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Found 6 results

  1. Our dear hen ‘Chickpea’ has just gone broody and we would so love for her to sit on some fertile eggs and then raise her own chicks. We have never done this before however! I am wondering how many eggs a bantam Orpington can sit on (6?) and then raise? What sized broody house would be ideal for her? Would an Eglu Go (on ground level not on a stand) be a suitable size and set up? I would have chicken fencing around it for a run.
  2. I already have a 6x4 shed for my 4 hens that they have access too all day through their little door. But do I need to build them a rain shelter in the garden too? When the weather is bad (seems to be all the time atm) they run back in the coop but their food and water is outside. So was wondering shall I build one and put their food/water under it too? Thanks 😊
  3. Hi all, I have a couple of questions about my shed conversion. We will not be felting the roof, but adding onduline. Do you add on top of wooden roof or instead of? Ventilation, do I need permanent vents or ones that can be closed in cold weather? Thanks! Happy weekend x
  4. Hi everyone, One if my girls is using my eglu as a broody coop, her eggs are due to hatch any day. I’m going to fashion a ramp out of the coop into the run to avoid that drop, do I need to do anything with the run at all? They’re LF chicks not bantam so shouldn’t be tiny chicks but wondering if the run gaps will still be too big and they’d be able to get out? Also any other advice welcome please, this is my first time broody hen so it’s all new thank you
  5. Hello. I have 6 6-week old chickens and they will not go into the cube at night. Only one has managed to walk up the steps, I have yet to see the others, even with a little coaxing. Any tips to get them to head up at night? I've had to climb in and get them in there or carry each one and put them in through the back. I'd like to stop doing this. I do not have the option to set up a light for the night. I think keeping them shut in for a few days in the cube would not work as I have no where to put food/water. Thx
  6. So I officially completed our WIR and Eglu set up which we started last November. I would love to see other people's WIR setups - I got a lot of ideas for this one from the old WIR photo thread, it was so lovely to see everyone's creative DIY adventures and how people had solved problems such as connecting the Eglu to a wooden run. We made it all from scratch with the help of my lovely FIL. It's about 17ft long and 4.5 ft wide. It cost us more than we initially thought - about £400 but worth every penny. It has a 1ft internal wire skirt as protection from digging foxes which is pegged down with plastic ground pegs so they don't rust. The gutter leads to a water butt with a gravity fed drip-line waterer for the back border of the garden which gets very dry. We also got a Hentronix door opener which we LOVE. The Aubiose bedding is amazing - it looks a bit messy at the moment as it has some old bark chippings mixed in which is what the hens were on previously. Future plans are to add some fairylights using the Hentronix battery and possibly a little shelf level that they can sit (and probably poop) on. The ladies love it. Unfortunately my original beautiful trio of ladies only got to enjoy it for a few months before the fox attack But Rita and Megatron seem to be enjoying it and they deserve the best after living the first 70 weeks of their life inside. Excuse the garden mess - the wheelbarrow and blue tarp are covering up the summer veg patch and we are having the patio re-laid. We've had kerb stones around the coop which makes it look really neat and keeps all of the decorative woodchip in place. Enjoy! Please share photos of your set-ups and WIR's for inspiration!

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