard standing. We recently lost all out chickens. I assumed that I had left the gate accidentally open as it was open and 3 chickens missing, 1 dismembered in the garden. We blamed our local fox (the reason we have to keep them fully enclosed. Later that evening we witnessed a visit from a badger but thought little of it. We restocked but after a few days found all the chickens dead in the run with their heads bitten off. The run was still locked shut. The whole unit, nesting box and run had been shifted about a foot. The bottom right corner of the eglu Go had been prized open and broken. I now also wonder if the badger had forced open the gate to the walk in run during the first attack as it is quite unlike me to leave it open. Has anyone else experienced badgers breaking in through the back door of a Go or the gate of the walk in enclosure? I am really writing this as a warning to others and also seeking suggestions for fortifications. So far I have weighted all round the edge with concrete blocks, and built a cage around the Go, attached to the walk in run with cable ties, also weighted down. We are rather nervous about restocking as the incident was rather unpleasant, especially for our young kids who witnessed the aftermath...
  2. Background - my mum has a fairly new wooden chicken house with an onduline (I think) corrugated roof so small spaces under each corrugation. She shuts her girls in at night. The house is within an electric fence. We know there are rats in the run and she has seen one in the house before. The run has several holes with freshly excavated earth around them. She has had stoat attack in the past too - she lives in the countryside. She had 4 rescue hens and one hybrid black rock Mrs Black. This morning she opened the house to find three of the rescue girls dead, the last rescue alive but has the appearance of being brain dead and having a broken neck (still breathing and has strength but eyes closed, head floppy and no coordination), Mrs Black seems reasonably alert and can sort of stand and stagger about but falls over easily through poor balance. The only external injuries are abrasions either side of the back of their necks, but no puncture wounds. Our top guess is a rat, but all were attacked in what, to me, seems like a very specific way for a rat, and the lack of teeth marks seems very odd. Also odd that we know there have been rats around all along, why kill them all all of a sudden? What do people think?

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