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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have a question about the Eglu cube and whether or not it will fit a brahma? I currently have x2 silkies, welsummer, wheaten maran and a legbar. Would a brahma be able to fit in the cube with them comfortably? And does it have any problems nesting and getting in and out of the cube? Would like to hear from people who owns brahma and a cube please.
  2. Hi all I have a 2/3 year old Brahma hen who lays a lovely light cream coloured egg, this past month or so I’ve noticed that a day or so after it’s layed it turned spotty, it looks like dark grease marks appear unlike my maran who lays a ‘proper’ speckled egg. Does anybody have and idea why this is, not sure what or if I need to do anything for her diet etc they are free range and have layers available throughout the day. Any advise would be appreciated. I will post a picture of her and the egg straight after it’s layed and what they look like after a day or so. I keep my eggs in the fridge. Thank you

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