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Found 2 results

  1. I've noticed (fairly certain it hasn't always been like that) that one of the girls is staring to bald behind her comb. My attention was drawn to this only today, noticing the lighter feathers in contrast to the reddish/brown ones. Very small area but I'm conscious that it could get out of control which I'd like to avoid. I have 4 hens which about 8-9 months old. They do not lack for space and between them have an abundance of roosting space, 4 nest boxes, 4 drinkers, 2 feeding stations and 3 dust bath areas. They are fed a layers pellet with and lib grit and calcium available at all times. I'd like to say they all get on extremely well with almost no aggression being seen. The victim is definitely bottom of the pecking order though. Heartbreaking as she is by far the friendliest and most docile. Is this something I should be worried about and what can I do about it?
  2. Hello all. The drafted feather-pecking problem has started again. We have 4 Columbian Wyandotte bantams, all sisters, and when they came to us (8 months old) one was feather-pecking the others, they all had bald heads and one had a bare neck. We put blinkers on the feather-pecker, which had to be replaced once as as soon as we removed them after 2 weeks she started again immediately. After the next 2-week stint she seemed to stop for several weeks but then started again on the most-pecked chicken. She is now wearing a bumpa bit and we will see how we go. However, today we noticed that one of the others is now feather-pecking the pecker - can’t believe it. (Why does the one being pecked just stand there and let it happen?). This will mean another bumpa bit. My question is, why is this happening and will it go through all the chicken. They have good quality feed and free range during the day; they are let into their WIR at first light and I let them out at about 8 a.m. Should I increase the protein? About every week they have a boiled egg and sunflower seeds every day. They have a treat of mixed corn during the day and twice a week mealworms. Now and again they have tinned sardines. It is many decades since I left the farm where we had chicken but I cannot remember this problem. Any help is appreciated. (I’ve obviously looked at many sites online about this.) Thank you. Stay safe.

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