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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all, first time posting here and hoping someone can help I finally got a maisonette of my own with a garden shared with nice neighbours underneath, we got 2 lovely ISA Brown hens and completely in love however have become concerned how noises from neighbours on each side of garden may be affecting them All winter it has been so quiet and no issues at all, but it turns out as soon as the sun makes an appearance neighbour on left and on right crank up music (each side) super loud and getting *****ed shouting to each other across the fence with my garden containing my girls in the middle the sad thing is that neighbour on the right has 2 hens also.. (but they are badly cared for so therefore he likely doesn't care how the noise affects my hens), am at a loss for what to do, all winter it was fine, we have a mix of private owners but also renters with council agency, with the behaviour I've seen from the renters in good weather am concerned it will get worse from them in summer including barbecues etc, especially as they don't seem fussed how things affect their own hens, and are the 'type' to not care Was considering moving my girls and horse to a rented field that would allow both together so they are hearing natural sounds and not the neighbours, do backyard hens adapt to noisy neighbors or will it upset them? They didn't seem upset and were roumahing for corn etc but worried anyone else dealt with this or have experience with this situation?
  2. Hello all Just wondering has anyone had to re-home chickens? how do you do it? Would like them to have 5* home and great environment in a garden Really care for them so hard
  3. Hello, I have a question about the Eglu cube and whether or not it will fit a brahma? I currently have x2 silkies, welsummer, wheaten maran and a legbar. Would a brahma be able to fit in the cube with them comfortably? And does it have any problems nesting and getting in and out of the cube? Would like to hear from people who owns brahma and a cube please.
  4. Hi! We are basically feeding the entire neighbourhood of mice and rats and so I'm afraid my Eglu feeders are going to have to be swapped. I've been doing research on automatic treadle feeders, 2 types seem to be the main options. Grandpa's Feeders (or similar - its difficult to judge online if they're high quality from a pic) or Eton feeders with the plastic green ramp. I have 8 hens to feed but don't necessarily want a huge feeder, just one that works well. What would you guys recommend as the best option? If you have an alternative brand that you've actually bought and used that you think is great, please let me know. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hey everyone, I’m new here and looking for some advice please. I’ve just bought my very first hens. 3 of them are 16 weeks old and the other one (Warren) is 19 weeks old. I was told the Warren is of laying age but I’ve already had them 5 days and still no eggs. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? They have a 6x4 shed fully kitted out with 2 large nest boxes and a few pirches and a large enclosed garden to explore which they have now started venturing around a bit more and becoming more confident. They love the shed and will happily take themselves in and out throughout the day and are straight in to bed around 6pm when it goes dark. Any advice would be greatly appropriate 😊
  6. Just interested as I’m a new chicken owner. What are you favourite/can’t live without chicken products that have just made your life with your chickens so much easier? 😊
  7. I already have a 6x4 shed for my 4 hens that they have access too all day through their little door. But do I need to build them a rain shelter in the garden too? When the weather is bad (seems to be all the time atm) they run back in the coop but their food and water is outside. So was wondering shall I build one and put their food/water under it too? Thanks 😊
  8. Hi I have two broody bantams and going to get some hatching eggs for them thinking of going to get 2 one for each but how many of your eggs have come out as hens Is it good just to go for 2 eggs and hope they are both going to be hens or get more eggs? and how many help any advice needed first time doing this
  9. Hi there, We are newbies to chickens and eglu. We have an eglu go. I don't know if its cause our girls haven't started laying yet (they are 18 weeks and it is winter here in Australia) but we have been putting straw in the nesting area for them and they kick it out within 30 seconds of it being there! Any recommendations for bedding or why this is happening would be great!
  10. I have an Omlet walk in chicken run for sale. 3x4x2 Already dismantled. There are also various pieces that fitted to connect to a cube MK1. you will need to buy additional fixings (clips) as mine are damaged. Looking for a quick sale £300 for the lot. Originally retailed at £699.99 Collection only from Canterbury area, Kent.
  11. Well hello! This is my first topic here, about a debate I really need some advice on. I am a fairly experienced chicken keeper, with a decent knowledge of chicks. I have kept Pekin Bantams for almost 3 years now, and I'm wanting to branch out into breeding them. I have bred before, but only for 'fun'. I'd like to take this a little more seriously. I would probably be focusing on 1-3 colors, and yes, it would probably be pet quality. Quality pet, but not show quality, if you see my point. It wouldn't be massive - I'd only hatch in spring/early summer, hoping for a few clutches each year. I am not worried about losing eggs, we keep a few full size hens for that. I am considering the Eglu Cube. I would begin with 4 hens, plus 1 cock - it would be plenty big. I already have a small cage we currently use for broodies. However, many are telling me things such as: "I highly recommend a shed, not that eglu thingy. Most sheds need bigger window openings on the leeward side, and upper venting in the end wall peaks, all covered with hardware cloth. And a dig proof foundation, either wire or poured concrete. Much more user friendly!" "overpriced little box" "Premade kit coops are generally awful, avoid them! A garden shed, with modifications, works well." As you can see, I am feeling quite doubtful... I would really appreciate any insights. Please bear in mind that one really big 'Pull' factor is anti-red mites. Also - any other advice on breeding Pekins - or chickens in general - would be much appreciated!
  12. I am making a short film and I'm looking to find people in London (or other UK cities) who keep chickens in an urban environment (e.g. using an Eglu) who would be willing to be a part of it! If you live in a city, keep chickens are up for being involved I'd love to hear from you. Particularly if you use your Eglu in an unusual or space-restricted place! (e.g. a roof terrace or balcony) Best Aran
  13. Hello! New to Eglu, but loving it! Got a cube and created a LOOOONG run - 16 feet or so attached for my 7 little princesses. They are LOVING it and so am I! I call it the Shangri La... We live in Virginia - can get down in the 20s maybe teens in Fahrenheit in winter....I bought the cube blanket bundle so no matter WHERE we go we are set for cozy chicken nights... So Drafts..... the portent of drafts brings ice to my bones! SOOOO... I purchase all sorts of Omlet draft dodging items.... combis and panels and you name it... I bought it. But my apprehensions were not improved upon the reception of said items..... Quality - excellent! Size - allows for DRAFTS! How much wind is too much wind? Im told the girls can stand in a gale, but a slight breeze on their britches and WOAH ! Their demise is inevitable.... Im not concerned about them in the Cube. But UNDER the Cube - the small panels that I purchased for windbreaks and to PREVENT drafts are not adequate if I dont want spaces around the edges where little whisps of wind can fluff their downy bloomers! So is this really a problem? Would it be better to return them and just skin it with 6 mil greenhouse plastic? When does a draft become a draft? Am I just being too much of a literalist? I just spent a fortune on the Shangri La. It would break my heart to have it turn into a SIck Ward! Please Advise!
  14. Just a self indulgent thread (although please put your own on too 😊) of photo’s of chooks in the snow. Only three of my 9 were brave enough to touch the white stuff, and here they are...
  15. Omlet Eglu go UP coop with run. £350.000 Approx four years old. Houses up to four chickens. Good condition. Collection only from Windsor. please message Tom or me for contact details.
  16. Hi all, My chickens have been in their new eglu up for just over a month now. Loving it! Stopped a broody hen and also the red mites have gone!! One thing though, they will not use the feeder with the lid on. Has anyone else found this? Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone! You may have seen in the press a story that seems to have gone viral - my local town of Diss has a little chicken issue lol It's made BBC News, Sky News and the Daily Telepgraph today, to name but a few! A pair of chooks were abandoned and have bred... exponentially! I've just ordered a giant 6m x 3m run and someone locally is giving me a wooden coop able to house about 8, but I really want plastic Eglus eventually, rather than a wooden coop - so much easier to clean! Although I intended to have chooks again next year, once we move in a couple of months, I hadn't intended to do it quite so soon and our funds are rather tied up in finishing building the house we're moving into(!). If there is anyone out there who would like to sell any Eglu coops cheap, or even donate them to the cause, I would be forever grateful (as would the local residents, currently being terrorised by 200+ feral chickens lol). I think I will end up with 12-15 hens, so any combination of coops would be great - not bothered about colour, shape, or model (although wheeled versions are the dream and 2 Cubes would house them all perfectly!) just so long as they're in good working order. I have a jetwash, so dirt isn't an issue. I seem to have (more by accident than design!) started a bit of a local Facebook rescue mission, so hopefully we can find all the rogue hens a home in the near future! If anyone reading this would like to rescue any, please note the following, especially if you would be introducing them to an existing flock... 1) we have no idea what, if any, disease they may have. b) it's RUMOURED they are from some kind of fighting breed, so can be feisty and might not mix well with your own babies - I'm trying to get more info, but I'm not sure if it will be forthcoming. c) there is no formal rescue planned. Those who are interested are simply going up there and catching what they can take. Please message me for more info if you are interested in rehoming any - thank you xx
  18. My mum keeps two chickens and two Indian runner ducks. The ducks have been incubating ten eggs which are now hatching, just as my mum has gone on holiday for a week! The chickens and ducks have always shared a coop without any issues but I’m worried it may not be safe for the new ducklings to keep them housed together until they’re older. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. In memory of my dear little friends Gypsy and Robyn I’m so sorry I didn’t defend My oh so trusting little friends I talked to you when I was down You always took away my frown You’d cluck and coo and even purred – I’d never heard that from a bird What can I say, I let you down When Mr Fox moved into town All that’s left, a pile of feathers Mr Fox you’re far too clever I knew my girls could be your prey But you’re not supposed to be about in the day When I let my brood out of their pen They’d follow me round like some mother hen All that poop, and the messy lawn I’d pardon I loved the way they enjoyed the garden When suddenly girls you roamed too far I wondered if Gypsy had encountered a dog or a car But now I see scattering offered protection A fox cannot run in three directions. Mr Fox you can venture out at night In their Eglu, my girls sleep tight Many have slept there over the years Safe and warm, with no fears. So Mr Fox you made me rage With thoughts of catching you in a cage I hear that chocolate will take you out I might be leaving some about Perhaps I’ll campaign to allow hunting again Those hounds would have you from your den But I’ve been reading about your ways Because I don’t want my last chicken slayed I hear you eat rats and slugs and snails If you’d stick to that diet, we might even be pals. So from now on my chickens will stay in my sight So please go back to hunting at night I’m sure you’d rather be aloof And this eatery will be fox-proofed So go elsewhere for your fast food And leave me to enjoy my brood.
  20. Hello, I hope I'm in the right place! My husband and I have decided to get som chickens and are really excited. We have been give conflicting advice on different breeds best for beginners, we really wanted Pekins but have been told they are too broody and difficult for beginners and by someone else they are great. Can anyone offer any advice? We have a decent sized garden with plenty of shrubs surrounding it, not just grass. Is it better to get larger foul? I should also mention we have a dog....he's quite strong minded but gets used to other animals quickly...he's great with my parents cats and we're hoping he will learn to protect the hens. Thanks in advance! Bev

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