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Found 2 results

  1. I have the cube and do not have mites, but am wondering if mites can grow in the cube? If so, how would I prevent it from happening. Im a newby, my hens just started laying eggs, and I want to make sure that they stay healthy.
  2. After 4 years of happy chicken keeping I’ve been hit this summer by mites, first scaly leg mite and now red mites I think it might be down to having a pigeon nesting in the tree above my coop. I have 2 eglu go’s, one an up, attached to either side of a low WIR, the up also has its extended run attached onto the WIR. All the chickens sleep together in one coop, usually the up which is the one infested. I am treating with total mite kill and DE, and moved the girls into the other house to sleep however I noticed some mites are already moving in there- they seem to be crawling along the top of the run on the weatherproof cover as well I suspect as being on the girls I have ivermectin drops on order and am waiting for them to arrive My biggest problem though is that it is not just the coop that is affected they are in the soil around. The run and coop are on bare quite sandy soil and I can’t move it because of the space in my garden. I can’t walk up to it without having tiny immature mites crawling over my shoes and up my legs. I have used about 1kg of DE already in and around the coop and run and it doesn’t seem to be helping Any suggestions for anything else I can use on the ground please?? Or are there any success stories to give me some hope? I am going mad checking myself constantly for creepy crawlies even though I’m undressing at the door and showering, I’m still finding the odd one on me in the house

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