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Found 10 results

  1. What's the score on egg washing? Decades ago I had chickens and only ever brushed eggs clean if I thought they needed it. I was going on the idea of the egg having a protective coat that getting wet would compromise. Is this information now outdated? What is your process from nest box to kitchen for your eggs? All advice very much appreciated
  2. My araucana bantam who hatched last summer has laid 2 tiny eggs this year a week or so apart, and nothing else! Last autumn / early winter she laid a few normal bantam sized eggs, but now this! Should I be worried?
  3. I have 4 healthy happy hybrids around 9 months old, regularly laying beautiful eggs. During winter they are getting some extra protein daily however recently some one chicken is laying a tiny egg (birds egg size)then a normal size egg the next. I’m sure this is just a change in daylight hours/energy levels but wanted to double check with some more experienced members that this isn’t anything more sinister? Thanks J
  4. I already have a 6x4 shed for my 4 hens that they have access too all day through their little door. But do I need to build them a rain shelter in the garden too? When the weather is bad (seems to be all the time atm) they run back in the coop but their food and water is outside. So was wondering shall I build one and put their food/water under it too? Thanks 😊
  5. We have 3 chickens (now aged 2.5) and having all been pretty proficient in laying for their first 12 months, we have been averaging around one egg per week between them - what's happened, what's gone wrong, what can we do to remedy the situation. I would say that all 3 remain very lively and don't appear to have any health concerns. They have a nice home, plenty of room for exercise and we spend the money on providing them the best food possible. Does anybody have pearls of wisdom or ideas as to what else we can try? thanks
  6. Hi there, We are newbies to chickens and eglu. We have an eglu go. I don't know if its cause our girls haven't started laying yet (they are 18 weeks and it is winter here in Australia) but we have been putting straw in the nesting area for them and they kick it out within 30 seconds of it being there! Any recommendations for bedding or why this is happening would be great!
  7. Hi, I finally got my lovely eglu Mk 2 and additional outside run up and working and collected my 5 young girls just over a week ago. One started laying the first day, and one the second (they are different breeds and lay different colours) and I was getting more and more eggs each day until 2 days ago when I stopped finding any eggs at all in their next box. Is it likely that young chickens who had just started laying would completely stop again like that? Otherwise, my trouble is that the run is on the only piece of land I have, which is next to a very quiet public path, I have a horrible feeling that people are reaching in and grabbing eggs as they walk past. I need to be able to lock the eglu. Has anyone else come across / solved this issue?
  8. I think the time has finally come! Penny is broody!! So, I have a couple of questions about hatching... 1. Has anyone hatched eggs they’ve bought from eBay under a broody and how did you get on? Do they really go through the post OK? 2. Any advice about the best / easiest / most humane way to dispatch cockerels? I’m going to try to sell them or give them to people I know but I know that’s unlikely to work out. 3. Has anyone used and Eglu Go as a broody coop and how did that work out? Any tips? Think I’ve settled on giving her 6 blue laced Wyandotte bantam and 6 pekin bantam eggs. She’ll (she’s a Wyandotte bantam but she’s a fair size) be able to cover that many won’t she?
  9. Well, this morning our Bluebelle hen churned out her (I think) biggest egg to date. 116g! I'm actually wondering if this one might be a triple-yolker as it's about the same size as a one of the goose eggs I've had in the past...
  10. Hello all, Any ideas why my cream legbar has suddenly started laying white eggs???!!! They used to be blue! Wondering if it's something I need to check.... Thank you!

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