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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, first time posting here and hoping someone can help I finally got a maisonette of my own with a garden shared with nice neighbours underneath, we got 2 lovely ISA Brown hens and completely in love however have become concerned how noises from neighbours on each side of garden may be affecting them All winter it has been so quiet and no issues at all, but it turns out as soon as the sun makes an appearance neighbour on left and on right crank up music (each side) super loud and getting *****ed shouting to each other across the fence with my garden containing my girls in the middle the sad thing is that neighbour on the right has 2 hens also.. (but they are badly cared for so therefore he likely doesn't care how the noise affects my hens), am at a loss for what to do, all winter it was fine, we have a mix of private owners but also renters with council agency, with the behaviour I've seen from the renters in good weather am concerned it will get worse from them in summer including barbecues etc, especially as they don't seem fussed how things affect their own hens, and are the 'type' to not care Was considering moving my girls and horse to a rented field that would allow both together so they are hearing natural sounds and not the neighbours, do backyard hens adapt to noisy neighbors or will it upset them? They didn't seem upset and were roumahing for corn etc but worried anyone else dealt with this or have experience with this situation?
  2. Hi 👋 I am trying to introduce 2 new approx. 18week pekin bantams to my existing flock of 5 smaller slightly younger Pekin bantams (10-16 weeks). The hens in the existing flock are smaller than the new hens so the 2 new hens are dominant - they have been overly bossy, guarding the food etc. I introduced them for a week before combining, have two feeders/waterers and everything seemed a bit tense but ok - normal pecking order stuff. By night 3 the new hens started roosting early, pecking any hens that entered straight out of the cube and guarding the door so no other hen would go in! I read I should try re-introducing the new hens one at a time over a couple of days. I have separated one in the run today, the other one left with the flock does seem less bossy and eventually settled in the cube tonight after some squabbling but without kicking out any of the smaller hens. Is this the right approach - does anyone have any other suggestions??? Thank you in advance!
  3. I am making a short film and I'm looking to find people in London (or other UK cities) who keep chickens in an urban environment (e.g. using an Eglu) who would be willing to be a part of it! If you live in a city, keep chickens are up for being involved I'd love to hear from you. Particularly if you use your Eglu in an unusual or space-restricted place! (e.g. a roof terrace or balcony) Best Aran
  4. I bought an eglu classic without really thinking it through. We have high winds more or less all year here in the Western Isles and I need something to hold it down. What do others do?
  5. Hello, I hope I'm in the right place! My husband and I have decided to get som chickens and are really excited. We have been give conflicting advice on different breeds best for beginners, we really wanted Pekins but have been told they are too broody and difficult for beginners and by someone else they are great. Can anyone offer any advice? We have a decent sized garden with plenty of shrubs surrounding it, not just grass. Is it better to get larger foul? I should also mention we have a dog....he's quite strong minded but gets used to other animals quickly...he's great with my parents cats and we're hoping he will learn to protect the hens. Thanks in advance! Bev

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