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  1. Hi. I have had my 4 ex-commercials for about 2 months. For the last 3-4 weeks one has had really runny poos. Luckily she roosts on the bars in my eglu (the others in the nest box), but the poo is all over the bars, in the tray etc. I don’t notice the poo so much in the day. She seems fine in herself- she is laying, eating, drinking, out and about etc. She probably looks the most feathered and robust of the four of them! Her crop feels fine. I wormed them when I first got them and have done a worm egg count recently which was fine. Before it got so hot I gave them some ACV in the water and also some verm-X pellets (which you can give monthly). ive recently got some Syn- vital bokashi from omlet and added that to their food as a probiotic. Poo is normal coloured but is very runny (sort of grainy) and is all over the bars etc. Anything else I should do? Shall I just stop worrying about it since she’s fine in herself. It’s been so long now I guess she would have started acting poorly if it was something serious?
  2. I know a lot of you are in the same position so I’m hoping you can help. Due to the bird flu outbreak my chickens are now stuck in their eglu cube and although they have a 3m run they’re used to running around our garden. I’m unable to get extensions for them and I’m hoping to get feedback from people who are in a similar situation. My main problem is not being able to move the coop but not being able to clean the lawn for months - we do it every week! Also what can I do over the coming months to keep them interested? What about dust baths? Is a lower appetite normal? Toy rotation - hygiene on the floor? They seem to be bored already and just sat in one corner. How can I cheer my girls up?
  3. Hey everyone, I’m new here and looking for some advice please. I’ve just bought my very first hens. 3 of them are 16 weeks old and the other one (Warren) is 19 weeks old. I was told the Warren is of laying age but I’ve already had them 5 days and still no eggs. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? They have a 6x4 shed fully kitted out with 2 large nest boxes and a few pirches and a large enclosed garden to explore which they have now started venturing around a bit more and becoming more confident. They love the shed and will happily take themselves in and out throughout the day and are straight in to bed around 6pm when it goes dark. Any advice would be greatly appropriate 😊
  4. Just interested as I’m a new chicken owner. What are you favourite/can’t live without chicken products that have just made your life with your chickens so much easier? 😊
  5. I already have a 6x4 shed for my 4 hens that they have access too all day through their little door. But do I need to build them a rain shelter in the garden too? When the weather is bad (seems to be all the time atm) they run back in the coop but their food and water is outside. So was wondering shall I build one and put their food/water under it too? Thanks 😊
  6. I just got two new speckledy hens that are 25 weeks old and they are sisters. I really hoped that they would get along with my 7yr, 6yr and 2yr old ex battery hens. But I haven’t seen any sign of them getting along in the slightest. My ex battery hens just seem to chase the speckledy hens at any opportunity. I even have a separate small place where Dolly and Daisy( the two speckledy hens) sleep!! What should I do to improve their behaviour with one another?
  7. Hi all, Would love some advice please... One of my chickens has just gone blind, not too sure why. She's older and a rescue. I took her to the vets today and as she's in good health apart from this so he suggested trying to see if she can manage. It was also hard to tell if she is 100% blind or not. She's currently in a flock of 6 who are on the whole pretty gentle. So far only the broody has been unpleasant to her. BUT it's a big WIR... the vet advised creating her a small area where she can find her way and find food easily. I'm not sure what the best option is, would love some help working it out: 1. To add more food/drink stations to current run so she stays with her buddies. But then it is a huge space so maybe cruel? But she knows it. 2..move her to her own small run (but then I don't like that she would be alone??? If I added a buddy I worry for them when reintegrating as I don't see her living that long.... it is a space she's been in before when we first rescuded them. 3. Section of part of the current run so she's along side the others but in a small space- really not 100% sure how.... I think it would have to be the back of the run, which they don't use often so is that too alien. I'm really unsure what's best for her, I'd like to give her a fighting chance and some happiness in whatever set up though. (If she's not getting on okay then I won't let her suffer). I'm erring to the separate run, she seemed happy enough in there earlier when I was trying to work things out. But with a buddy? Or separated in the main run? Can't figure it out and don't want to swap and change on her! Also Just any tips to help her would be very much appreciated..I'm able to give her water by using a running hose but food is much harder. Thanks so much all.
  8. Hi, I have a chicken (called Delores btw!) who is being treated for an upper respiratory tract infection and is on an antibiotic called Marbocyl. I’ve also had her results back from Westgate Labs showing she’s got roundworms (600 epg) I’ve got some Flubenvet 1% can I give it to her at the same time as her antibiotics or should I wait until she’s finished her course? I don’t want to overload her system! Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA
  9. Help! I’ve had my quail for a little while! I’ve got 3 girls 1 male I went and brought two more girls this is there second day and the male is bullying them and won’t leave them alone he’s making them bleed with all the pecking! What can I do???
  10. Hi, Please help! Got three ex batts yesterday, never kept chickens before. Within half an hour the largest chicken began bullying the other two, she’s constantly going for them and biting them hard. She won’t let them near the food, they’re scared to come out of their Eglu into the run. Any advice? Is this normal as we only got them yesterday so is it an expected part of establishing the pecking order, or should I intervene? Also, I found one trampled on egg this morning. How do you stop them from doing that? Any help would be so welcome, thanks. Katharine

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