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  1. Eglu classic with 2metre run, wooden roosting bars and glug/grub £200 collection only from Norwich
  2. Hi, I am looking to increase my flock as I love my feathery babies and the joy they bring to me and my family. I currently have a few rescue hens and I would like to give them their own coop to let them integrate better as they are very shy and scared of my other hens. I am looking to purchase a new Omlet Eglu Cube 1 or 2 for a reasonable price. I can collect from anywhere in the UK. I also looking for accessories such as extreme weather cube coat, automatic door. Thank you, I am available via email on nuri3000@hotmail.com, payment will be made via PayPal or cash.
  3. WANTED Please Green Eglu Classic Bath / Bristol / Somerset area. Just the Eglu as we already have a run. Looking to collect when Lockdown rules ease a bit, but ideally before beginning of March. Thanks.
  4. I have had my chickens for just over a week. They are rescues so had them on crumble as advised by the rehoming charity. I was just using old cat bowls and loaf tins until my New Eglu Cube feeders arrived. They seemed to be eating just fine after a couple of days so introduced pellets slowly and they seemed weary but were still eating, although probably around the pellets and just the crumble. Once my Omlet feeders arrived, I used the same mix of crumble and pellets and showed them where the food is but they don't seem to be eating at all! I've only ever seen one of them actually eating but even she doesn't eat much. I'm worried they will starve themselves! I don't want to give in and get more crumble as it's such a mess (and need to use pellets for worming so need them to get on them!). What can I do? I'm actually wondering if they know those are feeders even though I've shown them, they don't seem interested. Surely they must be hungry!
  5. I am selling my green go up with 4m run. Very good condition. Two sections of the run were only bought in October last year. I will add photos tomorrow once the chickens have moved into their new house and I’ve pressure washed it. Huddersfield £500
  6. Hello, I was wondering how old my chicks should be before I put them out in the eglu cube with the 6' run? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, how do I teach them to go up to the roost so I can enclose them at night once I start putting them in the run?
  7. Hi, where is the best place to sell my Eglu Classic ? I’ve seen them on eBay, was just wondering if the prices are good on here ? I’m in North Hertfordshire
  8. Well hello! This is my first topic here, about a debate I really need some advice on. I am a fairly experienced chicken keeper, with a decent knowledge of chicks. I have kept Pekin Bantams for almost 3 years now, and I'm wanting to branch out into breeding them. I have bred before, but only for 'fun'. I'd like to take this a little more seriously. I would probably be focusing on 1-3 colors, and yes, it would probably be pet quality. Quality pet, but not show quality, if you see my point. It wouldn't be massive - I'd only hatch in spring/early summer, hoping for a few clutches each year. I am not worried about losing eggs, we keep a few full size hens for that. I am considering the Eglu Cube. I would begin with 4 hens, plus 1 cock - it would be plenty big. I already have a small cage we currently use for broodies. However, many are telling me things such as: "I highly recommend a shed, not that eglu thingy. Most sheds need bigger window openings on the leeward side, and upper venting in the end wall peaks, all covered with hardware cloth. And a dig proof foundation, either wire or poured concrete. Much more user friendly!" "overpriced little box" "Premade kit coops are generally awful, avoid them! A garden shed, with modifications, works well." As you can see, I am feeling quite doubtful... I would really appreciate any insights. Please bear in mind that one really big 'Pull' factor is anti-red mites. Also - any other advice on breeding Pekins - or chickens in general - would be much appreciated!
  9. Eglu Classic Green, 2m run, 4.7kg auto chicken feeder plus extras £220 o.n.o. Preferably all to go together but would sell Auto Feeder separately for £20. Collection only from Bramley Green Angmering BN16 4.
  10. Eglu Classic Green, 2m run, 4.7kg auto chicken feeder plus extras. Preferably all to go together but would sell Auto Feeder separately for £20. Collection only from Bramley Green Angmering BN16 4.
  11. We are long time fans of Omlet and have an eglu cube and I want to ask my fellow omlet keepers why do the GRUB containers get so much dirtier than the water "glug" containers? Incidentally - the mice which are suddenly overrunning our run - fall into and die in the water containers but the GRUB ones are much trickier to scrub over - anyone got any good tips? Mind you our chickens are not adverse to a bit of mouse when they catch them! Thanks Omlet for keeping us all cheerful, I love being greeted by my lovely chickens each day
  12. We have one bunny (her companion died a couple of months ago) living outside in an Eglu. She is always ***** away at night, and currently has wood shavings and hay for bedding (I was told not to use straw because of potential eye problems). I’m wondering when people would consider it cold enough to put the insulating jacket on? What else could we do to ensure she is warm enough? We don’t have a garage or large enough shed. Thanks
  13. Omlet Eglu Classic Mark 2 in green with plastic roosting bars. In clean good condition, with some usual light fading. Pressure washed and ready for use. £175 Also selling my beautiful wooden walk in run which the Eglu can be sited inside:- WOODEN WALK IN RUN is 2.3m wide, 4.1m long and 1.85m high on the lowest side and 2.0m on the highest. My lovely husband built it for me about 5 years ago and I’ve absolutely loved it but sadly I don’t have hens now. It’s made with 2x2 wood, with strong 1” weld mesh, has a twin walled polycarbonate 2 piece roof and also has 5 removable twin walled polycarbonate panels on the back and sides to give the girls some wind/rain protection. There are 2 ‘chicken sized’ doors, one of which can be moved up to allow a mark 1 cube to be attached outside. £400. A few photos are below and it is dismantled and ready for collection. I live on the Gloucestershire / Worcestershire border.  
  14. Green Eglu classic with 3 metre run (std 2m plus extension kit a) In very good used condition. Includes green glug and grub feeders, 4 omlet egg boxes, a new Lynch pin and run clips. Dismantled and cleaned for easy collection. Only selling as upgraded to a cube. Collection only (Bristol/North Somerset area) £220 Ono
  15. I bought an eglu classic without really thinking it through. We have high winds more or less all year here in the Western Isles and I need something to hold it down. What do others do?
  16. Omlet Eglu Classic £250 ono 3m run (standard 2m run plus extension) GLUG drinker, GRUB feeder 10 Omlet egg boxes Instructions New run clips, new lid locking bar and new bolts and washers (we have replaced them as the old ones were starting to rust, so they are unused ready for the new owner) Cleaned and dismantled ready for collection. Collection in person only - we cannot post. We are just under 1 mile from Junction 21 of the M5 Collection after 30th August (Selling as replaced with a new Eglu Cube)
  17. Complete set up - Classic Red Eglu £300 Collection only from Birmingham Pressure-washed, dismantled and ready for collection. Everything you need to set up a fox-proof home for 3-4 Chickens: Classic Omlet Eglu 2m Run Full Omlet cover 21m poultry fencing 2 grub feeders 1 glugFeeder
  18. Omlet Eglu go UP coop with run. £350.000 Approx four years old. Houses up to four chickens. Good condition. Collection only from Windsor. please message Tom or me for contact details.
  19. Hi I have an eglu classic for sale, it is about 10 years old. I have given it a good scrub, but may still have some marks on. No run. Also have extreme temperature jacket for eglu classic, heavy duty cover full length and clear cover full length.
  20. I'm gutted, after years of keeping brahmas we have had two thefts of my chickens in just 6 months! Despite my partner building a much more secure area to keep our girls in the thieves broke in again over the weekend and took my 3 new baby Isabella brahmas, and tried to remove my entire eglu cube MK1...Absolutely heartbroken at these thieves taking our beloved pets..The first 5 they took this spring were very tame and all had names.....I had only brought these three a few weeks back as it took me a while to get my head around keeping them again, and feeling that they might be safe enough in their new enclosure...This time the thieves have also removed the roof, side door, both poop trays and the water bowl and door pins from our cube and taken them too. They lifted the whole house and run and couldn't get it over the enclosure that my partner had made for our girls, so just left it on its side with the fox proof run bent under the weight..Police hace once again been notified over this happening. But lord knows what they can do to get my girls back ...We have scoured the local lanes for the stolen cube bits, and Omlet apparently no longer stock any of these parts, despite my partner only buying the cube as brand new for me a few years ago it would appear that I have no way to repair it now too. Please if anyone local in Herts, Beds or Bucks has any spares of these components lying about could you let me know? And please be extra vigilant with your chickens and their homes now too xxx
  21. As title above really, kids keen to get a couple of hens and the eglu's look great.
  22. I’m looking for either a cube or Eglu go up, I can collect and I’m willing to travel up to about an hour. I’m in Walsall/ Wolverhampton.
  23. Just wanted to share; we purchased the hentronix for our eglu after seeing a You tube vid on how to fit it to the Eglu. It was super simple and is working great! Really love it in case anyone is looking for an auto door! :)))
  24. Green eglu classic with 2m run, feeders, drinkers, some Omlet netting, shades and water proof cover. Will also include 2 x 20g waterproof food stores for pellets and corn. £150 collection only
  25. Hi everyone! My first post on here although I've been a chicken owner for about two and half years now and enjoying it! We've seen a fox recently in the garden in the early morning - in the run itself in fact - my daughter scared it off after it jumped down from the wall into the netted area. Thankfully we have a Go attached to the wire run so it wasn't able to get near our three hybrid girls. But this morning I found the end of the plastic raincover nearest the coop has been torn at various places, lots of little teeth-holes (I think?!) and one of the toggles pulled off and the water drinker was squint too. I suspect the fox has attempted to get access from the top of the run and tried to pull off the cover, probably aiming to get to the small gap there is between the top of the coop and the wire run. Has anyone else ever experienced this and any ideas how to either deter the fox or reinforce this top area of the coop/run to make sure he doesn't find a weakness? I meant to take photos but was in a rush this morning and forgot - I'll post some later for evidence if required!

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