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Found 1 result

  1. Of my last set of ‘fertile’ eggs, I bought 3 Wyandotte bantams from a pen of laced bantams (although the chick looks lavender to me!) and 4 lavender pekins. 2 of the Wyandottes and 1 of the pekin eggs were clear when I candled at days 7, 10 And 15 so I discarded them. The remaining 3 pekins and 1 Wyandotte went into lock down on day 15. The Wyandotte hatched overnight between days 19 and 20, two of the pekins pipped on the afternoon of day 20 and hatched as we watched on the morning of day 21 (see my other thread - Hatching take 2). However, the last pekin egg that looked fine when I candled at day 15 still hadn’t hatched this morning (day 23) or shown any sign of movement. I candled it this morning and couldn’t see (or hear) any movement at all or sign of internal pipping, and the air cell looked massive - almost half the egg. I float tested the egg and it floated about the right ‘height’ (according to google) for a developed chick but again absolutely no movement. So, as I was pretty sure it had died, I shell to see what was what. As you can see from the photo’s sadly the chick was fully developed and had even absorbed its yolk, but I guess for some reason had been unable to pip because the internal membrane was completely intact. I apologise if anyone finds this upsetting but I thought it was really interesting to see... Actually looking at these photos now in more detail perhaps the chick was positioned with its head between its legs which would have prevented it being able to move into a position to pip.

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