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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I have three hens and all of them seem to be losing their feathers on their neck. In the picture is the one where it is visible the most. One other has its crop poking out when it's full at the end of the day - and the skin around it looks red. The caveat is that I looked at them for any signs of lice or mites. We also clean the coop once or twice a week (we live in London, don't want the neighbours to be annoyed at the smell). They are not pecking one another, but they do seem to pluck the feathers themselves. All of them are about equally active and joyous - no change in behaviour. The one in the picture sometimes gently pecks others when it cannot get its head in the grub box. It has been like this for the past month - at first I thought they're getting ready to be broody (other two had bald bellies), but they don't stay in the nesting box for longer than needed to lay an egg. Egg production is also regular. I also thought maybe they have impacted crop (because one of them have the skin red), but it's empty in the morning and full in the evening. I would expect it to be full all the time and behavior to change if there's something wrong. The birds are about 1 year old. We got them at POL last September. I thought it may be moulting, but upon research - I'd expect it to happen in the fall. At this point I'm out of ideas and take it as a normal occurrence, but thought I'd post here just in case someone can point out something I missed. Thank you in advance!
  2. I have two chickens now necessarily confined to their run. The run is an Omlet walk-in 3m x 3m with covers so nice and dry. They have a Go-Up inside the run and three perches at different heights. Because they can no longer go outside, I hang a cabbage and they also have a sparkly CD hanging up too, for entertainment. If feed them Smallholders pellets. They also get Nettex Mineral boost twice a week and other extras such as Poultry Porridge and (from Clare Taylor) Gut Conditioning Pellets and Sooper Seeds. This morning I noticed that one of them has lost feathers on both legs. There is no blood and I haven't noticed the other one pecking her. Both chickens will be a year old in March and both are laying everyday. Do you think that one is pecking the other out of boredom? Or is is an oddly timed moult (starting in an odd place)? Any other ideas?

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