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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone. Just wanted some advice on run floor material. I currently use hardwood chips but wondered if anyone used easichick in the run. My run has a roof on it so it doesn’t get wet unless super heavy rain and wind. The run is also placed on soil, would this be a problem for easichick? Thank you in advance:)
  2. Hi there, We are newbies to chickens and eglu. We have an eglu go. I don't know if its cause our girls haven't started laying yet (they are 18 weeks and it is winter here in Australia) but we have been putting straw in the nesting area for them and they kick it out within 30 seconds of it being there! Any recommendations for bedding or why this is happening would be great!
  3. I don’t know if this is normal behaviour, but our girls have started to scatter the nesting material all around their house, which forces us to replace it each day. For the first week of getting our two new hens, they were happy with our first hen, and each morning the house (Go Up) was tidy and the straw was in the nesting area. The last two days have been chaos, with nothing much in the nesting area, and everything scattered around the rest of the house. OK, we are first-timers, and this is new to us, but does anyone else find this? Is there any way to retain the bedding in the nest site? Would a cardboard box help? Chris and Christine

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