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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, thank you in advance for taking the time to reply to my question, I am completely new to this! ...We will be getting some little bantam Orpington chicks in a few days time (4wks old). We’ve got a Eglu Cube and a 3m run but I’m just wondering what else is needed to keep our little feathered friends happy and what will help them to settle in well? I’m absolutely new to the world of chickens but so excited! ...I would be so grateful for your wisdom and tips on anything I need to be thinking about in order to be prepared to help our new pets settle into their new home. For example: Will 4wk old chicks be okay to go straight into cube (we live in Australia and it is summer). What do I feed 4 week old chicks? What type of bedding material is needed inside the cube? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I was wondering how old my chicks should be before I put them out in the eglu cube with the 6' run? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, how do I teach them to go up to the roost so I can enclose them at night once I start putting them in the run?
  3. Hi We hatched 4 beautiful chicks! They are 20 days old. We think Nando’s is Black Pekin Bantam Minnie is Black Mottled Pekin Bantam Nugget is Lavender Pekin Bantam Dipper is Lavender Pekin Bantam Are we right? And do you think any of them are roosters? Or Do we need to wait few more weeks to find out? 😊 Thank you so much 😊 Izabella
  4. Hi I hope you could help me! I need sand for a dustbath for my little 3 weeks chicks. Some people suggest Playsand from Melcourt that contains silica and others suggest Horticultural Sharp Sand from the same brand! What do you think I could use? I really want the best for them as they are little babies 🥰 price does not matter 😊 Izabella
  5. Well - it didn’t seem right to buy and incubator and only use it for 2 days. Or to hatch what started as 12 eggs and end up with only one hen (who was actually one I bought as a day old anyway) - the boys are lovely but will moving on. So last week I bought 4 lavender pekin and 3 laced Wyandotte bantam eggs from a place I could drive to so the eggs didn’t have to go in the post. I candled them today and I’m pretty sure I have 3 growing pekins and 1 Wyandotte. I was really hoping for a couple of pekin girls and at least 1 Wyandotte, but with only the total of 4 fertile I’m going to have to be lucky! I’m usually not. I plan to keep this going as a blog, but can anyone tell me if that’s a normal fertility rate or poor?
  6. Hi all. Sorry to anyone eating breakfast but my 5 week old Wyandotte bantam has been doing poos with lots of extra liquid (not like diarrhoea but normal-ish poo surrounded by lots of watery liquid) every so often for the last few days, then this morning has done a couple with bright red blood, then when I was there one massive load of really loose dark coloured stuff which to be honest looked like almost entirely blood. Is this coccidiosis? They’ve been on medicated chick crumb since they hatched and have been spending a few hours outside on the lawn most days for the last couple of weeks. If it is coccidiosis, is the right thing to do to get some coxoid (I see unlicensed for poultry now but available for pigeons) and treat with that? Thanks.
  7. My oldest chicks are now 12 weeks old. The Wyandotte cockerel went off to his new home today (sad to see him go but he was getting too noisy to live in our garden surrounded by neighbours) so I have two pekin boys and my campine pullet, Cammie, left. They’re currently in an Eglu Go while the big girls live in a Cube. When they free range they’re all out together and have been for almost a month now. The youngsters run away from the big girls if they look askance at them, otherwise they all get on pretty well. The pekin boys will be staying here until they’re too noisy - they're off to join a flock of ex commercial girls so the older they are the better - but before too long they’ll be off which will just leave Cammie. I’d rather fully integrate her alongside the pekin boys rather than have to try to do her on her own - I know accepted wisdom is 16-18 weeks, but does anyone think it’s worth trying earlier?
  8. Hi guys! I went to open the coop this morning and I saw a little head pop out from broody girl Pika was I ok to open the coop up if they’re now hatching? Also do I put some food and water inside the coop with them now? Finally the big question, do I leave the egg shells where they are, I doubt all chicks have hatched just yet so don’t want to disturb her at all but wondering about the shells getting in the way! Thanks 🙏
  9. Hi everyone, One if my girls is using my eglu as a broody coop, her eggs are due to hatch any day. I’m going to fashion a ramp out of the coop into the run to avoid that drop, do I need to do anything with the run at all? They’re LF chicks not bantam so shouldn’t be tiny chicks but wondering if the run gaps will still be too big and they’d be able to get out? Also any other advice welcome please, this is my first time broody hen so it’s all new thank you
  10. I’m slightly afraid to ask his because I feel like I’m tempting fate, and definitely won’t order anything until I’ve candled on Friday, but I’m now thinking about what I should feed any chicks that Penny hatches. Is it better to feed chick crumb medicated with coccidiostat, or unmedicated feed and water dosed with coxoid?

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