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Found 11 results

  1. Selling due to upgrade to walk-in run. Fully dismantled, comes with lots of additional run clips. £50 ono.
  2. Eglu classic with 2metre run, wooden roosting bars and glug/grub £200 collection only from Norwich
  3. Sorry if this is a FAQ but I have tried to find the answer. I have set up a new Omlet run (attached to an Eglu Classic) for the first time (last time I was keeping hens I built a walk-in run) but the door of the run seems very insecure. What do other people do to stop the fox simply lifting the pin or forcing the door open? Thank you, in advance, for any advice.
  4. I have an orange Eglu Classic in good condition with a 2m run, green 'Glug' and 'Grub' feeders, and spare run clips - looking for £150 for the lot Also 2 Poppy Peck toy for £5 each Finally, another set of feeder/drinker £10 Collection only from Bude, Cornwall
  5. Eglu Classic Green, 2m run, 4.7kg auto chicken feeder plus extras £220 o.n.o. Preferably all to go together but would sell Auto Feeder separately for £20. Collection only from Bramley Green Angmering BN16 4.
  6. Eglu Classic Green, 2m run, 4.7kg auto chicken feeder plus extras. Preferably all to go together but would sell Auto Feeder separately for £20. Collection only from Bramley Green Angmering BN16 4.
  7. I have an existing Classic for rabbits, but am about to introduce a new rabbit to my existing rabbit (her companion died a few weeks ago). I’ve bought a second hand Eglu classic which was used for chickens. It’s been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, but I’m wondering whether the kit to convert it for rabbits is essential. Has anyone used the chicken base (without roosting bars!) for rabbits? Thanks.
  8. Eglu Classic mark 2 in green with plastic roosting bars, 3m extended run and large panel of Omlet mesh which the Eglu sits on, to prevent animals digging underneath. In clean good condition, with some usual light fading. Complete with Grub feeder, Glug drinker, Omlet heavy duty run cover and lots of run clips. Pressure washed ready for use and dismantled for collection. £300
  9. Hi everyone! I'm looking to find out more about what automatic door opening systems are available. I've seen the omlet one for the cube etc, but we have an eglu classic so obviously this wouldn't work for us (I assume!). I've seen pictures elsewhere of automatic door openers on the eglu classic coop, but I know nothing about them, so I'd really love it if any of you could tell me about any that you have or just what brands are available so I can go do some research! Thanks so much!
  10. In memory of my dear little friends Gypsy and Robyn I’m so sorry I didn’t defend My oh so trusting little friends I talked to you when I was down You always took away my frown You’d cluck and coo and even purred – I’d never heard that from a bird What can I say, I let you down When Mr Fox moved into town All that’s left, a pile of feathers Mr Fox you’re far too clever I knew my girls could be your prey But you’re not supposed to be about in the day When I let my brood out of their pen They’d follow me round like some mother hen All that poop, and the messy lawn I’d pardon I loved the way they enjoyed the garden When suddenly girls you roamed too far I wondered if Gypsy had encountered a dog or a car But now I see scattering offered protection A fox cannot run in three directions. Mr Fox you can venture out at night In their Eglu, my girls sleep tight Many have slept there over the years Safe and warm, with no fears. So Mr Fox you made me rage With thoughts of catching you in a cage I hear that chocolate will take you out I might be leaving some about Perhaps I’ll campaign to allow hunting again Those hounds would have you from your den But I’ve been reading about your ways Because I don’t want my last chicken slayed I hear you eat rats and slugs and snails If you’d stick to that diet, we might even be pals. So from now on my chickens will stay in my sight So please go back to hunting at night I’m sure you’d rather be aloof And this eatery will be fox-proofed So go elsewhere for your fast food And leave me to enjoy my brood.

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