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Found 7 results

  1. I bought my eglu go with a standard run and then converted it to an eglu go up with an extended run, so I have both runs. I also have glug feeders, sun shade and rain cover to complete the set up as per the photos. They were in use for around a year and then I had to re-home my remaining girls. The coop is a bit faded from the sun and has some scratches on the top from putting the nesting tray on it. The tray has some marks that I couldn't remove with the jet washer. See photos. I might be able to drop off locally, but collection would be preferred. Or we can organise a courier if need be? Please reply to this message or contact tom@omlet.co.uk for my contact info. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I am considering getting an Eglu Go Up and raising 3 chickens in our back garden. However, the sides of the garden have sleeper logs on both sides with raised bed, that are not easily removable (they go under decking). We know that the Eglu Go Up dimensions are 144cm x 218cm, the grassy area next to the sleeper log we would for Eglu is 130cm x 360cm. Width is mainly limited by where the steps are, we could potentially move the steps. I have attached a picture of the area below (ignore the growth, we're in the process of tidying it up), we are thinking of putting Eglu on the green grass. Questions we are wondering about are: is it possible to put the run on a step (the sleeper log) on one side? is it possible to not put the skirting on one side? (if we fix the run to the sleeper, foxes shouldn't get in, as it's dug deep into ground). If anyone has any other advice - we would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. Julius
  3. Hi I’m based in the West Midlands. Anyone here selling there Eglu Go Up. I’m happy to buy second hand if there’s any going up for sale and happy to travel outside of the local area.
  4. I’ve hatched my first ever chicks this year and they are now ready to move into a coop. I’d like an Eglu go up or cube with run and can collect. I’m in Walsall, West Midlands but will travel within reason!
  5. Almost new as only a few months old. Had to rehome chickens due to complaints so this is a very sad sale. Includes go up, 2m run and wheels. Asking £375 or offers. I will not ship and willl only accept cash in hand. Viewings are welcome. Purple.
  6. I’m looking for either a cube or Eglu go up, I can collect and I’m willing to travel up to about an hour. I’m in Walsall/ Wolverhampton.
  7. Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my Eglu Go Up to a Cube. Is anyone looking to downgrade and interesting in swapping (I’ll pay a supplement ogbviously!)? Or does anyone have a cube for sale? I’m based near Billingshurst, West Sussex.

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