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Omlet Products

Found 6 results

  1. Great condition hutch and run with just slight wear on the base of the hutch. Would love it to go to a good home. Can dismantle if needed. Includes bowl, hay rack and I think I have the water bottle somewhere which fixes to the rack which the buyer can have too. £100 collection only
  2. Hi, I am looking for an automatic door for my Omlet cube. Thank you
  3. Hi, I am looking to increase my flock as I love my feathery babies and the joy they bring to me and my family. I currently have a few rescue hens and I would like to give them their own coop to let them integrate better as they are very shy and scared of my other hens. I am looking to purchase a new Omlet Eglu Cube 1 or 2 for a reasonable price. I can collect from anywhere in the UK. I also looking for accessories such as extreme weather cube coat, automatic door. Thank you, I am available via email on nuri3000@hotmail.com, payment will be made via PayPal or cash.
  4. Hi, where is the best place to sell my Eglu Classic ? I’ve seen them on eBay, was just wondering if the prices are good on here ? I’m in North Hertfordshire
  5. I have for sale a Green Omlet Eglu Cube - MK1. Comes with full Leg set which is wheels, the legs and the lifting/lowering bars for the wheels. Still bright green with little to no shading. Collection only from Sheffield - £450 It does have some small areas of damage. This is due to us living next to a stream where there are rats. The damaged areas are SMALL, but there are 3 nibbled areas. NO.1 is to the egg port door vent - small amount of nibbling to the edge of the vent - Image 3. NO.2 is to the back panel - again a tiny amount of nibbling on the back panel - no Image, will upload. NO.3 - is to the base - small area of nibbling to the base piece around one of the holes where a droppings tray fits in - Image 4. No longer needed as doesn't fit with new WIR setup, now have hen house that can be carried instead of wheeled. This is a discontinued MK1 version which can hold 10 standard hens. Dismantled, cleaned and ready for collection. This was for sale last year but had many time wasters. Please only enquire if you are genuinely interested. No more no shows. Please Note: The 3 metre run has now been sold including the 1st Metre which is underneath the Eglu Cube.
  6. Omlet Eglu go UP coop with run. £350.000 Approx four years old. Houses up to four chickens. Good condition. Collection only from Windsor. please message Tom or me for contact details.

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