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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm just about to become a first-time chicken-keeper. Because I have a tiny garden, I'm am planning to keep my birds on my allotment. I've just got a 3 metre cube Mk2, plus additional walk in 2 metre run, and am aiming for 4 chicken layers - (x-breeds) to start. But the only way to buy chickens in my local rural area is my town's weekly fur and feather market, where people don't pick up / hold their chickens before purchase. I havent lived here long so don't know any of the breeders (although this is a lovely place and I am sure people would help if I knew what to ask). Please, does anyone have advice here? From outside a cage in a noisy auction shed, what should I look for? Also chickens tend to be for sale in pairs. If I buy 2 pairs and put them in together, will they all fight?
  2. We went to pick up the first of our chickens today. From left to right they are Connie (Buff Orpington), Rosie (Wheaton Marans), and Tilda (Cream Legbar). They are all a couple of weeks away from laying. They were in the same pen together and very familiar with the breeder's border collie so we have an advantage in getting them to adapt to their new environment. We've kept them to their small eglu run today and they seemed quite settled but alert to all of the different noises of the neighbourhood. We'llbe going to visit another breeder tomorrow to pick up a few more. Hoping for a copper blue Maran and two large Silkies but who knows what will happen when we get there. More pics to follow!
  3. sarah9961

    New and old hens

    Hi everyone i have 3 Cotswold legbars that are 5 years old and I really like them I still get about 10 eggs a week off them. I want to introduce 3 or 4 POL birds I have 2 pens and runs but want them to all live in my omlet cube. Any tips on how to do this with least blood/upset. My legbars are currently on holiday at my parents house so I have 2 vacant runs at the moment. Any tips greatfully received