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  1. Hello all, This is a pretty trivial one but one I'd love other thoughts on.... Our chooks have a very good sized WIR which they were more than content in. However we have been letting them free range when we are home and can supervise (foxes about) as they love foraging and we had a broody to break so they were out whole days to do that. But they now clamour to come out ALL DAY LONG and wait by the gate. Which I get and don't mind but we are going away for two weeks and I'm concerned that they will struggle being in all tje time when we are away as my neighbours aren't comfortable free ranging them and they are very tricky to get back in. So what I'm trying to decide (sorry essay!) is if maybe they should be let out less now in the 3 weeks leading up to us going so it's the new norm? Or if that is in fact going to make the 2 weeks more boring for them as they've already been stuck in more??? I keep swapping and changing trying to decide the mind of a chicken 😂so am hoping other chicken owners might have some insights for me! Thanks for reading, much appreciated

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