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Found 4 results

  1. Hi We hatched 4 beautiful chicks! They are 20 days old. We think Nando’s is Black Pekin Bantam Minnie is Black Mottled Pekin Bantam Nugget is Lavender Pekin Bantam Dipper is Lavender Pekin Bantam Are we right? And do you think any of them are roosters? Or Do we need to wait few more weeks to find out? 😊 Thank you so much 😊 Izabella
  2. I am receiving my first POL hens in a fortnight (and am very excited 🤗). I'm starting very simply with two standard Gingernut Rangers (although the supplier calls them Cotswold Goldlines) in an Eglu Classic with a 3 m run. I'd have liked to have gone for more but my husband is urging caution until we are [he is] convinced this is for us. I am obviously going to get some of the pellets they are used to, to settle them in. But I'd like advice on what is a good brand of feed to use in the long term? I'd ideally like organic, but also would like an easy supply (so not having to pay expensive delivery charges and/or take delivery of huge bags!). Also, I am a little overwhelmed regarding feed supplements (seaweed? garlic granules?) and water supplements (tonic? probiotic powder? garlic? AVC?) Can anyone recommend a supplements regime that is going to help the hens stay healthy and happy without over complicating things for a newbie! Finally, would anyone advise Bokashi Bran? It sounds like a good idea. And how much to use? Thank you in advance
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post to the forum! We're having a situation with our last chicken, a Bantam hen. We had more chickens last year but the last of them died to a fox, leaving her. She's always been a bit different, as she sleeps at the top of a tree and has always been somewhat solitary. During the summer, I spent more time feeding the chicken by hand. Holding her, making a fuss, etc! For a long while she was happy. Now, she's acting strange. Over the past few days, she's actively seeks to lay eggs and settle 'behind our sofa'! She makes a beeline straight indoors whenever the doors open, and when we shut her out, she kept pacing the garden and then staying right by the glass doors leading outside. As I write this she's laid two eggs behind the sofa, and she's nested on some newspapers I placed down so that we could collect any poo. Now I need to ask: Should I get a Hen or Rooster as company for her? Will that sort out any issues? Many thanks, Connor
  4. Hi all I have a 2/3 year old Brahma hen who lays a lovely light cream coloured egg, this past month or so I’ve noticed that a day or so after it’s layed it turned spotty, it looks like dark grease marks appear unlike my maran who lays a ‘proper’ speckled egg. Does anybody have and idea why this is, not sure what or if I need to do anything for her diet etc they are free range and have layers available throughout the day. Any advise would be appreciated. I will post a picture of her and the egg straight after it’s layed and what they look like after a day or so. I keep my eggs in the fridge. Thank you

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