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  1. Hi. I have had my 4 ex-commercials for about 2 months. For the last 3-4 weeks one has had really runny poos. Luckily she roosts on the bars in my eglu (the others in the nest box), but the poo is all over the bars, in the tray etc. I don’t notice the poo so much in the day. She seems fine in herself- she is laying, eating, drinking, out and about etc. She probably looks the most feathered and robust of the four of them! Her crop feels fine. I wormed them when I first got them and have done a worm egg count recently which was fine. Before it got so hot I gave them some ACV in the water and also some verm-X pellets (which you can give monthly). ive recently got some Syn- vital bokashi from omlet and added that to their food as a probiotic. Poo is normal coloured but is very runny (sort of grainy) and is all over the bars etc. Anything else I should do? Shall I just stop worrying about it since she’s fine in herself. It’s been so long now I guess she would have started acting poorly if it was something serious?

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