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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I have 6 6-week old chickens and they will not go into the cube at night. Only one has managed to walk up the steps, I have yet to see the others, even with a little coaxing. Any tips to get them to head up at night? I've had to climb in and get them in there or carry each one and put them in through the back. I'd like to stop doing this. I do not have the option to set up a light for the night. I think keeping them shut in for a few days in the cube would not work as I have no where to put food/water. Thx
  2. Hi All, I am looking for a cube for sale and I can collect week / weekend. Anybody looking to sell, then please contact me
  3. Hi looking for a used Cube in reasonable condition thanks
  4. New Eglu Cube owner here! Any suggestion on how to keep the coop cooler in the hot summer heat? We have the Eglu Cube attached to a walk-in run... The run is covered with a tarp, but the Cube gets a lot of sun. I've got a remote thermometer inside the cube, and it's gotten as hot as 105 degrees F in the last few days. We have a fan blowing through the run to keep it tolerant... The chicks are only 8 week or so old, and they stay in the run all day. They are doing fine in the shade we've given them. At night it cools down enough to be fine for them inside the coop. I'm wondering if they'll ever go back inside to lay eggs in the nesting area once they're old enough. I wouldn't think they would go back in of it's too hot... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my Eglu Go Up to a Cube. Is anyone looking to downgrade and interesting in swapping (I’ll pay a supplement ogbviously!)? Or does anyone have a cube for sale? I’m based near Billingshurst, West Sussex.
  6. Excellent condition Omlet Cube Mk 1 in green for sale at £400. No fading and has been well looked after. Was only used for about a year as I downsized to an Eglu. Please PM me for any additional photos (or email tom@omlet.co.uk who can contact me if you’re not a forum member). Buyer to collect but we are happy to dismantle for you, ready for collection if required. I also have the original instruction manual to help you with reassembly. We are on the Worcester / Gloucestershire border, about 5 miles from Tewkesbury.
  7. Hi I’m hoping somebody can help me I just ordered an cube I am in the US originally from the UK 🇬🇧 I have scoured the Internet trying to find pictures of large breeds within the coop & Cube to see how much space they actually have versus what the brochure says it will hold ?! looking for any information or photos so I can get a better idea of how my chickens are going to fit I have speckled Sussex. Thanks so much and stay warm !!!! 🌨❄️