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Found 6 results

  1. I’m a first time Hatcher, on day 28 of incubation. All ducks are popping slightly which is great. One pipped yesterday before midday, and has made quite a bit of progress, but I think he may be bleeding slightly? I’ve attached a picture, can anyone advise me?
  2. I think the time has finally come! Penny is broody!! So, I have a couple of questions about hatching... 1. Has anyone hatched eggs they’ve bought from eBay under a broody and how did you get on? Do they really go through the post OK? 2. Any advice about the best / easiest / most humane way to dispatch cockerels? I’m going to try to sell them or give them to people I know but I know that’s unlikely to work out. 3. Has anyone used and Eglu Go as a broody coop and how did that work out? Any tips? Think I’ve settled on giving her 6 blue laced Wyandotte bantam and 6 pekin bantam eggs. She’ll (she’s a Wyandotte bantam but she’s a fair size) be able to cover that many won’t she?
  3. Well - it didn’t seem right to buy and incubator and only use it for 2 days. Or to hatch what started as 12 eggs and end up with only one hen (who was actually one I bought as a day old anyway) - the boys are lovely but will moving on. So last week I bought 4 lavender pekin and 3 laced Wyandotte bantam eggs from a place I could drive to so the eggs didn’t have to go in the post. I candled them today and I’m pretty sure I have 3 growing pekins and 1 Wyandotte. I was really hoping for a couple of pekin girls and at least 1 Wyandotte, but with only the total of 4 fertile I’m going to have to be lucky! I’m usually not. I plan to keep this going as a blog, but can anyone tell me if that’s a normal fertility rate or poor?
  4. I have 3 dutch bantam eggs in the incubator due to start hatching tomorrow and a dutch bantam hen has gone broody today! Common sense suggests that it's far too late to put them under her, but I don't know what cues she uses to switch from sitting to chick care - does it have to be a certain amount of time, or would hatching sounds be enough? She has been a very good mother in the past.
  5. Hi guys! I went to open the coop this morning and I saw a little head pop out from broody girl Pika was I ok to open the coop up if they’re now hatching? Also do I put some food and water inside the coop with them now? Finally the big question, do I leave the egg shells where they are, I doubt all chicks have hatched just yet so don’t want to disturb her at all but wondering about the shells getting in the way! Thanks 🙏
  6. I’m slightly afraid to ask his because I feel like I’m tempting fate, and definitely won’t order anything until I’ve candled on Friday, but I’m now thinking about what I should feed any chicks that Penny hatches. Is it better to feed chick crumb medicated with coccidiostat, or unmedicated feed and water dosed with coxoid?

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