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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! Anyone got any tips for the type of feeder I can use for messy eaters? We've always kept a tray (normal plastic house tray!) under the feeder to make the evening clean up easier when we take the food away, but with our 3 new mucky pups it's working overtime! I've never seen anything like the amount of spillage 🙈 it fills the tray and goes over the sides... perhaps I should start out with less food so they have to eat rather than spread?! This morning I thought I'd switch out the Grub feeder for the original water trough that came with the run (a go up) to see if an open top h
  2. We've had an Eglu cube plus a large walk in Omlet run for a few years now and never had any problems with unwanted visitors. All food is stored in our garage. This winter we have noticed tunnel holes from outside the run, under the fox lip and then into the run. It started with one hole, but now there are about 10 all around the run and we have spotted a rat out there. Has anyone got any tips of how I can adapt the run to stop them?
  3. So heard a huge crash in the night. Went down to rat poo and scrabbling in the hall skirting 😱😱😱 so they are in the house. We sealed what we thought were the entry points.... What else can we do??? Any traps that work best. Seriously not happy they are in the hall! Sorry rushed post. Thanks all
  4. Can anybody tell me whether a chicken can get enough nutrition from free-ranging alone? Mine free-range 24 hours per day. I'm asking because, like so many on here, I'm currently having a running battle with rats in their feed. As mentioned here: I am using a Feed-o-Matic to keep the rats out. For a short period the feed I needed went down. Then it went back to normal. I assumed that this was because the chickens were working up to laying again until I found nine rats in a row, like men on bar stools in a pub, enjoying a meal from the feeder; and this morning there were five rats

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