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Found 2 results

  1. My 5 chickens are all the same age, bought at point-of-lay from the same farm, which I visited before purchasing my girls and know was very clean and the birds vaccinated and well tended. I've had them for just over 3 weeks now and until 2 days ago, all were alert, fast moving and responsive. Now one of my cuckoo morans (the fattest, fluffiest one) has almost stopped eating. She has clear eyes and a clear rear and otherwise looks fine. But she's not running after the titbits I take to them all as the others are. She loses any battle over nice food items because the others are so much faster. I do not know if she has laid an egg yet, but to be honest she looks as if she is having trouble walking, so I was wondering what the symptoms are for being egg bound? And what I should do about it? Yesterday she had happy moments sitting in the sun but I am worried in case I let go symptoms I should be chasing.
  2. Our poor hen still has a white deposit around her vent (cloaca) and a search on the internet shows this to be Vent Gleet. Basically, she has a fungal infection, and this is causing soreness and even some bleeding. Has anyone managed to deal with this, without going to the vet? The vet is too expensive, and I would like to find alternative solutions.

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